Business Is Bune!

I was doing a meditation on Bune’s animated sigil this evening & no sooner had I finished, I received a text, saying that my $2000 advance would be deposited tomorrow. This may not seem like a huge amount, but it will enable me to move into my own place, after months of drifting about the North His of NZ. All hail the grand duke! He drives a hard bargain, that’s for sure, but when I think that less than a week ago, I was worried about ending up on the street …


Very glad to hear! I have worked with Bune before for money and was very pleased with the result :slight_smile:

I was starting to panic, because I had lost over a week’s earning potential, due to illness. I called on Bune again and barely 24 hours later, I am $850 richer. Bune is yet to let me down! He tells me I need to devote more time to my magickal practice and self development and to make sure I take advantage of the opportunities he sends my way, without allowing myself to get burnt out again. I hope he will teach me more about this delecate balance. All hail the grand duke, my friend, you are the best!


Definitely. It took me way too long to realize how much I used to sabotage my own magick by encountering manifested success, and then just passing it over as ‘not what I was looking for’. When, as it turns out, usually those small steps in the right direction are just the “trickle before the flood”. But failing to accept these first windfalls is pretty much equivalent to being both a beggar and a chooser, as well as downright ungrateful.

Cool success story, thanks for sharing.


Bune is so awesome! We had a discussion about how I don’t always take advantage of the opportunities s/he sends me, because I find my job so soul-destroying, in spite of needing the money. I have wanted for so long to do something with my singing. Bune prompted me to put an ad on the internet for band members, which I did 4 days ago. So far, I have heard from a bass player and a drummer, normally the hardest musicians to find. I know it’s early days, but I need a catchy name for a band, who exclusively cover songs by Australia and New Zealand artists, focussing on the classics. So far I have thought of Tranztasman or Both Sides Of The Ditch, but hope for something better. This will be my 1st step towards releasing my own songs.
I will have to keep the other job for now, but with Bune onside, things are turning around.


Definitely. It took me way too long to realize how much I used to sabotage my own magick by encountering manifested success, and then just passing it over as ‘not what I was looking for’. When, as it turns out, usually those small steps in the right direction are just the “trickle before the flood”. But failing to accept these first windfalls is pretty much equivalent to being both a beggar and a chooser, as well as downright ungrateful.

Cool success story, thanks for sharing.[/quote]

Not entirely true. You need to Rephrase your Request to the Demon, so that you experience the manifestation properly. Alot of the Poor Answers/Solutions you get are due to Poor Questions. Quality Control will ensure quality manifestations. There is no moral code for “How things should be…” There is only doing the Proper work to ensure a Proper product.


I forgot to add the other side of the coin is of course understanding the actual true nature of any spirit you are working with, so that you may of course Structure the proper question to begin with.

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You provide many comments telling people where they’re falling short, but they’re hard to evaluate unless you share with us some of the work you’ve done yourself? :slight_smile:

Or, at least more detailed information on what the person could do, instead?

For example, on this thread could you be more specific on how you’d understand the “true nature of the spirit,” and maybe share how you phrased a request in a working that was 100% successful?


Yes. a Short and recent one. This is not due to “questions” though as I don’t usually verbalize it, but rather see it visually.

So a long time ago I did call upon Bune, and did make the rookie mistake of calling up Bune to “make me richer.” That is it! I didn’t make any specifications. But before you formulate any judgements upon me, during that time prior to actually getting involved in any sort of magick, I was going through a bit of an unstable mental phase (not mentally ill, just lack of sleep and a number of other things mixed in)… I went from a mild curiousity to obsession with certain thoughts at times (I will not reveal the thoughts, but this was my Psycho-Emotional state), and started scribbling things that were not random down on paper, but then I’d deviate to another idea making it seem random.

So during those times I was under Possession of something very strong, which I wouldn’t entirely say was a Spirit, but it was more complicated than that… lets just say its a combination of Spirit and Knowledge (yes you can actually be possessed by knowledge). But I felt something was trying to reach out to me, but the problem was was there was a lot of other stuff (chaos) in the way so this was the only way it could reach me at the time, because opening one portal kind of opened up many portals. So story short regarding this, I was in an Unstable State of Mind… but I reached out anyway and did the only thing I knew to do at the time and did an Evokation of Bune. Without saying too much, it did create a lot of upheavals and Re-arranged circumstances… and provided me with a lot of small opportunities and big ones here and there. FYI, during that time I was unstable, so I didn’t understand some of the opportunities that came my way so missed them.

Fast foreward to now which was in the recent past. I was working a jobs like construction cleanup and some other cleanup job. So I am going throughout the day doing my own little thing in my head Daydreaming still exploring and following that “Silent Voice” that has been guiding me the entire time… this isn’t just intuition…it is the true HGA source…which FYI is not a religious construct by any means that anyone from say the Golden Dawn or OTO would understand in their own ways, as their understandings are corrupt with Judeo-Xian elements.

