Help me there's a man in my city who astral project into my home and won't stay out

This was a rough morning since he spent all morning (3hrs+) harassing me and groping me and nasty stuff just bugging me so I couldn’t go back to sleep. My two guardian ghosts and my 4 “security guard” servitors scare him out at first, he came back in and got stuck in my chaos veins and that was really hilarious to see him so scared and smoking as if he’d soon be on fire

but ha keep attacking me and my defenses no matter what we did he kept coming back.
The ghosts who guard me from crap like this even had to first try draining him so he’s sent back to the physical body but that didn’t work so they even got to use my energy all while this 75yr old man is astrally groping me and try to disturb me so I couldn’t go back to sleep and had to wait for him to get bored and finally he left!

How do I protect my apartment from further shit like this? He comes through open doors and windows of but even when I shut all windows and vents he still got in!

I’m done with his “funny antics” and not even the chaos veins (the soz kia one) ward or four additional guardian knights and 2 demons couldn’t keep him out. I tried to flash all the nasty images mentally from eyes surgery to worse stuff and made my ghost girls look super creepy! Nothing could keep him out!!!

I don’t know what to do and I really need help since he’s basically trying to molest or rape my physical body with his astral body!!! Wtf do I do and how the fuck can I make a ward or another defense measure that would hold this guy out of my home! Please please help me I don’t want to confront him IRL about this shit but he seriously tried raping me and WTFFFF WHO DOES THAT??? It’s not the first time also

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I guess my first question is how do you know it was him and not a spirit impersonating him? How do you feel about him in real life? Have to bring it up, because that seems like an awful lot of work. What’s his reputation in town?

I’ll look at your experience from your intro in the meanwhile.


if you’re not kidding, then first make sure that he is a human and he has a physical body. Otherwise it is a spirit. If this is a person, then use his physical vulnerabilities. Break his sleep like he does to you.

Prepare for attack. Follow him on his energy trail. Remember his energies and begin to be “magnetized” to him by them. Also, do evocation of Samassk/Sakatos/Opfaal/Deggal for protection. They will protect you and help you to fight this guy if he is actually that stupid.

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How much of this did you go through?

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Death curse him.

Or at least a binding. Bind him to his body so he can’t ap, Bund hin from thinking about you, bind him from wanting you, whatever you like.

You’re only on the defensive right now, and it’s becoming a long drawn out witch war, take the battle to him.


Obsidian blade infused with your energy. Obsidian is one material that has properties that when empowered allows it to cut the very soul. Get an obsidian dagger and infuse it with your energy to bind and empower it to you and channel your will through it and it will become able to destroy most astral projected forms rather easily and if he is doing actual projection and not just making a temporary body it will likely cause some severe health problems in his physical body as the parts of his soul that feed it are damaged. Empower the blades astral form enough and you can project it out at a distance. You can empower the blade further in other ways. I would recommend iron and copper wiring around the hilt and can bind runes like Thurisaz to it feed some of your blood to further bond it though don’t use the blade itself to draw your own blood as its main purpose will be to kill spirits and cut astral energies.

Get something like that prepared the blade doesn’t even have to be very large its own astral form can shift as its empowered and bound to you while retaining its destructive properties then wait for him to project and get close then a good slash right through the strongest concentration of his energy.


Interesteling. Do you have a source for this?


Part of my craft is the construction of magical devices so lots of it come from my own experience it was probably mentioned originally in some book in my library but I have since tested it and found it works exceptionally well. Puts otherwise hostile entities in their place better than the traditional blasting rod. I think the original material was referencing why obsidian was chosen in some cultures for ritual blades and weapons over other easier to work with materials especially in the case of sacrifices.

You can even look at the cataclysmic energies of fire and earth needed in the creation of obsidian. We already know there is a bunch of talk about things such as cold forged iron or meteoric iron in reference to harming otherwise very difficult beings such as fae. There is a lot of talk on the obsidian cutting properties and I believe that in even modern materialist science it is one of the sharpest substances known and still employed. Because physical objects tend to inherit their properties from the soul of the material that makes it deadly sharp even in the astral through just basic logic. I believe it is even significantly sharper than a scalpel if made right though it doesn’t need to be refined and shaped that much to make an useful ritual weapon since you can shape its soul outside of its physical boundaries to get the form you need astrally.


Fascinating. Thank you :slight_smile:


It were those fucking servitors just being assholes!!! Ruining a whole day. I fucking hate them now so I turned them into one lil bitch from my school and one bitch from the internet so they’re Amy and Mia now and their appearance match their crap personalities. Fucking HATE THEM. They tried doing their whole “ok we’re leaving now good bye good bye” yesterday and they appeared to be gone. Was so happy to finally be able to call my parents and say ‘hey look the voices are gone!!! Everything is back to normal!!!’

