Help! Need a big pact with a powerful demon!

I think is best for this duke bune and belial great energys to work with ,bune and belial has helped so much in si many aspects call on bune open your heart to her with belial his offering set already ,bune likes honey chocolte puddings green candles rum and blood if you would like and creat a stronger bond with them and a portal … belial likes beer meat and blood like exsseve offerings thats the big guy ,he like woody smells beer hersheys chocolate ,right your petion ,draw his and her sigil light up candles consicrate the four sigil with the four elements and charge it with your blood and intention and motive … on the petition ask what you want what is it for ,abd what you want in return ,do not promised you can come through with hope this helps ,ohhh also use the less baanshing ritial and your good to go peace love grattide ,i wish you peace abundance health and lots of wealth ,ohhh i for get go around a atmosphere that where people are rich and socialising belial can help you with that become poppular make sure you know how to carry a conversation peace to the gods hail mighty duke bune king belial peace brother good luch on your journey hope this helps …


Here’s the thing: you can get a lot of money via Magick. You can get things fast via Magick. And Magick can help people in desperate situations. But you aren’t really going to get all these things all at once in this particular moment of your life. To get a lot of money to come your way, it takes time to learn and practice the Magick necessary to get great sums, and as a beginner, you’re starting at the very bottom. Secondly, although getting things fast is possible, it’s not a guarantee for every operation, and it’s not something you really have much control over. And lastly, the fact that you’re in a desperate state can be a hindrance…since one of the key principles of getting results is to kill your lust for the result…and beginners who care too much about the outcome (which you clearly do) will have that outcome come about much slower, or not at all.

So to answer your question: given your current skill level, state of mind and size of request…it is not possible to get what you’re asking for


I don’t know about that. You should see some of the things people put in the trash can. It seems like someone might think an item that is worth loads and loads of money is worthless and then throw it out. Treasuring hunting like that is possible. I didn’t say it was easy or everyone could do it, but its not actually impossible.
Also, people lose things like jewelry all the time. You always see those people with the metal detector on the beach. And despite what some people think, yeah there are people who actually bury stuff in a box so someone can dig it up later.
One more thing, selling your soul is neither desirable, necessary, or even useful to treasure hunting.


i never said these things were impossible though. Matter of fact, my statement started with me saying that it was possible to attain large sums via magick. I just don’t see the OP as being able to pull off any sort of grand feats like this given his low level of skill and lightning fast time horizons that he’s looking for


Thank you very much for responding!! But what do you mean?? I know I put things off and I’m lazy unless it’s something I’m passionate about…

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It’s really hard to do that when I owe my university 5 grand, family friends 2 grand, Student loans 21 grand (300 per month), rent (700 a month), and all other things when I have to study and have no jobs or a family that can really support me. Yeah it really feels like all or nothing at this point …


Thank you very much for the advice, I actually looked up King Belial but it was said that he’s not really for beginners and it takes skill to really get what you want with him because he might trick you(?) also I never do any banishing really


I have tried it a little yes. But like I explained my knowledge and equipments are very limited. I put mini scented candles with Lucifer’s and Clauneck’s sigils, some things Clauneck likes like alcohol wine apples etc, a mirror, I do it after 7am so it’s day time, and lights off. I chant “Clauneck i summon you, Clauneck I call out to you loved by Lucifer,and empowered with the ability to bring great wealth and riches. Clauneck, i invoke you, hear my call” or “Lord Satan, by your grace, grant me, I pray thee the power to conceive in my mind and to execute that which I desire to do, the end which I would attain by thy help, Oh Mighty Satan, the one True God who Iivest and reignest forever and ever. I entreat thee to Inspire (name of Demon) to manifest before me that he/she may give me true and faithful answer, so that I may accomplish my desired end, provided that it is proper to his] her office. This I respectfully and humbly ask in Your Name, Lord Satan, may you deem me worthy, Father.”

But I don’t feel anything


I’d like to say thank you everyone who came here, commented advices and suggestions. I really appreciate everyone’s support and guidance :pray:t3:

I would like to ask: a lot of people here are very experienced and have contacted well known Demons. Is it possible for anyone to talk to Clauneck, Bune, King Paimon, or even King Belial to come to me and make a pact with me? Not to do everything for me obviously, but ask them to meet with me? I know it really sound ridiculous but I have future business plans and a meeting is all I ask for…These demons that you guys contact, they do things you ask of them? some hard things? To help you and others Is it possible for anyone to help me out and send their help my way…?


