Am I talking to Lucifer and Anubis?

Wait, I’m intrigued. I speak to both Lucifer and Anubis often. My soul is immortal, and I know that, however they constantly tell me I’m some unknown deity who insisted on going to the human world to learn. I have no recollection of my previous life, but by the spirits I talk to, this is all I’ve been told:

  1. I am the daughter of both Lilith and Anubis (only the gods know what went on between them)
  2. I have supposedly been in a romantic relationship with Lucifer since, well, forever pretty much
  3. I have close ties with Persephone as what we are Goddesses of are connected
  4. My soul is supposedly called Syrellia and is the Goddess of Judgement (however I am closely connected with Life and Death due to my ties with Anubis.)
    Oh, and I can’t forget Asmodeus is supposedly a loyal servant of mine, whom I’m supposedly close to. Whenever I speak to him, he refers to me very formally using the term “Princess” or “My Lady” or something of the sort.
    Since you’ve spoken to Anubis and Lucifer, I wonder if you know anything I may not? And if they’ve mentioned anything about an Evil Spirit who’s escaped from the Underworld?

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There is a person. All the gods she met were only just friends, but then.
Lilith, Belial, Anubis, Lucifer…
She is tortured every day for years, by them and other gods.
She is also said to be a goddess, spirits told her, and they give her powers, and she really got spiritual abilities she showed to me personally.
Youtube channel called Juicy Lugh.

She also said to be the wife of Lucifer, how the title is on her last video also.
There are also on her youtube channel video that EA sended to her about the exorcism this person got, but even EA couldn’t exorcise abuser spirit because it was the god Belial himself and not a weak parasite. Also the youtube channel owner legion of lilith (he had profile in this forum also) made a video (on that video how I interpreted gods just spoke quite confusing sentences, they admitted a bit what they are doing) he after weeks of the video he tried to exorcise these beings from her several times but he had to face the fact they were the gods and not some weak parasite.
I’m not speaking your experiences are not real or that they are not liking you they can be helpful to lot of us, but at least gods are not like humans, they can just change themselves into completely dark abusive face of themselves. Gods even abuse each other. More life experiance of abuse they get more ascended they are in this case. There are not the same but similar exeriences on this forum. ha
There are other people who also writed to her that they are the exactly in the same situation.
When I found out this, the spirites changed, like god Saturn, god Jupiter. Gods respond me strangely.
When I chatted with this woman a bit I also cried that I can’t really trust in the spirits I thought I can. But don’t make wrong subconscious beliefs because of this.

Does that mean they could be lying to me? Every spirit I talk to could be lying? If she’s the wife of Lucifer who am I? Lucifer never said anything about marriage, just romance, and it’s continued even now. And is the woman alright, can the Gods still bother her?

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Possibly. We have dozens of wives, daughters, gay lovers, you name it, and the rest of Lucifer and many other entities here. Some people claim to BE these entities.

These entities are omnipresent and can be seen at the same time by many people, it’s not impossible. However there exists a phenomenon called “impostors” and “parasites” that pretend to be the big names, and tell you what you want to hear in order to feed on your energy.

Learning to test them and tell the difference is an important basic skill for anyone starting out in the occult.

We have collected a few of the best threads and tutorials about dealing with these entities here, and there are more in the search…

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The funny thing is, I was so very against all they’ve told me. I’ve never wanted power or anything like that, I never even wanted to talk to spirits. I know imposters exist, but my aunty, who is more experienced in the spirits world than I am, said to trust me gut. I speak with her all the time and she tells me that it’s likely they’re telling the truth, especially as it literally took them 4 months to convince me that it might be true. That being said, it’s not like what they’ve said doesn’t make any sense, otherwise how did I know someone died and how they died before it was mentioned in the news. There was a crash on a motorway and the spirit of a young couple, in their 20s came to me asking to be judged, asking me to send them off. Then my mum told me that a couple died in a crash on the motorway, in their 20s. To be honest with you, I’ve tried several times to stop being involved in the spirit world, but no matter what there’s always at least one spirit in my room asking to be sent off. Eventually I gave in since it seems to be some sort of destiny, but i’m still not entirely happy with it, especially not with what they’ve told me.

Well, to a certain extent, does it matter? If you personally don’t have any memories from past existences forming these relationships, the information is just a footnote in your life, you put it to one side waiting for verification at some point. The way gnosis works, what you thought you heard may not be what they meant anyway, so it’s not really worth acting on until you have more data.

Lots of people have presentience, this is a human psychic ability, and I would say you can take the credit for yourself for this. It doesn’t need to be related to your UPG about relationships with entities.

This is a common problem for those understood in the astral to be able to see entities… For this, set boundaries called “wards”, and get tougher of those who ignore the boundaries or push them. If you send a message that you are not to be bothered and crossing the line comes only by invitation, then it will be respected.

