Has anyone been initiated into Palo Mayombe?


I never so much as looked in the direction of the ATR’s until a year and a half ago for the very same reason you pointed out. I thought ceremonial and Golden Dawn style magic was the end all, be all of magic. I am still an initiate of the Western Mysteries and still very much engaged in that kind of work but it’s a completely different ball game. It’s kind of a shame that the Western Mysteries kind of get portrayed that way when in actuality they can be quite inferior to the more indigenous traditions.


You live in the United States? contact tata butako on facebook, his name is efrain medina. he lives in boston, he practices pure malongo, not like most houses or munanzos that practice a mixture of palo and osha he will guide you


in this video what you see is a crossed stick scratch, in a pure stick munanzo you will never see a man holding a candle, that’s a function of the yaya, so if he thinks he’s going to go slowly, there’s a lot of deception, and much mixture of religions


Is hard for traditions to not change. Specially when they are being systematically erradicated. Here in Puerto Rico until very recent evangelical churches where allowed to go to schools and give presentations about hte dangers of the occult and spread myth and missinformation about any non-christian tradition. Curiouslly it is here that my interest grew. Palo mayombe has been sincretized and even the names of hte npungos have change dramatically. Original,y no one recieved a zarabanda or a nsasi but the nganga had a unique name allthogehter because although it channeled the enrge of he npungo the result was a complete new entity. Or the way the Prendas where crated in congo and how they are created today. Even in europeans traditions, befor christianity all pagans worshiped at sacred sites in their villages and in their geographical location. With the persecution there was the introduction of home altars. Altars where supposed to be atended by priest but during the persecution that did not stop people from peroforming the role of the priest and Spirits from answering. A tradition that doesnt yield to the enviromental, sociological and technological changes die out. It is why so much has been lost due to the word of mouth traditions that did not yielded to technologies like the printed press. Us of the various traditions must weight out if the benefits of keeping traditions is worth the risk of losing them. We must ask our spiritual allies how can a tradition be empowered for this new age with so many demands, risks and expenses. The bakongos who arrived in cuba had to imporvise in a way, their ingredients for the prendas changed drastically because the original material was not avaliable. Look at the yoruba with the ashe de santo, seeds and roots that connect them to yoruba land to invoke the spirits of that land. This does not exist in the original tradition but was incorporated as a way to preserve ansestral connection. Is very hard to find a Palero that is not in it for the money. My advice is look at your possible godfather, is he economically sound regardless of his magickal business? Does he have loyal and good standing ahijados? What does people in the comunity say about him? What his godchildren say about him? And even then you might run into trouble.


OH THIS IS JUST MORE MONTENEGrO BULLSHIT!!!. THERE IS NO REGLA DE BUEY SUELTO. buey suelto is a term for someone who is between houses etc…


um there’s boat loads of paleros and palo houses in puerto rico. and p.r. being part of the u.s also means that many from the states go in and out of p.r. very easily. p.r. also be a u.s. territory deep in the caribean makes it a natural point for other people of Caribbean ethnicity to enter the u.s. through… cuban, dominican etc… only issue is there’s charlatans every where… no matter where you go and no matter what tradition. afro or not… it takes time to find legitimate people with legitimate active connected lineage and yes all that matters. any thing else is just plain juju.


what you say is very odd because i know many tata’s and houses in puerto rico as well as many that go back and forth between the states and there… the things you say sound more like brazil than puerto rico… oddly brazil is montenegros homeland… since you seem to be inspired by him so much. How odd that outside of cuba puerto rico has the largest amount of initiates. Here’s a celebration on the beach in puerto rico and that guy is from the states and goes back and forth often to maintain his house in p.r. -_- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSLztsvIcUE&t=274s


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I can understand. To put it in perspective when I joined the army in 2006 there where about 20 palo houses in the west side. When I came back from the army in 2014 there are now roughfully 3-5 counting the no so reputable ones. I know do three tatas that gave up palo and have evangelical churches now. There are some but so closed and spread out that is not practical for many. Now I am not saying that those who do this are paleros but that they practice palo inspired magick and that for some it works. Some have made their own prendas based on information given, online sources and spirit communication and it works. Is it traditional? No! Can they be recognized as palero? No since they don’t follow traditional palo even though most palo is modified and changes from house to house. But that is not to say that it doesn’t work. Heck I challenge most magicians here to try to work palo on their own and see where they go from there. This is like saying you can’t practice evocation if you are not catholic or that you can’t practice kabbalistoc magick if you are not initiated in the Golden Dawn. People make so many explorations with the western magick but refrain when dealing with African traditions. But New Orleans show us that there are many ways. For me is about results not tradition.


I just read this.

I’m an Ngueyo now. Palo is Palo. Anything that is “inspired” by it…is not it.


@Frater137 Ntondelé Mpangui Y Nsala Maleko!


I don’t argue with that. That’s why people who do this are not called palero. Just like people that use shamanic techniques are not called shamans. They don’t have the traditional training and traditional process of initiation. My argument is that we can’t say it won’t work until experimentation is had and results tested. That people should not assume that it won’t work just because they held fast to dogmatic teachings. Even though I held my rayamiento as one of the most important experiences in my life I don’t close my self to the various possibilities. Now to say is nothing is to take the value away from spirit teachings and inspiration. All I can say is there are no sacred cows all is open for those brave or foolish enough to try. That said it would be palo inspired practice not palo itself.


Maleku Sala mpangui. Nsambiampungu akutare.


E.A is planning to do a pathworking into palo mayombe and open up a course on it. But as far as my knowledge goes few palo mayombe guys he approached to get some authentication certificate out rightly rejected him. They see him as someone who culturally appropriates African traditions and then distorts them for his own benefit. The Vodun pathworking has taken quite a toll on E.A in many different ways.


@Frater137 Nsambi lo Acutaré!
@Goku I understand many would like some kind of pathworking done on this tradition but it simply can not be done. Perhaps a Kindoki offshoot that doesn’t try to cast itself under the umbra of Mayombe, Monte, Briyumba, or Kimbisa.
Congo inspired faith is one thing, Congo initiatory faith is another. Palo is very “orthodox” as faith that allows for secular lifestyle, however the secular lifestyles rarely bleed into orthodox practices of mayombe. Its a strict discipline, much like a martial art.


A pathworking course is not going to happen.


why not?


Well, the Arthurian witches have their own strand of this sort of magic, though that’s more about the powers of adversity than ancestry. :slight_smile:


EA has no path in Palo. How could one make a course on a path they have no access to?


Sorry. They don’t. Not even close.