Pathworking with Lovecraftian Entities

Hello all,
Ive decided that today i will be focusing on the lovecraftian pantheon, by evoking each of them (that want to be evoked) and performing a pathworking with them and will be posting my experiences with them, starting with Father Nyaralethotep. if you’d like me to ask questions, do feel free to leave them here as well as on my blog. you have about 3 or 4 to 5 hours to post q’s for Nyaralethotep as thats when ill be starting. chiao, Nyaralethotep guide you, flying spaghetti monster be with you, etc.


tonight i evoked Nyaralethotep, a rather important peice to my intricate puzzle. below are some coresspondences:
planets: mercury, Saturn
solors: purple, blue, black
elements: water, earth
directions: northwest, west
animals:owls, worms
numbers: 3, 5, 7
now then, he had decieded to start with meditations, which i had no qualms with. for all ters and purposes i let him take te riegns in this and guide me through it. i sat in a triangle of candles ( still in physical realm) htat consisted of purple, blue and white candles. (now heres the meditation.) i found myself within an egyptian pyramid, nyaralethotep was in front of me, guiding me through the temple, he spoke rather calmly and quietly and said “through this, your fears shall be eliminated” s soon as i noticed him, he vanished. i was in a room with a crocodile (still in pyramid). it charged at me. i immediately swerve out of the way and then tackle it. it then, squirmed its way out of my grip and then bit at me but not before i doged it. i then grabbed it by the tail and threw it down a ravine in the temple. nyaralethotep then revealed himself and guided me further along. in the next rom sat a male on a throne with the head of a ram. “this would be kherty, right?” i had asked. he responed with indeed. just as we arrived, we left. i quickly descended into a cave and met the jaws of leviathan and then found myself in front of the prison of cthulu. nyaralethotep spoke quickly “it will be cthulu that will test you and help you face your fears” i then asked “so i must summon him first?” he then said hastily “yes”. we quickly reverted to a f;oating pile of rock-sand in the middle of what looked like space. “let us move forward” said Nyaralethotep. we came across a staircase made of the same material and i climbed upward.I then encountered a female with long black hair, purple eyes, pale-ish skin and a cloak. “this” said Nyaralethotep “is yidhra. she will break down the old self and destroy it so the snake may shed its skin”. i then rapidly descended downward and came into a blue-black dragon. “chrom-chruach will be the testament of your new found power. YOU WILL FACE YOUR FEARS AND CROSS THE ABYSS INTO GODHOOD.” said Nyaralethotep. at this point Chrom-Chruach devoured me. i opened my eyes and they met Nyaralethotep’s “this, is merely the beginning” and he quickly dissapeared.

i will say the room was pretty tense and warm during this. i will say the lovecraft current is no joke. if not careful it can and will fuck. you. up.


also i will not lie, im tired as hell and im going to bed. good night. HAIL NYARALETHOTEP. PRAISE CTHULU.


Anything worth while can and will fuck you up ; )


I don’t look at godforms as father magicians so why so I look at nyaralethotep that way? I prefer to invoke Azathoth as Tcur’ai, the conjuration Lucifer gave me to close the abyssal wound when I first learned how to presence the abyss after harvesting many godforms after having it open for 2 weeks straight. To quote Azathoth this is our dimension

…and xaos devoured the abyss

Don’t know what you’re talking about :frowning: ^

I had a dream that a lot of shit happened and there was a solar eclipse. I also did vamp work that night. Just an update

About to pay Chtulu a visit. If you have q’s for either one of us do ask

Chtulu-themed cuddly toys, even baby-gros and stuff, are very popular with atheists and agnostics, who see them just as an edgy pop culture reference.

Does he ever enter these icons, and what does he think of this kind of thing?


Ok. My apologies everyone. I’ve been dealing with an attacker but I’ve neutralized him temporarily, allowing me a short window of time to speak with the wise one, Chtulu.
His correspondence:
Planets: mercury, Saturn
Colors: purple, black, a little green
Offerings: wine, broken glass, staffs/staves, animal blood, beer
Day: Saturday
Possible zodiac(he mentioned it without me asking so I’m assuming): Scorpio
Can teach the following: astral projection, divination, lucid dreaming, dream interpretation, e.t. magick, planetary magick, elemental magick, vampiric magick, necromantic magick
He is the first of many that shall come forth to me, as there is so much to learn in so little time.

@Lady Eva.
He doesn’t enter them from what I was told. He finds them childish, annoying and a waste of time :frowning:



Apparently Cthulhu likes to stay. I woke up to him standing over me. He was here for hours according to my fallen vampire angels

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Next yidhra. Any questions for the queen of dreams?

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When does she think I should tune into the lovecrafts magick? Does she I can handle the current?

Desmonx you are ready when you think you are. You will know she says

Yidhra correspondence:
Planets:Saturn Jupiter
Dream and death goddess
Plants:sage hemlock peppermint
Element: water earth
Directions: west.
I got rather lethargic around her.

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Now then. I meditated with Cthulhu. He took me to the garden (see dreams of the garden thread) and basically put the dream on repeat. I opened my eyes and he said “I am here to show you the difference between remembering you are a god and being one. I will show you how to be a god along with gadreel.” Shortly after holding a conversation I’m not at will to discuss I asked if he had a message for humanity he responded with: " I am returning and taking my throne back. We are returning." Shortly after he blew out a candle and left

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A word of warning. All parts of the hemlock plant are highly toxic.

Next tonight is atlach nacha. List your questions if any

What is this being’s intent towards the world of mankind?

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My apologies. I’ve been quite busy.
Lady Eva. He does not care towards this world. He finds us insects so to speak.

I feel a powerful pull to speak to azathoth and to return to nyaralethotep. And I shall answer the call. If you have any questions for either one, do feel free to leave them.

I’ve noticed that nyaralethotep can manipulate powerfully. Atlach nacha is a rather mysterious character. Often appearing as a half man half spider, spinning a web…