Setting good boundaries and having strong psychic defenses is also a basic for an occultist… here’s some more on that: :smiley:

With these under your belt you’re in a good position to explore and know how to deal with most issues that come up.

(Unlike the lady in the video, beset by parasites and having no clue how to understand or deal with it. Hint: fire does the trick. NOT giving them the credit and power that she does, not calling them masters and believing them is a start. Humans are ridiculously powerful, so we are tricked into feeding lesser entities. They are using her own human power against her and she’s letting them. She is also protecting them. That happens when they get very embedded, she has to get them out no one else. No it’s not a god, she elevates them to ‘god’ to protect them with her own belief. Don’t be like her. It’s completely unnecessary.)

I will also mention, on the topic of parasites getting embedded, when you have ones from childhoos especially they can become so interwoven with multiple subtle bodies and multiple time points and aspect of your being, that i’s very hard to get rid of them. Speaking from my personal experience, it ends up being like you attack and even kill them not once, but again and again until you root them out of your entire system. They will retreat and hide from you, they will sink into quite places inside you you didn’t remember existed, and wait you out. Really stubborn parasites are not to be taken lightly, even though they are weaker than you, they are cleverer than you, and unlike you their life depends on winning, so they fight harder than you. A real embedded parasite exorcism is not a one and done. Mine took me six months or effort being mentored by Samael to finally resolve every last bit. And I was nowhere near as riddled as she is, I had just one, and I wasn’t weakened and sick. You really want to get them out before they make you sick: the weaker you get the stronger they get and there’s a point where you probably lost and can’t win any more against the discrepancy. That’s why it’s such a basic to always stay on top of.


And just to be fair, not all entities lying about who they are are out to get you. I’ve had one that impostered Samael who I attacked the shit out of, he now hates me to this day and won’t forgive me though I apologized more than once. I later realised he really just wanted to work with me, and didn’t know any other way to contact me. (The only things strong enough, or rather, disrespectful enough, to get through my wards are other humans.) It was some kind of djinn/fae. It probably could have been a fruitful relationship but my trigger happy approach meant I shot myself in the foot on that one :sweat_smile:

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How can you tell if they’re imposters? Do you just follow your gut? Or do you go off how strong their energy is, because surely the energy of “bigger spirits” is much stronger than an imposter right? So far all anyone’s ever told me is just to trust my gut, so I do.
Not really sure how these things work but I managed to banish a spirit using incense and a black obsidian crystal and I haven’t seen them since, but it’s only been 1 night so we’ll wait and see. I often sleep with crystals in my room too, so I hope that they’ll be an aid in protecting me :>

Wait, nevermind. I don’t have any of the symptoms at all. In fact instead of feeling drained, as per usual, I feel happier and more content with life. And I never called for any of the spirits I talk to, they came to me themselves, and they’ve given me results without asking for anything in return. For this reason I don’t care even if they’re not who they say they are, they’re kind to me, they’re my friends and they’ve never hurt me. That being said, that doesn’t mean I’ll let all my walls down, I’ll stay on guard because otherwise they could be bad. However to think they’d harm me can’t be right, since they’ve only ever helped me and don’t parasites do the opposite? Take without giving? I’m doing the taking, these spirits are doing the giving so them being parasites wouldn’t make any sense right? Either way I’m still young and pretty naive so I need to put my thoughts into questions just to make sure :sweat_smile:

Here is a useful post by a practitioner that I trust a lot regarding spirit communication:

"Am I talking to a higher being? -A guide to detecting parasitic communication

If you do communications without protection, you will run the risk of running into an astral being that pretends to be the spirit that you’re trying to reach in order to sip some energy off you. Also, sometimes your ego will pretend to be the being in order to satisfy itself. So how do we know? Here are some ways (Btw yes, demons are considered higher beings)…

  1. Higher beings do not flatter you. They may give you encouragement and tell you things you do well. However, be very suspicious if they are giving you a never ending string of compliments.

  2. Higher beings do not give vague prophecies of doom. Conversely they don’t tell you about a grand destiny that you have either.

  3. Higher beings do not insult you. A higher being may say “You need to spend more time working on X”. I disconnect immediately though if something calls me something like “a lazy bitch”. That’s nothing that I want to talk to!

  4. Higher beings don’t tell you that you’re surrounded by unseen dangers. This is a direct attempt by the spirit to make you dependent on them.

  5. Higher beings do not try and make you suspicious of your loved ones or friends

  6. Be cautious of vague, meaningless information, or if they are disinterested in your development.

In general, you want to watch out for any behavior that makes you think that the being is purposely trying to get an emotional rise out of you. Your gut should always be the final word. If it tells you there’s something wrong with the responses, cut communication. The spirits may not be particularly malevolent, but they will take your energy if you allow it.

So, what can you do to protect yourself? You can always operate protected (like in the circle of power from Archangels of Magick). Both Michael and Murmus are good for removing unwanted beings. You can also use the working to remove parasitic beings in Magickal Protection. Always remember that you can sever communications at will. "