As I am following that little voice I go elsewhere to a special place in a Graveyard and yes there are a lot of Bats. Bune is around me and tells me that she and Belial have been discussing me, so they showed me a special clue and Merged with my own Personal Energy (this is how they talk to me, but Belial was there, but through a distant connection, Bune was actually Here Here now). So I’m walking along and then all of a sudden I start getting ideas in my head and I reach up and I sense (actually physically feel) an “Alternate Future” in my mind… but said Alternate Future is associated with a certain Deified Form of mine where in that World or Alternate Dimension I have “a Body.” I believe this is similar to what some of the Christians say when they say they have “bodies in Heaven” when they get there and give up this world. However, that body does not entirely exist yet, so I have to actually build it. So Bune showed me some interesting technique of where I “sensed the Wealth” of both the Non-Monetary and Monetary kind (those 2 words are important when specifying wealth), and then I started “sucking” this specific Energy Frequency from all Sources that were invested in things that were not making me wealthy, and were Re-Deployed into this BODY… and then as the body gained form, then a world around it started to gain form… Bune showed me that even though I was calling upon her when working with me to Build this Body (she didn’t build it for me yet, she was simply showing me something as an example), that she was only the first step in Resource gathering where she Presented it to Belial, and then Belial with his own energy was going to show me how to perfect and enhance it. Basically what happened was, instead of going straight to Belial and having to deal with a “Shitstorm” (LOL), Bune very specifically accessed an aspect of Belial so that I would Deal with Belial on those levels… which is the “Wealth of Belial” that actually makes me feel “Wealthy” when dealing with him. You could basically say that Bune was sort of like an Intermediary between Belial and me. Keep in mind that I already have Intimate ties with Bune and Belial (more intimate than people who just simply conjure them out of grimoires for years on end). I have a special lifelong tie to them. So even if I do not know everything; I do receive certain benefits of them showing me random things, which some can be off the wall or one would never guess.

Story short on this… while I was working out of the clear blue the Manager comes up to me and says “You’ve been promoted.” So I was promoted to doing an easier and better job and got more hours on my shift (I was working a Blower instead of hauling garbage debree). Keep in mind I am NEVER approached like this for anything, unless like usually some dumb chum wants to start a fight with me or argue or whatever and I have to stand my high ground, or unless someone wants me to do some extra work… which by the way I do not mind doing a little extra work as I am anything but lazy.

True nature of spirit? Well lets just put it this way… The Consciousness of all these Beings is Vast… what you think Belial or Bune is… is but the Tip of the Iceburg… because someone else will try and claim something different on what Bune or Belial is… So asking a question is like creating a filter … I’ll tell later… or just ask.

Interesting, thanks - Belial “referred me” to Buné so I’ve also had the experience of those two spirits working in harmony with a shared goal.

Also, as I’ve posted before, Buné has created astral bodies (I call them “resurrection bodies” but that’s probably not technically correct, it was just the term that came to mind and it stuck with me) - she’s done this for my deceased parent and other ancestral spirits, so they can operate those and be re-incarnate in the form of the person they once were, so that also matches your experience, which is neat because too many one-off experiences may not seem that credible, but when people as diverse as us have basically similar experiences with the same spirits, then that IS something substantial.

So thanks for sharing that, and please do type more in future, the background information gives your comments a context and added interest IMO! :slight_smile:


Hi, I didn’t finish.

To answer your question about “Questions for Manifestation” it really is just common sense. To tell you the truth, at first I really never thought about it, as its really all about organizing ones self.

Think about your first rookie messup experiences. If you had to go back in time, and “just imagine” what you were thinking that time, and then use your imagination to Formulate a “Why” question that lead you to the experience of you F’ing up or whatever. Then use the: Who, What, Where, When, Why, How question formats to formulate questions that would best describe how you arrived at that experience.

Asking a Specific Type of Question leads to a Specific Type of answer. In other words, it establishes the boundries to mold the style and content of your Thinking. With specific mindsets, you will sometimes arrive at different destinations. So if you think about a Goal in the Future… then you ask the Who/What/Where/When/Why/How question set. The “why” is generally god to get you daydreaming about said Goal… but when you start to ask “What” Questions… it trains your mind to dig for details… then the “How” questions are like the integrating of said details… and then the “Where/When/Who” are like further sub-categories that add extra colors to the “Why/What/How” questions.

