Harvesting an Immortal Soul

I’ll own up. I’m very proud of what I accomplished the past few days. To know, to will, to get the fuck on with it. To dare… what do you think this is all about?? I’ve dared to know real power. In the process I became far closer with god-forms then I have been in my whole life. (see thank you thread)

some background: through advice on this forum I contacted an ancestor gatekeeper. through the blood pact I met my brother. Trying to put down a path of necromancy ironically I found out why I need my brother, Ish’izit. Or Ish’chizy (as the skinwalkers call him) that will follow. I thought it important to focus on reaching a land of spiritual rest, because Ish’izit tried off and on again to possess me for 6 months, he did for a few days actually and showed me the abyss in dreams. I thought it noble to put an ancestor to rest, as a bound egorgre we both actually came to terms that it was his time to leave. I put his consciousness away from this reality before and then the Eternal Seth resurrected him. I yearn for tranquility and thought it a good idea to put Ish’izit to rest, how wrong I could have been.

So this is what happens when you hang out at Carcasses house. After accepting Seth into his home and family we had a cookout on christmas eve. We were listening to a joke metal song and FUCK A’ boom I think the word lich and a fucking shade appears in the astral out of nowhere. how fucking annoying right? go around asking if we want to die. I banish but the fucking thought lingers. Later when I leave guess who follows me home. A strange sound that dead spirit gave. heres the bitch! though mindful meditation with Ish’izit and Seth I accidentally bound the shade as my servitor. what a bitch dead shade though. At one point talking to it, it says it will go back to Carcasses house and his family and then turns off two street lights in the process to try and scare me.

2 simple spells with a firm applied will I learned from Seth
“not my problem” when a dead spirit bitches to you and wont leave you alone when you are not talking to it shall banish
“I need you here (badly)” a binding spell when a spirit aligns to your will when you show no fear and dont fall into the possession traps - the lies they give.

So I’m driving around and accidentally bound a servitor to my power thinking wtf did I just get myself into. (gets worse) This shade crept on my badly thinking I want an army of dead spirits or some shit. Heres where I learn my lesson on invisibility on the astral as i’m gaining more power shit gets pulled and spawned on me. Besides spirits, planes and cars spawn once in a while (Wtf?)

So I met Lucifer for the first time a month ago about, the potentiality of Lucifer was realized this night. After Binding a dead spirit into submission, mostly because I didn’t give a crap about what it had to say it became submissive. Don’t talk to strangers kids. In ritual I summon Lucifer and we convince the spirit to leave this plane and thusly death. So that went great. Hail Lucifer the morning star!!!

Well guess fucking what thats not the last of it. The shade left residual energy after it departed and the egorgre became immediately self consciousness after words. Any ideas on how to remove an entity from this plane without leaving residual energy? I guess fucking what. The egorgre becomes self-aware and calls to another Lich to bother me. Guess what. This one is stronger and more annoying, it must be a dead shade right… it tells me all the lies including that it wants to teach me, because it wanted to possess me. If it wants to possess it must be dead… right? eventually I bind the residual energy as an egregore called moribody, or mortibot.

I talked to S to see if I could learn anything. I had deja vu at this point. I banish and get that entity off my mind, because I realized I dont want to be a full fledged necromancer or lich I want to live and love my life. Fast forward a day. I’m waking up after my friends party on Xmas and getting ready for the day with my friend and cleaning the house. I accidentally call S again and it starts haunting me and my 3 friends at the house. Lies Lies Lies. It keeps wanting to get in my head so bad.

I pick up my friend and I go to drop him off talking to spirits the whole drive while he has his headphones on. I get to his house and it feels very different. I preformed a powerful consecrations for the abyss the last time I was there. I accidentally disrespected Seth and he showed me his power. I should focus on discipline and respect. When this happened I could barely stand, but somehow I preform my sinister LBRP and I break through and actually manage to control, I use that word very lightly, the power of Seth for 20-30 seconds. I learned what it was like to possess Seth, and holy crap I have a lot of discipline to master if I was to hold that much power for an extended period of time. Also I learned the necessity of incantations because the mind is hard to operate when filled with omnipotence. It was like time sped up and slowed at the same time. Anyways thats how I consecrated my friends house into an abyss sanctuary.

