Help needed! Question about demons and pacts

Hey everyone,

I had a question/a favour to ask of anyone who can and is willing to help a beginner out.

I’ve recently joined BALG because I had a lot of personal reasons that I needed help from higher powers (and what I learned when I joined has been unbelievable to say the least…).
I asked in the forum that if it’s possible to make a pact with a powerful demon for a large sum of money (I’ll link the thread at the bottom). And most of the answers I got (even in PMs) were yes BUT it’ll be through your business and they can’t just make money appear out of thin air (which makes sense but not completely. Since Lucifuge Rofocale and Clauneck are said that they can bring you money from a long distance and lead you to hidden treasures. That they are able to bring you instant wealth). And some people said yes but very hard.
They say you need a way for the money to come, but things like the lottery are an option(?)
And I understand it’s not a simple favour to ask of a demon/spirit which is why I’m willing to offer any pact (except selling my soul!)

So I’m here now asking this:
Is there anyone that can just ask the demons/spirits they are working with if what I’m trying to achieve is possible? Don’t need anyone do it on my behalf, just need to know if I’m wasting my time chasing unrealistic dreams?

P.S. I’m sorry for anyone who has seen this topic posted by me before, (even if never this particular question).

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You should know that every pact is not accepted, you must first have a connection and see if you and particular entity can work together, it takes time and dedication. The entities are not goldfishes they like to help but also to teach us more and encourage the change for the better. If someone give you a large sum of money there must be a way to do it, if you don’t have a job its difficult and takes time to manifest.The best way is divinaton, you can ask if someone wants to work with you, if you are not able to contact spirits its even more hard to achieve what you want.Work on yourself to open your astral senses. I would not rush with demonic pact ,it’s a serious thing.


Thank you for your reply and advice. I see your point. But at the same time aren’t there people, like EA, who offer to make you pacts with strong demons like Belial for (a lot of) money on your behalf?

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Mate, everything is possible in the multiverse!

You’ve got to first understand how energy works, and how the different realms interact with each other.

The spirits you’re speaking off exist in different realms. When we seek their help, or perform magick, we’re evoking energies or consciousness in one of the realms.

When we ask a spirit to manifest for us something specific, like a large amount of money, and if the request is accepted, they create the capacity for you in the astral realm. That will eventually manifest itself in your physical reality.

You can help to speed up the process in two ways:

  1. Remove your subconscious blocks that largely create resistance in your physical reality. These can be belief systems, programs, limitations inherited through your DNA, etc.
  2. Create pathways for that wealth to begin flowing, e.g, your business, up-skill, network, begin testing and trying new avenues to achieve wealth. You will find that you are intuitively led.

Keep in mind that the spirits are not our slaves and so there is no reason why one or many of them need to do anything for us. Most of them may help if they deem you worthy. By this I mean that they know that you are willing to work for it.


Yes,you can pay the professional but after that, it’s up to you to build a relationship.


So you essentially want money, but you’re too lazy to go out and make it?

Idk if you read what I said here or the thread that I tagged but to answer your question no.
I’m an immigrant student without any family suport, in student loan debts, in university debts, family friend debt, rent every month, and food and phone and etc. I’m 21, studying and working making enough money to survive. And I’m tired of that. So no I’m not lazy and do try.
I know a pact would not com east and would take work to get there and after to make it work. So no I’m not lazy in that sense either.
I also did mention in my tagged thread that I have huge business plans. But I can’t at all focus on it due to every other small problem I have to take care of. Make money at almost min wage, focus on school, spend time with gf, occasionally take care of and support family, feed my rescue cat, pay off debts…and not to mention all the added stress and depression that’s getting the best of me. So money to fall back on and take care of all these small problems would help me focus on my bigger plans. My end games. So no I wouldn’t consider myself lazy in that sense either…

Got any advice or answers tho?!

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Thank you for your advice. I’ve been told to meditate and open my astral projection first but

This is really helpful :pray:t3:

As for the pathway for the flow of wealth, I was wondering like I asked, would spirits work through something like lottery tickets?

I know they help humans to better themselves and improve their lives and businesses. But if I’m looking to make a pact for something quicker, can it be done?

(I never see Demons as servants. I have so much respect for these entities that have lived for thousands of years who have so much knowledge and power.
I also do know they are very capable of helping with almost anything. So I see a pact for this request as a business (because I’ll have things to uphold on my end too) with very respectable beings.)

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Of course. The way I see it, your main hurdle is obtaining the oportunity to succeed. You don’t necessarily need some huge influx of cash. Remember that money is a tool that comes from, and meditates future, beneficial actions.
Depression 9/10 stems from stagnation, so I’d say it’s reasonable to assume that will go once you gain more social mobility.
As far as the magic goes, I suggest you work with Belial. Ask him for self improvement and help seizing opportunities. The thing to bear in mind is that there are near limitless options in life, so the one you want being available to you is actually fairly unlikely. Stop worrying about where you want to be and focus instead on obtaining the opportunity to take whatever step you can in the right direction.
Opportunity won’t ever come to you. Go out, put on a front, lie about how well you’re doing, learn to exhibit the bravado that people expect from someone worth investing in.
People don’t want to invest in someone who they think doesn’t already have the cash behind them. So, to get started, you’re going to have to take a few risks and tell a few lies. It’s how the majority of us started out.
You could also look into animal sacrifice and the idea of balance playing an integral role in the success of magic ( wrote a couple of posts on that recently ). It’s not the most popular area if magic, but there’s a lot of power available to those of us willing to do a few unsavoury rituals


Thank you for your advice.

Yeah I can’t seem to obtain the opportunity to follow up on my goals. You worded very nicely. And I agree with you that I don’t need huge amounts of cash, but it would be nice to get a head start on my business as well. That’s why I’m asking. But I agree.
I’ve been thinking that Belial is a very good option to work with as well although a lot of people say he’s tricky.
I even have business proposals written up and I know, given the right time and moves, it could turn huge. But thank you also for the motivation.

I will look into this as well and will check your posts out. Have you done any personally? Asking to see what big request it was for and did it work?

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Hey @Biffa_Bacon . Thank you for your advice. It says post removed but yes I would very much appreciate it if you could make a thread about that!!


With magick it is important to work in small steps. This is one of the greatest secrets of magick. If you have a goal, do not perform magick for that final goal, but break it down into many small goals. So, if you want to be a world-class soccer player, start with rituals that get you accepted into a good local team. Work on rituals that improve your skills. Use magick to make you appealing to teams and managers. And in this way, you gradually build your dream

When it comes to money magick this means that you shouldn’t aim for impossible amounts of money. Aim for something that seems just out of reach to you at time, rather than something that seems absurd. If you aim for something that is just out of reach, you can get there.

I am not suggesting you limit your dreams. So you should dream big, but I know that people often hope magick will make everything change in an instant. Magick works by shifting the odds and ordering coincidence in your favor. It can change your life, but don’t expect to be offered large amount of money from nowhere. Break your dream down into stages and you will get there faster than you ever thought possible