How do I deal with curses from unknown magickal rituals?

So there is a guy who practices tantra and I m only into western magick. He has been threatening me for marrying him and work with his entities and I never took him seriously just ignoring. He is blocked from everywhere and he calls me with new numbers and everytime he calls he tells me that he knows m sick or got hurt or family is not doing good something something and I always thought like normal psychic he must be knowing it but I came to realise later that he has been watching me even without contact (jobless d#ck). After speaking to him, I stopped getting into trance and invoke spirits, a simple meditation is hard for me. I could hear spirits and could feel their touch, now nothing… I feel nothing. Spirits like Lucifer, Lucifuge, baal, hekate, paimon, haagenti, Lilith nobody is coming closer to me. I was manifesting something huge from a long time this bastard ruined it today, it was with Lucifuge and all my hard work is wasted. When I told him about it he said he has nothing to do with my little power and spirits, and demonic ones don’t stand in front of him and I should not work where I work and be with him live with him. He has murdered 2 guys as well he said long back( don’t know it’s true or just showing heroic act) and everytime he says my spirits cannot touch him . How do I get rid of him?? He has got a teenage dead girl skull to do ritual and other occultist has seen her with me now :woman_facepalming:t4:. I m still learning, I have no idea how to deal with it as it’s more difficult now bcz I can’t even hear see feel spirits and he is closing all doors for me in every way possible. Which spirit is strong enough to bounce back his words and curse to him I don’t even know his magic methods and spirits. I don’t even care if he dies bloody idiot… Pls help :pray:


The first technique blended with your chosen deities energy can be very powerful.

Since you work with the Infernals, I’ve heard Murmur can get rid of these spirits plaguing you. I haven’t worked with him so I can’t comment on the effectiveness. Yama is good for this too


Book: The Magick of Angels and Demons
pg 110
38. Chaamiah and Halphas
To protect against occult attacks, even when that attack has already begun to
harm you.

You can work with the book ‘Demons of Magick’ instead if you’re more familiar with that one
Valefar could probably be helpful as well


Bindings sound like a feature here - you should bind him and undo the binds on you, cut the cords and/or put him in a reversed mirror shield.

I would death curse him - that frequently has the effect of not actually killing them but pushing them out of your reality so they might as well be dead.

If you want to give him a distraction this could go two ways, send Ant’harratu so he gets a life and maybe a job offer far away, or Andras and fuck his shit up so he runs round fixing it instead.


The more fear you feed into his curses, the more power they will have. If you keep looking for evidence that there is magick set against you, you will inevitably create the illusion of an attack.

Are curses real? I think so, yes. I have seen what they can do. But you are someone who uses magick, not an ordinary, defenseless person.

You can use whatever method you want, but if you’d like to try this ritual I received from Lucifer, I have found that the ritual enables me to turn any mundane or magickal act of malice into an opportunity for greater personal power and pleasure. There have been a number of individuals who have projected their fear and subsequently their rage and hatred onto me in my life since I started using the magick, people who have tried to inflict damage upon me. The results have been more knowledge, more power, more pleasure, and more freedom for me.

Just me.

Also there are such things as restraining orders. If you show law enforcement evidence of stalking and harassment you can probably get them to do something as well. I’d suggest dealing with this sooner rather than later. If you allow parasites to be around you too much they could start to leech off of you and drain you. Sometimes I allow this to happen because I am curious about observing such things, but I know that parasites should be swatted away once they outlive their usefulness.


Thanks :two_hearts: I will try binding differently, I did once but again shit started.
Can you suggest an entity who has got good connection with divine and infernals too? Bcz I can clearly see that even infernals can’t do anything against him.


Shiva, especially in his aspect as Bhairava


Have you considered the dead? Call up your ancestors and ask them to intervene. Seriously. I would also pick a death deity and ask them to send enough dead to get him to leave you be.

You’ve had some good suggestions, so that’s what I’m going to add at this point.I


I would suggest Azreal and Samael. :slight_smile:


Although I am a newbie to Western magic with no theoretical knowledge, I have been practicing different arts for some years now.
The areas where I’m most successful are curses and healing.
What I’m going to write can only be confirmed with the help of a medium, maybe someone here on the forum can help you, as a newcomer here, by the rules I can only give some advice.

There are hundreds of forms of attack based on various beliefs.

It seems to me that,
You’ve tried several things and the problem persists or returns.

You mentioned a human skull.

Some mages trap spirits and use them to attack people instead of demons.
Because most people practice different types of magic based on what they believe, and that’s what gives magical power, the same thing happens to those low spirits who are limited to the beliefs they held during their lifetime.

For example, it’s no use making an altar and praying to mermaids if I don’t believe them.

Back to the subject, at the risk of me appearing lunatic or ridiculous to other forum members, maybe, and I repeat, maybe this person has sent a low spirit to torment you and affect your decisions, attitudes and thoughts that end up harming your life.
It’s a dirty and effective type of attack.

I could describe to you a complete cleansing and exorcism ritual, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

Many mages underestimate the power of sea salt, which, if used well, solves many problems.

If you are interested, I can DM or post the salt ‘recipe’ here if the MODs approve.

My best wishes.


I send you what you want to know if the MODs approve :slightly_smiling_face:


I already told you previously that you are can provide a ritual to someone. What you’re not allowed to do as a newcomer to the forum is offer to actually do the magick for them.


Is he related to Azrael, angel of death?

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In Portugal??

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Hey thanks a lot :orange_heart:… but don’t you think if it was only a dead human ghost haunting me thn at least infernals could have solved it? His work, his source of power is like so called divine or something and so strong it wards off all infernals infact any demonic energy I have used against him. Salt cleansing in simple ways I know, but you can guide me as you know better :slightly_smiling_face: . Dm or post your call :+1: .


Thanks for the answer.

Each case is a different case and I believe that each ritual starts and makes use of magic when you analyze and make use of your intuition (in this case) or divination to describe what the person needs.
I don’t have any recipe books to copy and paste. lol

Everything I share or write at the time is told to me by intuition through magic. Sometimes things are simple and sometimes things are very complex.
My only intention is to help wherever I can.

thank you


Oh, right. I forgot that you said you have to scan people in order to provide any sort of assistance. That’s not allowed, as readings are against the 90 day rule. I had assumed you had the recipe written down somewhere.


as I wrote you, there are spirits without beliefs who are immune to certain entities simply because they don’t believe in them.

I will send it to you by DM and hope it helps.