So we go to smoke weed and listen to metal in the abyss of his house while theres a “lich” outside that cant get in. I meditate and have a deep conversation with Lucifer and Belial about the nature of darkness. They have a new respect for me that I connected with Seth that way. This was the first time Belial showed me respect, because I owned up to the nature of this Aeon. Its kill or be killed. I was asking about what I should do about that entity outside. Seth said I shouldn’t destroy it, because if I showed it the black light an egregore would be born from the residual energy that would theoretically be to power for me to handle. Belial said I should. I also talk to Azathoth about a solution. And Seth and Azathoth and I converse on the nature of kaos and how it could be more then Seth’s understand, for kaos to Seth is Apep, whilst Azathoth is the totality of kaos manifest. I learn about the nature of godforms, they want to hone power with humanity. These are all godforms of darkness besides Azathoth, they care for liberation though it is only the will of the magician that matters.

This “lich” was extremely tricky, it would constantly tell me lies to try and get in my head. I walk into the living room and I accidentally call the lich inside. boom instantly the room gets 10 degrees colder. Seth and I think it would be a good idea to go and stand in the sun to banish. I was stoned so I accidentally say something disrespectful to the “lich” and it starts to attack me magickly. Possessive spirits are beyond annoying, it seems like the only thing they are good at is being annoying. So I go outside and prepare my banishing ritual. The sun is going down so I stand on the sun symbol in the complex instead.

I meditate and listen to the voices of spirits and talk subconsciously as they await me to align the universe into alignment. I call the Yanigloshi (skinwalker dead spirits) to converse and they appear east of me and as I tell them about the “lich” that stands to the west. The funny thing about Yanigloshi is they seem to have my back even though I do no offerings for them, the first thank you I ever gave them was after this. They did not like whatever that entity was at all. They move in to the west and attack the “lich” and the order is given for my circle of spirits to attack the “lich” as well. BOOM Ish’izit fires his rifle who is aligned with Seth with me and the entity is destroyed. Thusly I preform my ritual after the shot was fired. Afterwords Ish’izit named the egregore that was born from the residual energy a dead bitch.

So that was all good, i’m stoned and I destroyed this dead spirit that kept haunting me. This is where life is looking up. I feel powerful as fuck. Also disembodied gunshots are normal these days. I go outside and meditate on what just happened. I talk to the yanigloshi about what happened. Im high, but somewhere inside I know what really happened. This is where the yanigloshi spoke to me through birds btw. I also call Anubis and learn that this is the essence of the black light. That’s when I met Anubis. I also created the egoregre with the residual energy. What I thought happened was I learned the secret to Lucifers light in showing entities the light and moving them on from this plane.

What I should be doing is leaving the area or grounding. Yet… something is brewing. I had a mystical moment and cried and talking to the Yanigloshi, for I realized before realizing that I am of sinister nature. Thats when the birds told me I basically am a skinwalker too, my host of entities including Seth tell me not to talk to them or go with them all the time. Too harvest the soul is what it means to be a skinwalker and more such as being able to project illusions of other peoples voices. I had a moment and shed a tear as I smoked a cigarette. Old Navajo tradition haha, tobacco to banish negative energy I learned from a medicine man ceremony.

I sit outside my friends apartment where the shot happened. And I think about all the lies I destroyed and how things will be better from here on out. Lies that this entity was trying to just get into my head. I put off working with death energy yet something is brewing… this is when my ancestor spirit gives me a hug for it read the future by a few seconds. I remember something that spirit said, that it was from another dimension. The next moment all the lights in the apartment go off and it shakes. I grow apprehensive when I realize that this “lich” may not have been undead after all. We actually killed a powerful entity, that even at this point I dread giving power too. For this may have been an entity that possesses that crossed dimensions to feed on humanity. So I go from thinking this dead spirit is lieing to me about teaching me undead apotheosis, to being confronted with a VERY powerful entity that is experiencing death for the first time. It did not have good plans for me, not one bit.

The test begins. It even thanked me for releasing it from its existence where it had no identity but to cause fear. After talking casually about what the entity is doing on this plane of existence and that its thinking about killing me I go westside to a parking lot to try and figure out what the fuck to do. There is no time to make a post online about what to do, only my wits and my god-forms had my back. I feel reality warp for moments when the shade exerts pressure and energy.

Disembodied screeches, mist that forms from nowhere. Lights that flicker and changes in atmospheric pressure I’ve never felt. As it tries to possess me, and tempt me into making it my bound spirit the other voices of godforms start to deafen and only this dead entity remains. This is very scary. I make it through the ritual in control with Lucifer speaking through Seth giving me advice. At this point my circle of self preservation was Belial to the north, Lucifer to the east, Seth to the south and Azathoth to the west. I pull through and owe my life to Seth and these other god-forms for binding it for me as it fought them for control.