Its really hard to give an example, because I have not written anything down recently, but rather go into meditation and just naturally do it and then write down my answers afterwards. Those answers are kind of fleeting to where I have to hurry up and write them down before I go on another tangent. Kind of like a messy artist, as you can tell I have to train myself to organize myself. But anyway, it makes sense to Establish the Proper foundation in your thinking… so if you think of Questions like building the “Tracks” of your Train or Minecart leading towards the Goal/Treasure, it makes more sense from a foundational point of view… so you can then potentially build a “Temporal System” to where your Actions/Thoughts are more One-Pointed and you aren’t scattered in daily life. I think in laymans terms you could basically call this “Magickal Goal-Planning.” Think of yourself as an Executive, executives secretary or whatever with your Magickal Excalibur Pen where you are the Lady of the Source doing Business (ok just a little bit of my own imagination thrown in there).


As for Bune doing Necromancy and leading one to Wealth, the biggest mistakes that most make is they read a Grimoire and then instantly think (Bune can only do that because it says so in the Grimoire!). That is essentially how they think. In other words, they take the literal path, and have no shamanick viewpoint on anything… which is communing with the spirits and doing some form of spirit journeying/communication/dreaming and telepathy… merging with the spirits energy to understand its nature to where it then gives you ideas.

Yeah Bune does Necromancy. But people think that Necromancy is all about dangerous Voodoo people. Well Shamans actually practice aspects of it, because they commune with their Ancestors. Likewise, Bune taught me aspects of Crystalline magick, Life and Death and Time Magick which are incorporated into what you talked about of “Ressurection Forms.” In a nutshell its like Retuning your energy body.

Well, Bune just saved my ass again is the 1st bit of news. My bank balance was slipping below where it should, because I had been drinking too much and not getting enough work done. A couple weeks ago, I was listening to this recording of a podcast by the Sorceress Cagliostro and her cohosts about blood sorcery. Towards the end, 2 of them release some blood, that the listeners may use it for the removal of a blockage in their life. I asked for the removal of what stood in the way of my achieving my ultimate potential.
Well, for the past week, drinking even a moderate amount (relatively speaking) has made me violently ill. So I just stopped. 2 days without a drop, no withdrawals. Of course, I also went to Bune, about recovering my finances, which she is making remarkably quick work off. Not only has there been plenty of work and stamina for me to complete it, but unexpected extra money, every day.
Today, I asked Bune if it would be OK for me to enjoy a single glass of local Chardonnay. (I’m in Napier, New Zealand) for 2 weeks.) She replies, "Go ahead and see what happens."
It was the smoothest, most delightful wine (you don’t pay $9.50/glass for rubbish!) It didn’t make me sick, but I did something very silly, that could have put my life in danger. I left the key in the door of my hotel room. That was my answer. I’m not saying I’ll never enjoy such an afternoon delight again. “Just be sure that you’re safe, before you start.”, was what Bune told me "and not until you’ve finished your work!"
Fine by me.


In case you haven’t gathered, I think Bune is a pretty cool spirit. I feel as though we already have a relationship, even though I have never done a full evocation, just sigil meditation. I never questioned what I initially read about Bune being a Grand Duke and “male” (if spirits even have genders) but lately, the energy I have communed with has felt decidedly feminine, almost nurturing.
I definitely want to move ahead in the relationship, am thinking of o temporary possession, possibly a pact. Of course I wouldn’t rush into either.

Silly me, I left out the link to the blood sorcery podcast recording: - YouTube


Interesting Bune story. A few weeks ago I was working with Lilith and Bune, not having done so since moving in with my Girlfriend in October. That night my girlfriend woke up thinking the hallway light was left on, She got out of bed and walked into the hallway to see a spirit of golden radiance, standing there looking at her with curiosity. My girlfriend said the spirit was so beautiful, deep inky Black hair and vivid blue crystal eyes. She saw her/his face with such clarity that she was awe struck. She got a little afraid at that moment and told the spirit to go away, at which point it vanished.

The next morning she told me about it, and I told her about evoking Bune and Lilith that night. I told her I believed it was Bune (or a representative of Bune). My girlfriend said she was sad about telling the spirit to go away, so I said just make an offering to Bune on my alter of some Honey. She did so, but told me as recently as last night that not a day goes by that she doesn’t think of this spiritual encounter. She said she feels badly still, even after the offering of telling it to go away, and I told her not to worry about it. I know she wants to have another encounter with the spirit, but don’t really know at this point what to tell her apart from evoking it, and maybe some dream work with the spirit.

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I’ve not worked with BUNE but with all the positive comments I am now “chomping at the bit” to do so… : )

im a little confused. has bune made any of you rich? bune does not care about small sums lf you worked with him you should have around more than bill gates. not kidding

Bune is about prosperity long-term, not just cash. That being said my spouse and I make over $200,000 so we do ok.


nope thats not bune