Has anyone here worked with the Lovecraftian deities, Nyarlathotep, Cthulu, etc

Many Egregores which are given Godforms often will state associations that have been given to them, as in The Universe, The Sun, The Moon, Love, Etc.
However, this does not make them a dominating force in the Universe itself, but still an Egregore. Some practitioners have claimed that most of the Demons of the Goetia and the Dukante Hierarchy are Egregores, given much power over the centuries. I say find out yourself. Ask questions.


I completely agree with this. God was an Egregore, too and it worked for a while. Whatever a large group believes in and feeds energetically for a long period of time manifests inside the universe

The concept of the Christian God came from an adaptation of a already existing Yahweh of a Judeo/Canaanite lore.

Egregores like Cthulhu came from the concoction of a person’s imagination and overtime more people started to use it in chaos magick making it a egregoric Godform. It’s highly unlikely that it was concocted from an already existing deity or entity, but it’s not uncommon for fantasy to be given a “life” given that’s a heavy part of chaos magick.