Has anyone used the djinn for money?

I was watching a tv show and there is a jinn in there and I can feel something calling me from the jiin. I now just geared a voice tell me their the best for getting money. How true is it? Has anyone used them for money?

That’s really interesting. I don’t see why you can’t use them for it though.

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The Fae and draconic beings are of the Djinn.

To answer your question: Yes


Lol Djinn are not part of the fae category unless you align the original concept of Djinn as nature spirits with fae, but even then it’s a bit of a stretch. However, draconics are not of Djinn, while Djinn can polymorph their beings to take on that of a draconic they are completely different race of beings.


It’s not really an argument more of that if there’s no physical researched data to back it up. Then it’s a done deal.

Just because Oberon believes something to be something doesn’t exactly make it fact either. Same with Beelzebub lol.

If you feel it to be true I would like to read what sources you read that led you to such. Since he said she said can be muddied by a person’s own belief and/or gullibility in another person’s beliefs.

Not every disagreement is an argument, otherwise people would not be able to discuss and everyone would be idiots believing “ask this person who is known by a select few and they will tell you it’s true” or “this entity I heard in my head said it’s true” it’s a way to halt discussion and learning where the views came from that may or may not further develop another.


Fae are djinn? I must be a cat.


Dragons and fae are not djinn. Djinn deserve their own category. Just because they are classified as nature spirits doesn’t mean that they are fae, beings are a lot more complicated then that. The only djinn that I would consider to be fae are the Peris and that is due to them having different origins compared to the rest. Djinn and fae have similarities but they are drastically different as well and work quite differently.

The origins of the djinn lie in Mesopotamia, a lot of which were divine spirits. Djinn embody smokeless fire and that is what makes them energetically different from the fae. The only reason why they are considered nature spirits is due to a lot of them residing on land or ruins and having the instinct to protect it. As for dragons… I have never heard of a type of djinn that has ever taken the form of one so I don’t really understand that connection at all.

I’m not trying to argue, by the way. Just sharing my insight on the matter due to having a lot of experience with them.


They are honestly one of the best types of entities to work with when it comes to manifestation. Their workings are quite potent and that is due to them having strong ties to the physical world. With this said, they are dangerous and should only be contacted by those who are experienced in spirit work. Djinn do not trust humankind so I suggest building your trust with them before you request anything because things can backfire pretty quick. Do not try to bind them in any shape or form without consent because they will turn your life upside down when given the chance. I highly suggest summoning a Jann or Peri(s) first before interacting with the Ifrit because they are the most aggressive out of the lot.



Can confirm. They are also quite intense while doing basically nothing at all, so I am rather sure they can mop the floor with me without much effort if I would give them a reason.


I did call on the Djinns for money, using the ritual in Hargrove’s book. Did bring small amount of cash here and there but it is said there has to be a way though. Meaning the Djinns will use roads which are currently practicable in your life at the moment. There has to be opportunities. If the path is too narrow at the moment, then it’s likely that you’ll find cash on the streets but nothing more. Which is what happened to me :joy: But looking back now I see how this was probably the only path at the time.
But I guess the same applies for everything, can’t ask for millions if you’re not in a place to get that :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow I thought “Peri(s)” is just another name for the Fae or Fairies since it’s what we call them here in Indonesia :sob:


The Peri(s) have different origins compared to the other types of djinn so you aren’t necessarily wrong. The Peri(s) originated from Persian folklore where the concept of djinn and fae overlap a bit. However, how the Persians depicted the djinn is quite a bit different when you compare it to Arabian and Mesopotamian mythology.



Would asmodeus be classified as an ifirit or a djinn? Im basing this off of how king Solomon trapped him in a jug after he had captured him. Also I dont do solomon magick. And i don’t work with djinns yet as I’m way to inexperienced still. I am interested in working with them, especially asmodeus as he has been popping up in my life a lot lately. But I want to be informed and we’ll ready beforehand.


Asmodeus is a djinn, he is said to be the first Shedim. (:



That makes sense on why his energy seems so much different than all the other spirits ive worked with.

So since he is a djinn then he technically wouldn’t be considered a “demon” by true definition? That terminology is from my past dualistic Christian thinking which i’m still working on overcoming.

And would belial be considered part of the gnome subtypes? Or would he be the king of them so to speak?

Reason I’m asking is because Im wanting to work with their energies while also working away from the goetia and Solomon based references because my previous Christian understanding is fucking up my progress and causing issues.



According to islamic tantra hazrat Suleman or Solomon is called “jinnato aur pariyo ka badshah” or king of jinns and pari(he is not the only king) so by that logic all the 72 goetic demons come into the category of jinns/pari.


Asmodeus is not a djinn…i highly doubt

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I once had a, dream when I started working with asmodeus and in the dream, I was told “aeshma daeva”…means divine consciousness… IDK how, legit That is really

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And I also read somewhere where someone stars asmodeus told him aeshma as wrath is a misinterpretation…and sincerely I don’t feel like aeshma, cubes with wrath

Someone stated*