How do I deal with curses from unknown magickal rituals?

I will try to do my best.
Thank you again


I know hindu death deity and that bastard practices same hindu tantra shit too, but I was more confident with kali she anyhow rules over graveyards as well so I did binding with 4 archangels+kali for now on him. Did unbinding as well for me. So far feeling light a bit comparing to yesterday. Let’s see. I will no doubt have to perform few more things, guess for today it’s enough.


Bhairava sis, Bhairava.



Try evoking Azrael n Azazel, imo
U could also petition Lilith to send him an incubus to drain his vitality 2 U


My experience is 9 years in African and Asian ceremonial magic which involves many tools and offerings, blood and sacrifices, I have only 2 years of western magic and I got good results with demons and daemons.

My intention is only to help based on my humble knowledge.
These are just suggestions for 3 simple rituals if you are interested.

A ritual to cut off that person’s effects on you.
A totem for protecting your place.
A simple salt bath for cleansing.

First of all, light a white candle in any place high above your head, and ask the angel or entity of your choice for protection.

The Ritual to cut off that person’s effects on you.

you will need:

2 candles, one black and one yellow.
cornmeal or something similar
a disposable cup
Paper and pen.


You will “invert” the candles. Cut the top of the yellow candle where the wick is to make a flat base and make a cut where the base of the candle was to expose the new wick. Write the name of the person on the candle with a toothpick or knife. From bottom to top.
Rub the candles in the palms of your hands mentalise that you have not just inverted the candles but the target’s guardian angel and by doing this you are breaking his defenses. Put aside the yellow candle.

Invert the black candle and write the victim’s name in the same way and this time put the sea salt in yourr hands and rub thinking and mentalie on the target. Use and feel whatever hate and anger you have. By doing this you are charging the candle with negative energies. Put aside the black candle.

Write the target’s name on a strip of paper and fold it 3 times. Make a dough with vinegar and cornmeal and place the folded paper inside and shape it into a ball. Wrap in plastic, and set aside.

The ritual:

Light the yellow candle on the floor outside your home. Now, imagine that you are confusing the target’s guardian angel and temporarily breaking your target’s defenses and say 3 times: “My reality and my will are stronger. I, by my divine right, am offering this candle to the guardian angel of ( name of the target ).”
Turn your back and leave without looking back.

Go to another part outside of your house and in any corner, break or crack the candle into 3 parts using your left hand without cutting the wick.
Light the candle tilted down and lay it on the floor next to a glass of vinegar and rethink all the hatred and anger you feel for the target. Imagine your target suffering.
Turn your back and leave without looking back, but with the sensation and pleasure as if your request had already happened.
Don’t call or invoke any entity, just use the power of your hate. The intensity of your hate determines the power of the spell. The purpose of the ritual is to make any low spirit around go after your target.

Now enter your house and hold the ball of cornmeal and vinegar with your hands, imagine whatever power your target is supposed to have, and see, feel how little and small his power is. Imagine him failing every time.
Now put the ball in the bottom of the freezer and forget it’s there. The purpose here is to weaken any influence he has over you.

*If you don’t have cornmeal, use anything else raw and perishable that can be molded.
*The ritual uses animal blood instead of vinegar, but the effects are the same if the power of your hate is strong enough.
*The next day throw them all away in the common trash, but keep the cornmeal ball inside the freezer.
*If you don’t have a yellow candle, use a white one.
*If you don’t have a black candle, apply very small amount of any oil and rub the candle together with charcoal powder on a white candle until it becomes almost black, but after writing the victim’s name. Salt is not required in this case.

Please forgive me, I will write the other 2 rituals later. I’m a little drained of energy right now.


Damn!! Very interesting :ok_hand:. can I burn the candles in the terrace bcz we have all apartments here and people will notice candles, might touch them as well the moment I leave. If I had to leave something outside home I could do that but burning a candle I think won’t be possible… :roll_eyes:
Thank you so much for helping me on this, respect for your efforts :heart:.


You could use birthday candles that burn very quickly and would be gone before anyone really noticed them. If there a time most people are gone (and your home) to where no one would notice them.


Do you have a ritual to help someone whom you feel has been cursed?

I am glad you are requesting help because this shows you are serious, even if it does not kill him call on King Belial for managing all of this relationship. This is because King Belial will wander into every possible place while being a Spirit of Worthlessness so as to appear non-threatening. Then this Wicked Nature will start twisting their action.

A book called “Belial: Without A Master” tells of how Eric Koetting did ritual work with Belial, along with possibly getting the educational material for the First Gatekeeper from “Become A Living God” because King Belial can Grind most Magicians to exhaustion, This will purchase time, with the magical attacker such as Clergy of Satanism becoming filled with indescribable rage. For Religious Satanism directs the wrath outward with people getting wrath directed toward them; as a result, of Satan entering the situation. With King Belial, the Satanists also get the Energetic Presence of Satan attached to them, Then they start eating the destructive presence, they sent out.

If you doubt the power of this, first have someone send King-Belial into my life to shake things up. Next, have someone notify your attacker that I gave you advice on a Forum. This ends after they challenge King-Belial the power to stop them when going after me, which drops most of the magical barriers. I am inviting all potential people to send King Belial into my life to shake things up, so attention can be drawn to what needs fixing. Their fatal flaw, in this case, will be reversal magick to send baneful spellwork back at least twice as hard.

In the scheme of things, a twisted interpretation of Mirror-Magick Use involves reflecting back all that is for A Person’s Personal Good from myself, then since it is not baneful planting it after full charging, such as with a makeup mirror, into a storage box to sit. Will this be sent back at least twice as hard, to create a reflected beneficial intent. This type of Merciful Magick will destroy known life, just as easily as baneful intent magick. I used a candle with a flame to reflect the beneficial conduct and forces back to a person, to Kill through Destroyed Health my Dad’s Sister named Rita. I still have the iron, because the Merciful Intent meant there was not a need to bury it away from home.