The Three Triangles Of Belial

While Belial was invoked into me he shoved me a vision of three downard pointing triangles. two at the top and one at the bottom, all connected. in the center of the bottom triangle there is a shape exactly like a half eclipsed full moon. this can be drawn as a crescent moon within a circle. the crescent moon is pointing to the left. It is from that dark part of the moon that Belial Comes trough. whe the moom itself is eclipsed like this, its dark part is that which belial comes trough. it can also be projected or soul traveled trough as a literal gateway. the triangles can be Used for Evocation drawn on the ground in coal or black. but coak is better because it is natural. within the circle the censer is placed also a circle should be made around the triangles to contain their energy.
If you want to make an image of this to hang somewhere which is also very usefull and i advise you strongly to, then the triangles are to be filled in with matte black paint it is the color is to have a sheen. the dark side of the moon is to be filled in with pure dark black, the crescent moon is left uncolored.