Has anyone here worked with the Lovecraftian deities, Nyarlathotep, Cthulu, etc

I am asking because I want to know how you work with them, because in the myths, looking at ANY Lovecraftian deity would drive a person mad. So how were you able to contact them without going crazy?


No but they fall under the fiction egregours im guessing.


Please use the little magnifying glass in the upper right to search the forum. There is a lot of info on the Lovecraftian current available.

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I have but I’ve been unable to find anything, I might be using the wrong words. How should I phrase the search question?

You can search here. :mag:

Use words which is 100% will connected to the topic what you interested in.
For example using the word “Lovecraftian”, you’ll find these results: [ Click ]

So how were you able to contact them without going crazy?

I don’t think you would go crazy.

I made my saving throws.


Just search “Lovecraft.”

The methods of working with them are as varied as the magicians that do. You can use sigil magick, evocation, invocation, lucid dreaming, and everything in between.

Some people believe the entities are “real,” (as in, pre-existing Lovecraft), while others do not. However, it really doesn’t matter because as any good magician knows, if you can invest something with enough belief, anything can be worked with magically.

However, I would say that Donald Tyson’s version of Lovecraftian magick is probably the safest, or as safe as any magick can truly be said to be.


Stay grounded. Keep in mind the risks are about the same as with any other system.

Just sharing personal experience for the sake of OP, but while his ideas are nice, he does try to fit them into Kabbalah whereas they don’t really fit into specific categories like the Kabbalah. They’re very much “not of this world” and concepts we adopt all the time, don’t really apply to them.

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I agree, but the OP wanted the caveat of “safety,” and because of the structure provided by the Kabbalah, that is why I suggested Tyson’s work as a first approach.

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It takes a Crazy man to contact and work with Crazy Deities.

You can:

  1. Follow the directions and go by the book. Cough (LAME) Cough

  2. Have Protection against insanity in place and wards around your Mind.

  3. Get rid of notions that a being will make you insane for absolutely no reason whatsoever just cause they can. That called Fear.
    Azathoth is called the “Blind God” or “Idiot God”. He isn’t the “Stupid God”. He still has logic and rationale to the highest degree possible and acts accordingly.

“So what makes you go insane from contacting them??”

Their energies.

I am firmly acquainted with Insanity and Psychosis in varying degrees. Not just the mental state, but the energy of it.

The energetic signature is a dumbed down, but resonant form of the energy Cthulu, Azathoth, and the others carry but on a higher scale.

Therefore, I can integrate the shit and while still going batshit crazy, have complete control over my own mind and thoughts and actions.

I don’t have fear of going insane.

Use Sigils, Talismans, Spoken Word, whatever to evoke them and meditate with them and on their energies.

You’ll find for example:

Cthulu is actually quite chill. Chill as a MF.

Azathoth is powerful and chill

Nylarhotep has a particular Dark Holy vibe about him that is Chaos so Chaotic it appears to be still and calm, almost peaceful


  1. Don’t believe every single fucking description you get from books or the internet.

Self explanatory.
Don’t believe my description or anyone else’s. What matters is your experience.

  1. Have fun. Go insane. Fuck shit up. Grow. Repeat.

Yes I have worked with the lovecraftian deities. Specifically Nyarlathotep and Hastur. Only seeing some of these brings will drive you mad such as Cthulhu and Yog-Sothoth. However with lovecraftian magick madness increases one’s ability in the supernatural arts. I have gone slightly mad at times and it helped with communicating with Nyarlathotep alot. So don’t worry about going mad. It’s all part of the power.


Tyson’s work is to be desired.
here is nothing wrong with implementing the Draconian Current to the Necronomicon Gnosis, similar to Asenath Mason’s works. They fit quite nicely.

“Stay grounded”


Hold my beer, I’m about to do something fun.

I have to complete a work for a client, then I am taking a “trip”.


as nancy the movie the craft
nancy become crazy when she can do all she will
but she be not balanced energy level
wisdom is best for me

accepted dark shadow in you is simple

Try to see the Ancient Ones as repressed aspects of your psyche, your Jungian Shadow. If you accept them as part of your own soul, you will not be mad but more lucid than before.

If you can, try reading these books:
Simon Necronomicon (A Classic) and Asenath Mason’s Necronomicon Gnosis (very instructive)


necronomicon gnosis is good to learn and soon i do work in book


They aren’t eregores as far as I can tell. One of them told me they are the Universe. My guess is, the fiction sprang up around them, not the other way around.

Possible, the same could be said about the many myths and fables we have on deities.


There no way around the obsession but it will pass and that obsessions will make you feel crazy but the truth that you was supposed to feel it. It’s all part of the EXPERIENCE.

Just relax and talk to them as you would others spirits it is often recommend to go outside but personally going within your own astral realm work for it’s just as infinite as our collective minds are.

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