How can i contact Lucifer as a beginner

how can i perfectly contact lucifer as a beginner? i want lucifer to be my patron on occult stuff do you have guys idea on how to contact lucifer without tools? well you know other people even my family they are judging who wants to know occult especially christians. hope someone can help me thanks.:pray:

You can draw his Sigil and then learning how to evoke/invoke him.


Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer ENN ( I mostly call 6 or 9 times)


to thankyou so much this is very informative😊

but can i do this on my phone? well i have a sigil of lucifer on my phone

Yes, but you get distracted from the light and from the icons. You can gaze into the image if you can open it, then there is only distraction from the light but that’s not a problem. You may print it, draw it or from the phone.

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okay sis thankyou so much really appreciated🙏

Please use bro, last time I checked I was still a boy.


ow im sorry bro… thankyou so much bro. have a great day🙏

Same to you.

Please use the forum search function. Your question has already been answered.

I was trying to call out to him tonight but i started to get a headache, does that mean anything or no? Ive tried twice and i dont know if I’m getting through

Just a tip: you can draw an L if youre afraid of being discovered on a candle or a piece of paper or make up your own sigil! Its okay :blush: families can be hard sometimes I understand. Hope this helps. :heart:

Don’t EVEN get me started … OOF

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Hi @Kitkatkenz6, how do you call him. After meditation, with a Sigil?

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@Borgy yes thats what i did, is it wrong?

You don’t need a sigil. You don’t even need an enn, but for you, I recommend you meditate to his enn using headphones. You’ll find his enn recording on YouTube. That’s a good start, and you can go from there.

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Hi @silverfirefly you’re right but I would like to start with a Sigil and it’s not hard to draw. Because we don’t want something else to slip through. Let’s try this @Kitkatkenz6

Okay thank you

  1. Draw or print this Sigil


  1. Light a candle and if you have incense (sandalwood or dragonblood)
  2. Take a notebook, write down the date and what you want, could be your goal
  3. To get into the mood you can use this enn chanting from youtube or say it yourself. Guided helps in meditation:
  1. I always start to meditate (5 minutes, I should advise you to start with 15 minutes, because your new into this) and say his Enn 3 times
  2. Then gaze into the Sigil and call his enn (3 minutes)
  3. Try to talk to him, say why you call him and know he is there.

Now people develop different senses. I feel him and sometimes hear him telepathically. But that differs.
8) Say ‘So mote it be’ or Amen (means the same) and he won’t be offended (that’s pure dogma).

Remember he is still an Archangel who embraces both light and dark, so there is no reason to be afraid because of the dogma (stories told by the church about him)

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