Has anyone been initiated into Palo Mayombe?


By lying?

And its just what I’ve observed, that the mythological Arthurian witches have their own self-contained pattern that stems from the same source and functions pretty similarly. Don’t take my word for it, though!

Morgana is one crazy lady. :):slightly_smiling_face:


Again dogma over experience is not going to cut it. Now you can call it kindoki or what have you but is not palo. That said it does not mean it can’t work. Just like people are not born to be catholic priest yet they can effectively hold a mass. So one not born to be a Tata nganga can work closely with the mpungo.


There isn’t any info about kindoki online. I couldn’t find any.


Most kindoki practice is Congo inspired magic with traditional overtones and traditional spirits. It’s hard as kindoki is like the bokor of voudon is highly personal and based on experience and inspiration. It would take you a lot of reading and calling the spirits. To try it. This sibjective that the spirits want to work with you. The first step is developing a relationship with the Congo spirits.


Are they the same with those in Palo Mayombe?


Some are the same but those who practice this form of sorcery also find spirits unique to them. “Sin muerto no hay brujería” meaning with out the dead there is no witchcraft, so an important step is to get a working spirit of the dead. Again you can experiment until you find what works for you. They aren’t recognize as palero any more that someone who learns shamanic techniques on their own are recognized as shaman. They are just Congo inspired magick practitioners. But the proof is in the results. Which in some is outstanding. All depends on your effort and dedication.


Okay thanks.