Hard Qi Gong and It's Effect on My Energy Work [The Path of Smoke]

Here’s quote from Kurtis over in this thread … ’

At his suggestion, I started practicing freeform, hard-stye Qi Gong. And what a difference it has made.

Qi Gong is Chinese for “energy work”. It’s often seen as a gentle flowing exercise that encourages the movement of Qi (life force energy) through your body, promoting longevity and good health.

Tai Chi is the most well-known form of Qi Gong, but not all Qi Gong is Tai Chi.

There are literally thousands of Qi Gong exercises, some more effective than others.

What most people think of as Qi Gong is a gentle, flowing motion. It’s like your arms floating on waves of water.

But there is another style of Qi Gong that uses dynamic muscle tension while compressing the Qi inside your body.

I knew about hard-style Qi Gong and I’ve tried it a couple of times, but I never really practiced it until Kurtis suggested the strength training.

I have performed other dynamic tension exercises and they completely exhaust me. After a hard dynamic tension workout, it’s not uncommon for me to need a full day and a half to recover enough for the next workout.

It’s effective at building muscle and does help me lose fat, but it just wipes me out so completely that I wouldn’t have the energy for living, let alone magick.

So a couple of days ago, I decide to give hard-style Qi Gong another try. And wow … talk about a huge difference.

Rather than wearing me out in the way the other dynamic tension workouts did, hard-style Qi Gong completely energized me and pumped me full of energy.

It’s hard to describe what you’re doing, but you’re effectively using a breathing technique combined with abdominal contracts and visualizations to force the Qi into your Dan Tien, the energy storage center at your navel.

I’ve practiced the normal flowing-style of Qi Gong for several years and it was great for learning the techniques for energy work, clearing the body of blockages, and just generally increasing my ability to feel energy.

But this hard-style Qi Gong really surprised me. The energy I can produce from it is simply staggering.

My body will completely buzz with energy and generate a lot energetic heat for a good hour after I’m done.

The other day, Ahriman suggested taught me a walking Qi Gong method and it was even more intense. All I did was walk around the store shopping while performing the abdominal pressure and breathing technique.

After only 3 minutes, I managed to store enough energy to keep my body buzzing and on fire for 2 hours.

Crazy effective.

Here’s a good video on the basic 9 Breath Method that gives you an idea of the abdominal contractions …
9 Breath Method

Learn that breathing technique and you’ll have a great tool to quickly generate energy for your magick.

The best part is my fat is just melting off while I’m building a lot of muscle at the same time. We can see huge chunks of fat just disappearing over night. I’ve had significant weight loss before, but I’ve never seen anything like this.

The other benefit is that I’m beginning to see how these flowing movements with a martial arts style of “snapping attack” at the end can generate a tremendous amount of energy toward a target.

I’ve played around with it toward a person’s hand while there eyes were closed. I’ve been able to move the person’s hand back visibly from across the room. About 6 to 8 feet away.


Looks like I have some things to look into. I know the first time I did yoga with the breath all the way down to the root chakra, my crown chakra sort of exploded. I’ve been looking out for more energy work things like this, thank you!


You’re welcome.

I haven’t explored yoga much because I fell in love with Qi Gong, but I think they use similar techniques in very different ways.

I actually really want to practice yoga when I get the rest of my fat off. Right now, the Asanas would just kill me. lol


I just haven’t found a good qigong teacher, so I suppose now I’m going to be teaching myself :slight_smile: I greatly prefer the concept of qigong to yoga, though yoga certainly has its place. I use it as a sort of moving meditation.

As for the whole topic of spare tires, I hear ya. I shall be losing 5 to 8 dress sizes in the next year, I’ve had enough. I miss being able to climb things, lol


I was a fat kid, so I can’t say I’ve ever really been able to climb shit. lol

I don’t know if this applies to you, but I started losing significant weight the day after I realized my fat was a suit of armor protecting me from other people. I think I was symbolically protecting my heart by keeping people further away from it. Can’t hurt it if you can’t reach it, right?

I recently made a firm decision backed up by a visualization of dropping that suit of armor and walking out of it. This body no longer serves the sorcerer I am becoming.

I’m completely self taught. Check out the Supreme Science Qi Gong videos by Jeff Primack. That’s the best instructional videos I’ve found and it’s also the most energetic Qi Gong exercises I’ve discovered.

I just perform freeform Qi Gong exercises now, letting myself flow from movement to movement without consciously thinking about it. It’s a great form of moving meditation.

When you get the gentle form down, let me know and I’ll give you some tips on the hard-style if you want.


The asanas listed in BMOA to perform Kunda Yoga are VERY simple for EVERYONE! Due to the size of the book we did not really have room for graphics. However a quick youtube search will provide you with the specific positions.


Awesome. Thanks, Kurtis. I’ll make sure to use them when I get that far. I’m really looking forward to learning the Kunda Yoga.

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Quick follow up …

I’ve previously tried the gentle flowing Qigong to raise energy combined with a “snapping” martial arts style attack to project it toward a target. The target was the hand of a person who had their eyes closed and they didn’t know when I would perform the strike.

Just tried it this time with the more hard-style Qigong. Same conditions. The result this time was quite a bit different. The person felt a significant increase in energy and then a stabbing pain through her palm when I projected it as an attack using the “swordfingers” mudra.

Swordfingers Mudra

My swordfingers mudra is slightly different in that my thumb tip touches the tips of my ring finger and pinky rather than folding over them. My intuition tells me it’s a better flow of energy that way.

The pain was intense enough that she told me to stop after only two strikes.

So my conclusion from these first experiments is that the hard-style Qigong techniques seem to significantly increase the density and strength of the energy collected and the swordfingers mudra combined with a forceful striking motion is an effective “stabbing” projection.

I mean, huh … who would have thought that with a name like “swordfingers”? face palm lol

edit: Swordfingers … Spear Hand? Hmmm. Makes me wonder … :smiling_imp:


Dude!!! What ever you do…KEEP POSTING everything and anything with this black magick of Ahriman grimore!!!


Thanks for your support, @Blaze.1.pr. I will post what I can share.

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I will indeed look into those videos, and i will DEFINITELY hit you up for some tips after I’ve gotten the gentle stuff down! You are a beacon :slight_smile:

and I’ve used the same mudra for years in all my energy work! Even before I knew it was a mudra, only my own version of it is more like a fencer’s sword grip. I use it like a lightning rod


Nice! I’ve used it as a replacement for a ritual dagger in a pinch.

Oh, by the way … here’s a Qigong video you might want to try …

I haven’t worked through this specific form, but they are using many of the same movements I work with in a freeform way.

Try it out and see how it feels to you.

Just remember, the energy flows with your breath and your movements. Try to coordinate motions toward you with inhaling and away from you with exhaling. And try to imagine the energy flowing through you, moving with your breath and the movement.

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I want you all to know how much I appreciate you. You were all here for me last year when I was struggling with the intense experiences I was having. And that made all the difference in the world.

So thank you.


That mudra is one used to cut grids within the system of Japanese Kuji-In and force kanji or spells through the veil. It is perfect to use when an athame is not around. Regarding physical combat though,… not as practical as we would love to think. Eye gouging, headbutting, knees to the balls and elbows across the face… now we are are talking reconstructive surgery. Their is a science to the application of all of it though. You don’t slam your forehead into the opponents forehead. That is folly. You gain entry using specific concepts, thumb the eyes and yank his face into the top of your head as if trying to bust a watermelon. Then steer them around by the neck while throwing a plethera of elbows to the face and knees to the groin… being sure to shoulder butt and throw them off balance every time their feet get under their shoulders. This is the physical expression of divine wrath.

I can’t wait to start putting video instruction up on my personal Youtube channel. LMAO! People just do not know. Like this grimoire words do it no justice.


You fight like I do, Kurtis. :smiling_imp:

Seriously, if my life is threatened, it’s time to destroy the opponent. Crush the windpipe. Destroy an eye. Control the head and you control the body.

Make sure you share it with us when you do. I’m very interested in your work in this area. You’ve reignited the love I had for the warrior arts as a teenager and you’re encouraging me to explore it’s connection with my magick.


Lol you both make me smile :slight_smile: the warrior arts run deep in my blood, and I prefer the methods and forms that permanently end threats as well. However, I’m a sadist, and if I ever get attacked, I’m likely to leave the poor idiot alive, just permanently maimed. My philosophy is “dead people don’t learn their lesson.” My warrior heart is also deeply tied to my magick too, so much that I wind up protecting and fighting for others just as often as myself. People know that I don’t put up with injustice, so they bring their cases to me


Some days you scare me, Anastasiya. I think it’s that creepy fucking demonic sock puppet bunny avatar combined with the unbridled glee I felt from that comment. lol


Don’t be an asshole, and you’re perfectly safe, friend :slight_smile: when I claim people as my own, they get special protection, lol. So far, I really like this group of people here at BALG. Most of what I see here is surprising maturity and personal responsibility, and that counts for A LOT. The reality of me is I’m extraordinarily gentle right up to the point that I snap, so a lot of people think my bark is worse than my bite, since I bite so very rarely.

I love my psychobunny! I use it for EVERYTHING xD


I’ve got a concept I live by … I call it “The Genitalia Rule”.

Rule #1 – Don’t be a dick.
Rule #2 – Don’t be a pussy.

Just don’t be genitalia. lol

It’s a pretty special place. I couldn’t, or wouldn’t, discuss this stuff anywhere else. And the world needs a big huge serving of personal responsibility.

I understand completely.

Me, too. :smiling_imp: But it still creeps me out. shivers