How do you bind someone?

Hi, I have very little experience with spells or anything so I want to start working on something that causes me a lot of trouble.

It is for one of my parents who is immature and very stressful for me to deal with. I’m not in a place where I can just cut contact, but is there any way for me to limit or eliminate her ability to affect me with her behavior?

A lot of lying and selfish behavior I am sick of dealing with but I don’t want to hurt her. Very important as she does help me sometimes!


I like to use poppets - it’s sympathetic magic. You create a representation of the person, add a link like a signature, a bit of hair etc and convince yourself that poppet IS the person. You can make it out of anything - string, paper, (I like paperclay lately), wax, play/flour dough, cloth, depends how much help your imagination needs I guess.

Then take yarn or string, black is nice but any will do, and wrap the poppet, all the while focusing on the intention that you are literally binding up that person so they cannot harm you, affect you, that they can say nothing against you and cannot move against you. I like to make sure the bindings cover the mouth and strangle the neck. Keep wrapping and willing with as much force as you can until you feel the energy has moved into the poppet.
Finally, place the poppet in a bag and hide it at the back of the freezer, to chill them, suffocate them, and immobilise them further, but not kill them.

I heard of a ‘sweet spell’ somewhere that might be good in conjunction with this to combat the selfishness, but I haven’t done one of those personally. Might be a voodun jar spell or something.


Wow thanks @Mulberry for the info. I’ve never made a poppet before :hugs:


Probably a honey jar. I read … a lot… about them on a hoodoo forum. I have tried it on someone that was a thorn in my side and it has had positive, slow and steady results ( as described would be). It also issues sympathetic magic or personal concerns as I see writing in regards to most hoodoo spells. Basically you get a jar/ fill it partially with honey, maple syrup or another sweet substance, place inside it your petition and personal concerns from the target. You take a spoon full of the contents, consume it and seal the jar while say something to the affect of “as this honeys sweet to me, so will xxx be sweet to me. Your supposed to “work” the jar on Monday’s, wed, and Fridays, which basically means you you gently shake the jar and re assert your will. I’ve read you can open it and add to it, but I haven’t. I burn a four hour candle on top of mine after carving my targets name and wish into it.

Honestly as first I had doubts but my friendship with this person has grown immensely and almost entirely from their change in attitude to me


There are many ways . You may use Silence the Powerful ritual from Gordon Winterfield’s book of Angels of Wrath. That will be extremely effective in your case.

Doll magick may be helpful as mentioned above. You may check here a video on how to do it, that will give you some ideas.

Another option might be the Vovins freeze spell, that will also do very well.

Also you may use a candle spell to bind her; you’ll need white or black candle ( or wax) , and Saturday is the best day, especially the waning moon period.

You have to molten the wax, please be extremely careful while doing so, you may want to use a double boiler and there are many videos on YouTube about that topic, please watch one or two before proceeding.

Once you molten the wax, juts add a pinch of frankincense, and stir it for eight times counterclockwise direction while visualizing this person being unable to do harm to you in any way.

You need something that represents the person you wish to bind—such as a photo, a personal object, anything —if you may not just write that person’s name or address on a
piece of paper. Visualize this person being unable to do harm to you in any way. Allow the wax to cool on the item, then complete the spell by wrapping the wax-encrusted item with a black ribbon or thread. Continue your visualization as you wrap.

That will do the job. Good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info on this, I was reading about a sweet spell too and I’m surprised something so simple couple work so well. I haven’t done a lot of spells so I am still learning about it!

Hi @ZAMRAN thank you for all the info, this is really helpful. I think that candle spell sounds like something I can do.

I was wondering something about Gordon Whitfield’s book, as I read one called magickal attacks. Do I need to have some knowledge of witchcraft or know how to protect myself to work with some of the demons in the books? I don’t want to just get into something without knowing what I’m doing.


That’s a good thing indeed, I mean do not getting into something without knowing what you’re doing. However you may work safely with Angels and Demons as long as you show respect. You’ll see that within time.

Having said so, GW provides in his books all the protection you may ever need to safely proceed into magick.


A mirror box spell might do the trick. It causes everything they send out to you to bypass you and simply return back to them and they can’t move against you in thought, word or deed. Even if they try to get someone else to carry out their wishes, it won’t work as it originally came from the target of the working. They are simple to do and can be hidden in the back of a cupboard where the target passes by often, so that the subtle influence of the spell interacts with their aura, which should not be so hard to achieve in a shared living space. Don’t worry if they suddenly get sick, as this will be evidence the spell is working and they are being poisoned by the return of their own drama. Done properly, mirror spells can be very powerful. A tag lock should be easy enough to procure - such as a fingernail clipping or hair that has shed on the carpet or somewhere. This is the link to the target and is to be placed in the box with some controlling herbs along with a great deal of anger and wrathful intent to act as the fuel for the working - simply place it inconspicuously somewhere and let it do it’s work!


Thanks ZAMRAN :smile: I did see the book mentioned that protection was built into the rituals but it is encouraging to hear you say it’s safe. I am so glad I found this forum!


If you don’t have any tools. You can do what I did.

Take a clean and empty potato chip bag that is reflective inside, get brown clean paper bag (any clean paper), write their names AWAY from you, get black string (black tape) wrap it 7 times AWAY from you, and tape it up. Hide it in the freezer.

It helped me until someone found it in the house…


Indeed. I’m continually surprised myself. I think it had a lot to do with the intent you put into it.

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I learn something new everyday- usually several times a day! But for me something tangible seems to help as it’s easier to focus my intent on the objects as I grow and learn and develop astral senses, probably also due to the lack of the ability to use visual imagery.

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I hear that duct tape works. lol


I have actually used white duct tape in place of ribbon in a pinch. Lol


How about creating a mirror shield for an enemy but programing it with a reflective surface inwards, such that the negative energy transmitted by them shall hit them back or make it dump the energy into their chakras and blocking them.
And the other side of the shield to be programed to absorb negative energy and repel positive energy.

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