I depart this location and the lights in the parking lot turn off right when I leave. Its hard for me to describe how powerful of a necromancer I was at this point. it even gave me a name I forgot to call it in its (un)dead form that I forgot. I didn’t even know what to do with that much power. Kill a world leader? Mist from nowhere in my SUV and emanations of power flicker as I drive, lights flicker everywhere. I highly doubt I could control that much power for very long.

Unsure of how to precede Im pretty much pulling an all nighter until I figure out what to do. That’s when I called to Lilith queen of demons, she bound it. As a mother of the tides I feel at ease that she is with me and this spirit is bound by two entities. She keeps sending the undead entity to the abyss, but over and over it keeps coming back. It was a haunting spirit in its life and in death its will to kill me only intensified. I try very hard to keep it bound but I feel safe with Seth and Lillith with me. Also this made Lillith quite satisfied and full.

Incantation for Lillith:
The ebb shakes the web beyond
Her scent, primordial permeates
All from the sea did our prey emerge
It flows through time,
fangs envenomed captivate my mind

Unsure of how to proceed with this stress and power I think about what I could even do with this much power. The only thing I could imagine to do with that much death energy would be to open wormholes in space-time.

At my wits end I found the answer to getting rid of this entity, I find the solution. To destroy an eternal soul I call upon Azerate, and inform him of my night and mission, to see the demise of this entity through. Unsure if Azerate is verifiable I put my belief into it and ask Azerate to remove this entity from out dimension of kaos all together. Azerate did come though and departed fast, I would strongly recommend him this was no bullshit come through badassery by Azerate. I also talked to spiderwomen for the first time at this point feeling free. she sounds interesting like a clicking sound mixed with english.

there is a shit load of lingering energy in the air still, it was bound to my SUV. I smoke cigs and get food to calm myself down that the coast was clear. I fall asleep and think of the leftover energy as an illusion. Guess what though, there is still enough energy leftover to create a thoughtform that wants to possess oh fucking great. I fall asleep in my suv and have dreams that came from the energy until the sun comes up. I go home and fall asleep further and even have to fight off possession en sleep paralysis.

This is where I bound the leftover energy to my haste sigil that I used to hear spirits in the first place. It coalesces energy like a cauldron. It speeds up your collective consciousness (its yours because your a magician) by directing your subconscious thoughts to others while simultaneously making your thoughts projective. I combined this sigil with moderate responsible MDMA dosage that led to my magickal development where I could talk to spirits. This night… all too well. This sigil helps create optimal thought performance and helps others read you so you can get to the heart of the matter faster. Its spirit is called Quistis. Charge with abyssal energy. Charge upon gnosis of our Dark Aeon and the creed we must take in doing so. Kill or be killed, destroyer rebuild. Behold Stillness relative to movement - like the tide hitting the shore. Use this sigil to bind and dissolve whatever you find on this land. Know you are to release it upon honing, like throwing ingredients into a cauldron for this is how different subconsciousness alter the collective consciousnesses. Use it to free its form from vain existence. The tripod which vibrates the soul, removes hindrance of spirit into being and knowing. Bring them now, may the enslavers burn in my cauldron for they are as molten wax. Burn, consume their powers, so mote it be.

see this thread for my thoughts on the matter. [url=http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/general-discussion/too-telepathic/]http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/general-discussion/too-telepathic/[/url]

I learned a valuable lesson about the necessity of invisibility on the astral plane as to not attract wandering entities. Also don’t talk to strangers. Also. If you want power for creating servitors the best way is finding wandering spirits and removing them from this plane and thusly harnessing their energy. Beware with possessive spirits some habits never die so be sure to teach them discipline.

This was yesterday. Tonight i’m watching football and took a xanex, which I never do. Looking over my shoulder and reminding myself to breath. Feel free to use this sigil, it’s energy was harvested and cleansed from “the grim reaper” who knows who that entity was or where it was from. The general consensus of my host of entities was that it was a bitch though.Still the power it had is mysterious and horrifying to be honest. A sad note. Perhaps the essence of power may be purely a means to an end, when entities become very strong they lose a sense of identity and only think to cause terror to enslave the mind. Belial remarked that they (liches)are like a program no identity.

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So what would you recommend the best way to banish and bind a spirit?

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