Help with calling Duke Dantalion?

Hello! I’m very new and have never done such before but have been reading the forums and searching a bit and seems a lot of people have had success calling on Duke Dantalion for help regarding love.
Could anyone help by giving me tips and advice on the process I need to take and what I need to do in order to speak to him myself and attempt to make a pact with him?



I actually just finished reading that post :slight_smile:
Very useful for what types of things to use however I don’t really know how to go about calling him.
Would I just begin by drawing his Sigil and placing/lighting the candles around it and placing my offerings near it…? Do I need to say anything to start or end the pact or once it’s started will he be able to assist me in what else needs to be done to make it official.
Would this be something I would cast a salt circle for also…? I’ve done fairly simple candle magick once or twice but nothing to this extent and wasn’t sure if there was a specific way to call him to me.

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Oh… Sorry. Thought it was a “wanting to know how to properly work with him” kind of question, not how to actually contact a spirit.
Well, I’m quite terrible at explaining things and since there are wonderful and informative threads all over this forum, here’s another one.

As Manosman said in that thread, there’s no need for a circle. Before you summon him, I suggest you write down your request. Take a day for it. Why rush?
When you feel that he’s there in your space, you could either voice your request or leave it on the altar with his offering(s).

But before you begin with all of this, I suggest you start from the basics so you won’t blindly jump into it. Meditate at least 10min a day. Do energy work (chakras and your psychic development) and learn warding, shielding, banishing…
During your daily meditations and other things, you can meditate with his sigil, so you can build an energetic rapport before you contact him and get used with his energy. :blush:


Here’s something else that might interest you:

You could also use Dantalion’s song listed in the post called something like ”72 songs”.
Don’t remember exactly even when I’ve visited the post a few times…


I believe I saw somewhere someone listened to his enn while falling asleep and before hand welcomed him into their dreams…? Has anyone tried this at all?
Also I will definitely look more into psychic development. I just really wanted to start the pact as soon as possible :heart:

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