@Lady_Eva if it’s possible, can you pm me so I can message you? I’m a new member and I can’t message others right now and I just had a few questions…
I also don’t mean to be rude or anything. That’s the reason why I shared some contact info sorry


Sure, I’ll be sending out welcome-aboard PMs later so watch for that, meanwhile, do put any questions you have that don’t need to be private on here, the purpose of the forum is that the knowledge is available to anyone reading and not just 1-2-1 and no-one else can benefit, if you see what I mean. :+1:


Of course, I get that! Its just that I asked a few questions and I guess you were busy, didn’t see my recent posts^^^^


Well, if you can’t afford one candle… then no need to use any. Try this evocation :

You don’t need to feel anything, assume a contact is made and say what you want.
This is a very easy method and many - beginners and experienced - are using it successfully.

In E.A’s channel you will also find candle spells videos. Try that as well.
Again, if you can’t use a candle, then create a sigil for your desire and gaze at it instead of a candle.

No money, no problem. No equipment, no problem. Magick is flexible. You only need your mind. Want to add something? a paper sigil. Want more? get a candle. More? Use hoodoo spells. More doesn’t always mean better results. It only means more complicated work.

And you don’t need a special formal visit from a spirit to make a pact. It’s a commitment YOU make. The spirit will respect it as long as you do. No need to hear it from it or shake hands. When you make a pact and call its name, it will be there watching and listening even if you don’t feel its presence. Search the forum here or YT for “pacts with Demons” or similar terms… you’ll find detailed instructions. Do it and you’re done, you have a pact with a Demon. Any words you say or write that express your intention from the pact with respect, are ok.


@PrinceX thank you very much again for your help. Specially with the video and how to do summoning/pacts with little money!

It’s just that if I’m asking to make a contract for large sum of money (physical, not like a raise in a job) then what does the Demon want in return? Is anything that I’m going to do enough?
I heard some demons like to be noted for their help and become more famous, I heard some places that’s not true? Should I make a website?
Sacrifice animals? How many, what kind?
Do I open a Satanic Mosque with the money?
Do I donate to charity? I heard some want that?
How far do I go? What do they want for my specific needs/terms?
And will the pact be accepted really? What if he/she doesn’t like my offerings? Or can’t deliver their end? I can’t go on waiting and thinking it’s a done deal…
If I was asking for better luck, more self confidence, stronger core etc then yeah that can wait while hoping the deal went through but you can’t really make a big pact without the other side present…

I apologize, I don’t mean this to come off the wrong way and to sound bratty. It’s just like I explained I’m in the worst place of my life and at this point I really need help from the beyond…

The people on this website that converse with powerful demons, even you who mentioned working with Lucifer/Satan, can they help me set a meeting? I’m respectful, determined and willing, and am trying my best to contact the demons (Clauneck mainly). Goes without saying that I’ll be in your debt as well. I just need a little assistance…


Just repeat what’s in E.A’s videos. Did you hear him talk about building a Satanic anything or give anything in return ? Your offering is your gift for the spirit for giving you what you want, not a payment. They don’t work for us. They work WITH us. Would you build a temple for your brother or your father if he gave you what you wanted? … You may give something back to say “thank you” or not. Same thing.

Keep it simple with spirits, they will keep it simple with you. You complicate it for them, they will make your life hell before they accept anything from you. Fair, right? :slight_smile: So it’s up to you to decide how it goes. A “Thank you” and maybe a little symbolic gift or sacrifice your legs or buy a brand new BMW and burn it while praising the Demons. I personally would go with a simple “Thank you” and a little gift. Search the forum here for “offerings” if you need more details.

You will find magicians not giving any offerings at all, and ones who feel they must. Both successful in their work. So it’s up to you to decide.

Why you insist on having a personal contact with some members here. And setup what you call, a meeting with a Demon. ?

You… don’t… need… that.

A pencil, a paper and quiet room and you’re good to go. A “thank you” after getting what you want and you’re done. Write your pact while calling the name of the Demon, then sign it… thank the Demon, and you have a pact.

What’s the problem ?


It’s just that it sounds too easy and too good to be true make me think it won’t happen … and I know doubt is not at all a good thing here.