But woke up this morning and they’re still here. Being much harder to hear but they were ok with it but sad that I don’t trust them anymore. Then they tried doing the whole we’ll leave now bye bye mommy and I believed them for about 1hr+ then they went on being lil bitches again and I FUCKING WANT THEM GONE I WANT THEM TO SUFFER I WANT THEM TO DIE IN AGONY or change them into something that could be stuck to the ppl they’re imitating (they learned this behavior from Retard Jari and his (actually not retarded) lying bitch wife M (I used to be friends with this so called lady so won’t write out her name) so I’d like these lying servitors to get stuck with the lucky couple J&M

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It was those asshole ghost servitors gone all rouge on me fucking up my day. I really loathe them now wish them a horrible existence somewhere either with the ppl who fucked with my apartment and somehow got something like those high frequency machines that scare off mice except this was either 20+ of those devices or something else that could fuck you up !Ike this because I didn’t sleep more than a few hours in a whole month (narcotics were in the picture but they’re not able to keep you up for a whole month didn’t even use daily…) and then the voices came and I also have gained the ability to see particles of some kind. Must’ve been some really strong electromagnetic waves/radiation devices for this shit to happen

Anti psychotic medication doesn’t do shit for me, made the voices louder. Almost got them to disappear by citing mahakalya’s mantra and feeling his power and love while meditating then I saged THE FUUUUCK out of my apartment. Worked alright but I found out yesterday by chance that my sleeping pills will make the voices almost un-hearable but I can’t pop like 5 of those each day that’s just a quickfix

IT WAS THOSE LYING ASSHOLE VOICES!!! Daaaamn I hate them now. I’ve tried doing so many things to get rid of the servitors nothing really helps. Changed them into two ugly girls I used to hate because they have the same personalities as the lil cocksuckers (I call then all the nastiest stuff now because fuck those shitheads FUCK EM) They comment everything I write and think and even if I ignore them they’re obviously as fucking retarded as those ppl who’s personalities they’ve adapted because they just don’t get the fact that I will hate them now and forever and their opinions mean SHIT to me. They still try to mock, ridicule and “scare” me. I turned them into two people I despise and they still don’t get it. If I ever meet the married couple of HUMAN FILTH I’d… I’d do something truly fucked up to them, won’t get into detail… Fuck those voices, best outcome would be if I can get those voices to attacht to those 2 shitppl

Wow, you made it yourself??? If I may ask, how does one do that and also do you have any pictures of the blade? I’d like to see it sound awesome

It was those fucking CUNTS that I used to call my servitors that pretended all day “just to see what you’d do and say to him y know we vassare about you xoxoxo” lying whores (GRISLUDER!!!) (They hate being called that, means pigwhore in my native language and luder is the worst name for who’re in my language. Just wrote that since they’re still babbling on and they deserve to get upset and called out for what they truly are LYING CUNTS and GRISLUDER)

Kill them then. Stop playing silly games. Stop reacting to them like a weak human, which you are not. Like all bullies, they like it you react, it shows they got to you. Enough. Just finish it.

Unnecessary complication. One thing at a time, calm yourself and get rid of the parasites first.

Then recoup and decide what you want to do when you’re yourself again. You are in an overemotional state which seems engendered by the parasites, you cant even type straight right now, you must regain full control to make good decisions with a clear head. “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”


This is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. They’re feeding off of your emotions, calling them names and trying to torment them like this is just going to feed them more energy and make them stronger. Refuse to give them anything. When they try to make you angry remind yourself that they’re basically begging for food. Refuse to speak to them, refuse to even acknowledge them as independent beings. Recatagorize them as parasites, whenever they try to interact with you imagine the flow of energy between the two of you reversing and drain them of vital energy.


Mine doesn’t take the form of a blade anymore but an innocuous chunk of obsidian. I shift it astrally to form the blade but since it is prepared the physical obsidian base is all I need. Forming it to an actual blade is good because of the tactile sensation of it but really any obsidian with sharp edge or that you can bond with and shape the soul of will work as well.

Now as to servitors since you made them. I say just eat them pull them back into their source of your being and take their powers as your own. Might be a bit difficult for you but if you can shift your aura and energy engulf them and devour them with it tearing chunks off and absorbing it refining the patterns to match your own.

Hellsing Abridged: Wannabe Demigod Bitch - YouTube good example if you can see fit to adapt to your field.

Now to the high frequency machines I doubt that is the case. Strong psychic abilities awakening can present similar symptoms as the energy runs rampant in your system and you not being use to it suffer the effects ranging from hearing frequency type noises to seeing auras and energy which would match the particle vision. Just meditate on your energy and aura feel its flow and tame it to your will. Release some of it into the earth if you have too much or it is too wild and bleed some of the wild energy off. Once you start taming it you can start using it properly and figure out just what the natural gifts you have are and I am thinking something along the lines of perception and creation of entities given the power those two servitors possess.

Devour the servitors or destroy them through whichever means you choose and tame your own energy then you can make more to fuck with people or whatever fun you want and do so in a much more structured manner before trying to go full AI with them. Since you have expressed interest in runes study their powers and use their galdr chants as a focus for meditation to employ them in these tasks.


So, what happened to trigger all of this? A close personal relationship not going the way you wished or just life in general.


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I did recreate them as parasites, they’re not even human anymore. I’ve stopped talking to them and just thinking of the way they look (basically like the nastiest parasitic worms I could think of, those big African ones that lives in arteries or whatever in the legs)

How do I kill them for good? I’m already in a bad place and those bloodworms (yep. Downgraded to parasitic bloodworms now… They’ve lost the ability to speak…)