How do I contact with Bune

I know :point_right: Use magnifying glass for research! :grinning: good news :slightly_smiling_face: I did and found nothing.
Since Bune is the demon of wealth and money, I want to communicate with him, talk to him, and maybe work with him… I want to know how to communicate with him and what he loves!

Thank you;

How could you not have found anything…just search how to evoke or evocation guide


You can contact Bune the same way you can contact any demon.

You have been given a lot of information on how to do this in your multiple other threads, so perhaps it is time to actually start using the advice you have already been given instead of asking the same questions over and over again.

This proves you did not actually search, because there are dozens of threads on Bune, with plenty of information on preferred offerings.

As @Angeela pointed out, you would have easily found @Lady_Eva’s evocation guide, which works for any demon, if you had even bothered to look.


He wants the easy way to earn money as i have mentioned again in another post. He doesn’t care how even to learn to practice magic.
He wants everything ready in his hands from the whole forum, to earn money :smile:
Its so obvious and I don’t understand why you keep answering to him guys
@DarkestKnight @Lady_Eva 🤷🤷


Just like i said, I did not find anything from the professional and discerning.

Well, I will ask @Lady_Eva.

They keep answering me because they love me and I personally love them :smiley: I am not looking for easy money. I want to practice magic And I want to learn from the professional Like @Lady_Eva

What did you write to search button? Why polar bears are dying?


Seriously? You’re going to bother the mod, instead of putting forth some effort on your own to do a simple search for the damn post? :roll_eyes:

I will tell you right now that you will never succeed in magick. You obviously don’t have the will or the discipline to actually practice.


I wrote in the search: Bune!

@Lady_Eva is busy with magick work!!! Dont bother her, logg out of this forum for the next 4 months and stop asking. DO!!!
Leave the forum alone enough


I died at this. Are you fasting again?


I think that once I write the name, I will get anything related to it :slightly_smiling_face:

Just quoting, so OP reads it twice.

Btw, how did your English got improved so fast, sadangel?

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By practicing

I am making a lot of effort and nobody knows this

Just to show you how easy it is, and how we know you are lying when you say you searched…

Evocation guide:

Information on Bune (found by simply typing “Bune” into the search bar):

Time: Approximately 5 minutes of searching.


She didn’t tell me she was busy with it, And if I asked her to teach me, she would do so for every joy. Simply because it is the best and the greatest. I respect her, love her, appreciate her, and listen to her

I am not lying because I really did. I did the research

Anyway, thank you :heart: :heart: