Help! Need a big pact with a powerful demon!

Hi everyone,

My name is Daniel. For the past 3 years my life has been absolutely horrible. I have struggled financially (A LOT), romantically, family and friends, school, work, etc. I know it’s all mainly my fault. I know I’m lazy and need to take better shape of my life. I’ve realized it’s very much needed for me and seeing how the demons have helped a lot of people it’s def something I want to try later on.

For now, I’m in a VERY sticky situation. I am feeling very empty and depressed and have no money. I am barely making it by at this point. So I am really trying to make a pact with a powerful demon for help.

So far I’ve made 2 attempts to contact a demon, Clauneck, which have been unsuccessful. I don’t know if it’s because it’s ramadan or anything else. I will say this tho, I’m an immigrant student who’s piss poor broke. I can’t afford black candles and specific incense. I have scented mini candles. I def can’t afford scarying mirror. I do my best, say the enns, have his sigils and Lucifer’s star on paper, have the room smelling nice enough, have wine and apples ready, wear red, have cardamom, chant to summon and chant his summoning even through Lucifer … all I can with what I have. But nothing.

I would appreciate it greatly if people would message me/tag me here/pm me for advice.
I really need to make a pact and would give ANYTHING really (except my soul which I hear isn’t a thing anyways).

I have huge plans, I have big goals but I can’t do any of it with all my other ordinary world problems (if that makes sense). Like I owe my university, my rent, my student loans, my food, my cats foods (rescue).If anyone can help me I would owe you greatly!!! I need all the help I can get…

Please message me anytime! I’m about to make my third attempt today.


@Lady_Eva I have read a lot of your comments. I’ve seen that you are very knowledgeable and if you can help me too I’d really appreciate it. Or by sending anyone my way…


How dare you to call our mighty goddess !!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Start with this


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Edit: I was wondering if people with experience can tell me this - is it possible to make a pact for large sum of money/valuable treasure/a fast way to acquire wealth, at whatever cost nessecary(other than selling your soul with apparently isn’t a thing anyways)? (PS. I am trying to improve and be better but I’m also desperate and on a clock)

Is there anyone in contact with Clauneck or King Paimon or any other powerful demon to ask for me?

Also thank you @Sovereign for your guidance!


Learn the demon first before the pact,selling your soul isnt neccesary lol dont be scared about it.


LOL I know I’m just saying at this point I’ll do anything but is it doable or am I wasting my time? I’ve heard (less) old tales of people making big deals with Lord Lucifer/Demons, and I’m reading (more) stories about how people made their lives just better/organized and received better job offers with the helps of demons…
It’s mentioend Clauneck has the ability to bring wealth and health. It’s said that he can help find treasures and bring money from a long distance but no one here has mentioned saying they’ve gotten that much


You should gather the trust each other first,get it ? It might end up bad for you other way.



Are you sure you want to leave your email and phone number in a public forum ?!


With the baddest mages of planet.


That’s not my number really. It’s my number for whatsapp and it’s in a different country than I am.
And I mean how much damage can people do to an email address?
99% of the people I’ve seen here are nice/helpful


Cool just a friendly reminder so you won’t complain later from spammers or scammers then blame the forum here for that. It’s your call :slight_smile:

Good luck in your pact and welcome to BALG :+1:


Watch out for that %1 ok ? No one should get hurt.


@PrinceX thank you!
Any advices regarding my question? I see from your profile that you’re experienced as well


Thank you but I honestly believe other members here could provide better help regarding pacts with Demon. I only work with Lucifer/Satan. And not sure this is the best choice for you.

Did you try sigil opening method that E.A Koetting explained in his YT channel to contact the Demon you want to make a pact with ?


I normally don’t jump in to these kinds of questions, but I get the impression you are actually sincere in what you are trying to accomplish and have done some homework on your own.

First off, if you have never worked ritual before with no aptitude for psychic abilities then this is not going to be an easy or sure fire way for you to get what you want.

Secondly, a lot can be done with demons who aren’t considered “most powerful”. You don’t always have to jump right into the deep end.

Thirdly, you have to do the work. In most cases the spirits will manipulate opportunity and circumstance to allow your will to succeed. But you have to give the magic a channel to function through.

That’s it for now. I hope this helps and gives you something to think about.


No, you’re not. :thinking:


I think that you need to take hold of your situation. It’s seems like things are getting the best of you and when you become desperate you will take desperate measures.

1)Start with some simple meditations, know who you are and know that you are part of this place and you have a reason to be here.

2)Start a journal of your work so you can chart your progress and learn from mistakes and successes.

  1. What is it that you really want to do with your life? What practical steps have you taken to put your life on track?

I really feel for you my friend but remember the light shines brightest when the dark is darkest.


Allow me to admire your intelligence. That’s why you’re the boss :+1:


Well, some of you will know where I’m going with this, but don’t give it away just yet. :wink:


:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil: :grinning: :+1: