Best demon for sex, and, do I need to make a pact?

I don’t see myself making a pact with demons for sexual favours (just yet). Unless it’s more in depth or I’m asking for more, I think normal requests from them is definitely better. I’ve read some threads and almost nobody has.
Another thread that I’ve made is what I’m really trying to make a pact for, if possible.

Thank you for your suggestions.
He mentioned Sitri is a wildcard and fucks with you. It sounds interesting and I might wanna try it later but not as my first spirit(?)
Gremori seems to be more of a live thing with deep conversations. That’s something I need to be ready for. Also I’m not down with the cheating thing really.
Zepar is more of one night stands apparently and I think I need more of friends with benefits(?)
Asmodai seems like the best option. Also need more info about Belial in this matter.

Have you worked with any of these spirits yourself?

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I think I saw that “Sitri fucked me over” thread and I replied saying that only we, through the structure of our individual self-concept ( :slight_smile: all we consent to as true :slight_smile: ), can do that. I’ve received immediate responses when tuning into the perception linked to Sitri, without performing any ritual whatsoever: it was interesting but I didn’t persist because I have wider interests.

You seem to have a more specific understanding of these “spirits” of your consciousness. I haven’t worked with any of them in the textbook manner but I have connected with their essence using certain meditations and I do see some shifts in my perspective. Be aware, consciousness is the only reality and authentic shifts, leveraged by potent tools like rituals, can create dramatic cause-effect patterns that change your experience. Ultimately, it is your consciousness that is the only power–literally–in your experience.

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Did you have any relationships before that with Sitri? Or was that the first time?
And how effective was it?

Can you explain what you mean by this sentence? My English isn’t the best.

And this one too?:sweat_smile: sorry. Did you more or less mean that I should be careful because big changes in my reality can make me/my consciousness to go mad?!

Do you want long term relationships or do you want to learn about sex magick ?

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I think just Sex Magick for now.
Like I explained: how to go from good to the best.

Then listen to the gangsters above :point_up:
There are also many books about this topic.

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Yeah I’m saying I’ll take their advices. Sitri and Asmodai sound the most infesting atm but I’ve aslo been interested in Belial as well for awhile and am wondering if he helps with these matters too or not.

Just dont forget sitri is little tricky :smiley:


LOL so I’ve heard. But I feel like at some point I wanna experience being fucked with by a spirit into weird situations. It’ll make funny stories.

Have you done anything like this with any of those demons/spirits?

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Nah man,I am beginner like you,I am not interested in sex magick too much to be honest.


I might get a succubus partner maybe in future though.

  1. I was just focussing on the sigil while listening to a YouTube Enn video.
  1. Nope, the opposite: significant shifts in consciousness will alter the reality itself because consciousness is the only reality. Rituals aid transformation in consciousness. Sometimes, the ritual sets the ball rolling in ways we might not foresee and it, in some cases, can shock us when it actually “gets the job done”. It’s just something to be aware of and only some people effect such dramatic shifts.

Don’t you think this is more important for you now :

I can’t think of someone with your deep urgent negative financial issues - as you describe them - and looking for a pact for sex instead of finishing those problems first.

Wouldn’t that make more sense to you?


Word up!

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Like I explained a couple times above, if you read the comments, I came to this website for another purpose and this isn’t my priority. But this caught my eyes and I got curious. I thought I’d ask a question and Lady Eva cut out my question and some other people’s replies and turned this into a separate thread. I haven’t prepared any rituals or drawn any sigils even.

I also asked here again how to make a pact even though i think it’s pretty obvious that a pact for Sex Magick isn’t exactly necessary…

You’ve replied there and helped me which I am still very greatful for, as I’ve mentioned several times in that thread as well. So you’ve seen me go way into depth and ask much more questions than I have in here. Compare if you want to, since this is a concern…I am in need of help with more urgent matters, yes, and that topic is still on going while I continue to proform those rituals and try to understand more as I ask for help in there.

So I don’t see how this bothers you? So that you’d have to come and comment something negative and unrelated…But I guess you could be looking out for me in a way which if that’s the case then I thank you more!

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Can confirm, it was a question posted to Nagash’s journal and it seemed more to merit its own topic. :+1:


You’re right. Please accept my honest apology. I talk too much lately, now will mind my own business. Please ignore my posts to you.

Good luck brother :+1:


lol you don’t talk too much. I think if anyone, it’s me that talks and asks too much. You’re more experienced than me and a lot of others and you had a concern.
Like I mentioned you helped me a lot and I’ll be forever thankful.:pray:t3:


Perhaps it is Not what you are searching for but you can Try Shivas Dick/ Shiva Lingam Mantra: Om Kroom lingaya om ! 10 Malas before you Go to a Date or you Go to Disco/ bar.