Have any of you had something like this happen?

Well remember not to long ago when I was shorting stuff out because I was statically charged.

Well I have a new development. Sorry if the pic is huge, been trying to figure out how to shrink it.

Pic could be better. But that triangle of freckles is new, it showed up after the zapping things stopped.

So have any of you had new or strange markings show up?

Oh that is on my right forearm by the way.


I have some moles on my neck that looked like a vampire bite noticed when I was younger didn’t put any thought into it then I started practicing Vampirism and even tho they didn’t change it popped out to me that I have them

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These are brand spanking new.

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Well yes, but it was years ago after an encounter with some bug eyed mother fuckers. I don’t know if you have had any dealings with them though. That mark is pretty common, though sometimes as the case with mine, there are more dots layed out in a perfect grid pattern inside the triangle.

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Nope haven’t had a run in with any thing like that.

Common you say… Interesting.

More complex, mind sharing a pic?

I’ve had marks show up on my shoulders and neck looking like vampire bites. And two small moles on the tops of each foot. As a child I was terrified of developing a stigmata, so I found this funny.


You knew about stigmata as a child. That is interesting.

Interesting. I’ve had similar marks appear on my left leg…


Mine is much smaller, but yes that is interesting.

Then, I found this thread a few days ago, which I found quite interesting…:


I was also sure I’d be a priest who studied demons. I was an odd child.

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Some would call it odd, others would say you where interesting.

Interesting. Wonder if there could be a conection.

Personally I have never worked with him, like most demons on here.

My experience is with beasts of myths and legands.

Particularly Dragons.

I am going to be heading to bed soon, but please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments. I am truly interested in seeing what you all think.

I look forward to seeing all your comments and insights in the morning! :grin:

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This happened probably 15 years ago or so man. I didn’t even own a digital camera at the time, so no pics lol sorry.

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Could be caused by magic and electricity mixing which isn’t a good combo trust me

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Yes, I’ve had new markings show up. The triangle marking…I have it on the side of my face, but it’s an inverted triangle while yours seem more like an upright slanted one from the picture. It developed after I started working with the 23 current. I’ll post a picture later.

I have two more on my thigh from Goetic demons, and I was told those were marks of protection. It was instantaneous, as in, I was in the astral chatting away and they did that–I felt a sharp pain at the spot and when I opened my eyes, the freckles were suddenly there. When I was ordained as a priestess, another one showed up where blood was drawn.


Holy shit bro that’s melanoma! Skin cancer, you better get to the doctor and have those removed.
But the triangle pattern is cool, you have a magical melanoma. :wink:

But alas I also have this same melanoma, twice in fact one on my right forearm.

And one on my left shoulder.


Here’s my unfortunate placement of freckles. My culture believes that moles signify/change your fate, so I guess a lot of eldritch horror is coming my way? :'D


Don’t say that, that’s a great placement because amongt us it would be a badge of honor.
We magicians would recognize although the rest of the world may not.