For example I think I’d be foolish to think that a simple thank you for asking something huge would be the same as someone giving the demon a simple thank you for small favour like better luck…
Honestly, if my brother or father gave me what I wanted like this, I’d make them 10 temples. To show my great gratitude. As a favour. But personally I believe for big pacts to work you need big gestures, no?
And I know what you’re saying but I thought a pact is a two way thing. I ask for something and they ask for something. I know they work with us, I’m not paying them for a job but I’m making a deal with respect on both sides.
But I don’t know what they’d want or accept…like personally I don’t think Clauneck would take valuable time of his day and bring me money for a thank you. Maybe it’s all the tales I’ve heard my whole life. The bigger the prize, the higher the cost.


Can I ask for more knowledge, have you made any pacts? If it’s not to personal can you maybe share an experience and how it went?
And have you seen Demons or Lucifer ever?

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You see, that’s the issue here. YOU think, and want the Demons to act the part to make you feel better. That’s not how it works.

You have specific methods, with specific steps, many are using them successfully. Use them or don’t. Simple as that. Your beliefs doesn’t matter. If you still insist on taking the complicated path … so be it. But I can’t see a reason why members or Demons should bother themselves with that. And assist you in something you made up for yourself.

Yes. I wrote a paper then signed it then burned it, pact done.

Yes. And they told me I don’t have to see them or even feel their presence to make magick work and get results.

That’s for historians to know, not magicians. Maybe he doesn’t care to know ? Maybe all he cares about is for his ritual to work and get what he wants.

Your questions are answered. You have all information you need. You decide to ignore it and insist on what you want. Because… you think… you feel… you heard…etc

Personally I don’t recommend members to contact you or assist you privately, you obviously don’t need any assistant. You just need to listen, understand, and follow simple steps that others already made clear for you and everyone else. If you don’t want that, then that’s your problem, not anyone else’s problem, and only you should deal with it. If you can’t control yourself, if your own mind doesn’t listen to you… how you expect demons and spirits to do that?

Search the forum for what you want to learn, you have EA’s YT channel full of rituals, information and lectures, you also have his books and courses… and there are tons of books available on Amazon for any kind of magick work you desire. All explained in detail with steps anyone could follow.

Here’s a start for you…

Good luck,


@PrinceX like I said this entire conversation, I really appreciate all your help and assistance. Specially your sources and experiences. I do.
I’m not trying to say this has to be done this way or that way. I’m not saying you’re wrong and I’m right. I don’t mean to come off sounding like that, something which I apologized before too explaining it’s not like that …

I’m just a very confused boy in a lot of trouble. The world seems against me, I feel like I’m on the clock and I’m getting desperate. I know it’s not the best thing but I’m just trying my best to understand how to 100% make this work. I’m not trying to pick fights, I’m just very nervous. I’m very worried and I feel alone! I don’t have any friends I can talk to about these things…and through the entire chat I’ve tried to be nothing but respectful and polite So I don’t know why you’d advise others to consult me privately, I’m telling everyone here that I don’t know jack and I’m not trying to act like I do. I’m just trying to get facts straight and understand better what I’m doing. I’m in need of great help and and any assistance, specially what you @PrinceX have done for me in the past 24hr, is greatly appreciated.

Once again thank you.


Pact. Demons aren’t the only Spirits to that accept pacts, lots of Spirits does.

Whatever is going on concerns no Spirits. Ramadan or anything are all human ideas.

All this ceremonies are not always necessary…
And can U see with your mind’s eye? Cuz the Spirit may come but your inability to see them could make it look like ‘unsuccessful’.

Is this knowledge still outside? True Pact! I doubt it. The pact people make now are funny pacts. So from your words meseems you desire a true pact. But first, what do U know about pact making? It has lots of conditions. Some Spirits would only say they’d make pact with U for just 30 years. And when that 30 years are over, they run you mad, or drive you back to your early days, when you’re crawling. Mostly, Demons and other wicked Spirits do this stuff.

Also, keep in mind that such method by which U desire to call a Spirit can’t be used to make a true pact, the type which you seek.

Why result to pact making? There are more Spirits out there that can be of help.

It’s understandable. But to really get out of this fast you need to find a way to whomever Spirits you desire into physical plane, bodily just like you’re, then you can talk about such great pact.

However it would even make much sense to cal Spirits that can fetch you money instantly, but pact…I won’t advice you to.

And I’m sorry though I possess this knowledge, i know this things but I can’t be of help. I’m presently in a sticky situation too. I helped someone and now I’ve to pay their price. The one I helped is free, and me in the mire. So I’m working hard to get out. I don’t wanna add to my trials.

So continuing calling and calling Claunek isn’t the key or Lucifer, but such method won’t fetch youbwhat you desire. You’re not the first nor the only one here on BALG forum with such big desires.