Has anyone been initiated into Palo Mayombe?

Has anyone here been intiated into Palo Mayombe? The required items are very hard to get. And i think you will have to be initiated by a priest. Also when casting a spell most of the required items are in palo mayombe terms like the first items for the initiation.

It is somewhat impossible so i want to know if anyone here is into Palo Mayombe or an initiate.



Perhaps @Frater137 could shine some light into the matter.


I’m flattered but I have never been initiated into Palo. I’m not conversant about and I have no links to it. The one thing I can say is you can not practice it without being initiated into it. That’s a fact.


Also, avoid anything written by Montenegro.


Sorry m8, my mistake :grin:


I usually make some changes in my spiritual works including working without being initiated as in the case of my African Voodoo and Vodoun.

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Okay. But why if i may ask?


If I may… :slight_smile: I know several tatas n yayas and basically Montenegro’s books as well as the majority of other books on the subject of palo have been found to be…inaccurate(putting it lightly) . Basically he mixes some truth with inaccuracies and this is how almost ALL books about Palo are. So that people can make $ from books sales without giving the mysteries and secrets of the faith. NO self respecting [email protected] will give the nitty gritty details because in the ATRs you take an oath that you won’t share the secrets. The best and only way to learn in Palo is to find a house to belong to and go from there.


Thanks. Maybe i will just improvise on the palo mayombe the way it will suit me best.


You don’t need all of that. When initiated you will first be a Pino Nuevo. If you scratched as a Tata, you will still need to go though the same learning processes.

You don’t just get your caldero from jump, unless Lucero has grated you passage.

Your caldero will start with the basic the core essentials and it will grow from there. All though most calderos must have the same basics yours will grow within time and need things that will suit you and your needs individually.

The Rama you get scratched under may also play into how your particular house operates and those things that make your house prestigious!!!


You need to get cut into Palo, and you need to belong to a munanso (house) because the bulk of the religion is an oral tradition where nothing is written and you learn from your godfather and house elders. I just got my Rayamiento a few days ago. My cuts are still fresh and red.

There is a ceremony your godfather has to do in order to bring a spirit into your nganga. You can’t just throw a bunch of stuff into pot. An nganga that is not properly born is an empty nganga.

There is a spirit pot you can build which doesn’t require initiation. It’s from Congo witchcraft, called Kindoki, which you may be interested in.


I have been cut into Palo and simply put nobody can just start practicing Palo. Ive received two Rayamientos and years of cultivating knowledge in these practices and I can tell you first hand even if you are a direct blood descendent from a Congo lineage you still have no license to work with the forces of Palo until a Rayamiento is officiated by a Tata and Yaya. Even kindoki practices will only give you limited access to that powerhouse of spirits.


All good!!!

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Okay thanks. Which country did you get initiated in?

Okay thanks. Which country did you get initiated in?

Okay thanks. Which country did you get initiated in?.

Please introduce yourself in the Intro thread and tell us a bit about yourself and your experience. It is one of the rules of this forum. Just click the link below:


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And you brought all the listed items above?


I’m an Ngueyo. No nganga yet. Not ready for one.

I have two godbrothers who recently got their ngangas. I have a godsister who is a yaya, who is 19 years old, and she has her own nganga. So it’s not impossible to find the items and fetishes that are required. With a House of experienced godsiblings, you’d get help finding the stuff you need.

But as someone already said here, you don’t need all the stuff in that list. Especially the Santeria stuff. There are different types of ngangas.