Location: USA
Age: The Void
Practice: Dragon, Satanism, Vampirism, Occultism…
Likes: Being left alone, smart books, dry sense of humor and so bad it’s good type of movies
Dislikes: Two face people, blaming others for your own problems, and general rudeness

Lucifer walks with me. We generally talk on the daily. I can see dead people, your lies and past lives.

I believe art is magic and magic is art.

Nature holds the key to every truth.

The Infernal Empire is the very beings that created. It’s them. They are the empire and empire is them.

Lucifer is his empire. That’s my truest practice. Being with him. Learning from him.

I don’t do many spells or rituals. Not in the way you would understand it. Every meal is ritual. Everything I do is a spell. My life is magic. Magic is me.

It’s hard to describe having a personal relationship with a spirit being. Yeah, it’s my entire life is about.

I came here looking for Lucifer’s people and Infernal Empire denizens. We are stronger together.

And to share information and learn as well.


Welcome @Crown

How long have you practiced?

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Welcome @Crown !

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I usually work a new practice from a year up to five. Then it generally just goes either in the background or full stop. I like to keep things fresh and move on from one practice to another.

Welcome @Crown happy you have found a place to grow and be magical. I myself call Lucifer LUCY… representing the female aspect of Lucifer. I believe before the fall Lucifer was Female then when cast to the outer abyss was turned into a man. Just a bit of lore for ya.

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I wasn’t offering any readings. Go back and reread my other thread. I was talking about making a CALENDAR ONLY!!!

I thought I made that clear enough.

I thought I lead out my idea in a clear matter that you wouldn’t be confused with my ideas.

I am talking about a calendar only.

I knew you think I was offering readings I wasn’t.

I am talking about making a calendar only.

I’m sorry, but you were offering to read the months for members to plan rituals around, so it is still against the 90 day rule. Readings don’t necessarily have to be individual.

Your own words make that clear:

I thought the rule was giving individual people readings? Is the problem I used the wrong word in the thread? Sorry I used ‘reading’.

I guess I should had explained better, clearer and not used a certain word.

I guess people aren’t allowed to exchange information on broad topics?

All I was going to do was give information on dates and times.

I don’t understand how that is breaking any rules.

I am getting newbies shouldn’t even bother with exchanging magical information here.

Cool. Whatever.

I will just keep quite about shit.

You were offering something to the members of the forum. You were not simply looking to exchange information. You literally said you were going to read the energy of the months and create a calendar for people to use to plan out their rituals based on your reading. That is the offering of a service, and is prohibited until you have been an active member for 90 days.

This is no different than if someone offered to draw tarot cards and is covered by the 90 day rule.

I am NOT offering a service! At all. That’s the rule. I am NOT offering to do anything for anyone here. Unless sharing information is considered that? Because it’s not very clear in the rules if it is.

You can claim anyone giving information is doing a service on here. They are though in truth. That’s why I took the rule meant giving readings to individuals on the forum like tarot.

Can you please give and make the rules much clearer because I am clearly confused by them.

Can you please send me a p.m. because I have several questions about the forum?

Rules on Free Readings:

BALG Rules in detail: