Has anyone a powerful love spell to attract a new person?

Hey there!

As the topic suggests I am looking for a powerful ritual to draw someone new into my life.
I tired of all these fiascos at this point. I also have to add I’m single for some time now and always thought “that’s the one”.
I feel I failed again. I really thought I met someone (via internet) but I guess it was too good to be true. It does hurt a bit tbh…
I normally don’t do internet connections, guess it’s the lockdown.

Anyway, I tried some spirits in the past but nothing really helped. I feel I’m ready for that person and I want the universe to signify this.

I see astrologically (professional Astro not bs Astro) someone next year coming in, or the possibility.
But I don’t want to rely only on this.

I tried Sallos, Rosier, Handel, Aphrodite in the past

Thank you


Check out our list of favorites here:


It seems this list is full of spirits and spells to get someone but not someone new and the right one.
I guess nobody wants that :wink:


I can just say that I feel you.

If you find a way, let me know :sweat_smile:


I will thank you!


That would be an attraction spell. I’m sure there’s good ones we just didn’t add to the collection yet, it’s a work in progress. If you find one in your travels and it works, we’d love it if you could add it to the collection actually :slight_smile:

For general attraction, I’d start with your general witchery candle magick. Get a cute pink candle, as pink represent romantic love (or red if passion is more what you’re after, or both!) and use those as portals to send your will into the universe.

Here’s a good instructional video with a lot of good background info that uses a talisman.


Sallosa, Gremori and Beleth can help. Just make sure to ask specifically for the right one? Have you done that before? I’m curious. Cause you listed some pretty good spirits that would be able to help but for some reason you have had any luck.



I don’t think a simple attraction candle spell will do it. Over the last 10 years I came to the conclusion that bigger wishes should be directed with a powerful entity, but that’s just with me.


Sallos never worked but I also do believe in timing, and looking back the timing was way off.
I will meditate with Sallos sigil and see if this time it would work.


This one sounds interesting!!! Thank you for the tip!!! :relaxed:


Taking notes :blush:


Should I add this to the spirit you recommended or as a stand-alone

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Saspu, Lotir and Fro’ghla’tasch can help you,
I tried, they really bring you the person you want


Not judgement here,but 10 years, and u try spirts ? My advice,spiritual baths,if u call a spirt,angel,it’s not a candle,a day and let go,it’s at least 21 days of burn candles offerings, in 6 years I learn french magick Italian,to look for the perfect partner, u call rosier,beleth,etc,it’s a book call the hoodoo bible, recently release, I tink 99 cents,or free kindle and have a few spells,another is buy pork meat,half cook,for u,the other cook to burn,and trow in ashes,to wind,try the apple spell in 24,Dec,or new years put u wish and on the new years by u tall window,a high place,try maria Padilla,afrodite ,Venus but always keep at least 3 weeks candles burn and bath in sweet herbs

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Try Enoch chants,create a chaos sigil,good luck

pinksuger said “I’m ready”

And there’s the ticket.

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Im looking for a new person!!! I don’t want to influence anyone, in most cases it is not worth it!
Lotir also did not work :disappointed:

Zanna Blaise has a book for this

It’s not super long, maybe 8 or 9 rituals or so, one is for healing specific relationship at the start of the book, but the second last ritual is to shake up your reality so you meet the one. The final ritual is for being sure they are the one -kinda.

It is angelic spirits within the book also, if type matters.

Tul is a demon said to know all things about soul mates/also as something generic and not for a known already target.


Pinksugar…at this point, if I were you, I would start to consider that there may be something wrong with your method/approach. If Sallos and Rosier and Handel and Aphrodite and Lotir failed at getting you a new partner…its likely because you are doing something wrong. All of those entities are more than capable of fulfilling the task of getting you a new partner…and since you are the common denominator, I’m more inclined to believe that the problem is that you aren’t spending enough time working with any one spirit to bring about the result. This is a common problem within the love magick space.


Yo do sound judgmental :wink: I did not mean 10 years of love magick, 10 years of magick in general. We live in absurd times and everyone has a different path, you should consider that.

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