For Beginners : Working With Spirits

Probably one of the most misunderstood concepts in magick, is working with spirits. Many believe that you have to choose between using your own skills and powers as a mage, or ask spirits for favors and become a traditional magician or witch. In my opinion, this is not entirely accurate.

In ancient times, people who practiced witchcraft only focused on contacting spirits, asking them for what they want, give them praise and offering in return and that was it. On the other hand, occultists maintained secrecy in their practices and they were usually viewed by the public as mystics or holy-men/women, and they seemed to obtain power within themselves that allowed them to directly cause change in nature without spiritual assistance. But even those spiritual masters had their own special relationships with some kind of spiritual deities. And from that, high magick was born later on.

Working with spirits in my opinion, should be based on equality and partnership. Not begging or asking for favors in exchange of offerings. And that’s the difference between high-magick and low-magick.

When you have skills and developed your own powers as a mage to create change, only then you can ask spirits for help. Not for a favor or request or petition. But to work with you side by side as equals to cause your desired change. Even if those spirits didn’t do anything to help… your skills alone are capable of creating what you want, so there’s not fear that any spirit or deity will let you down or never do their part of the deal.

On the other hand, spirits would ask and beg to work with you because they know you’re someone they can depend on, and at the end of the day, your success is their success. You will honor them and spread the word about their powers and they don’t need to carry all the work on their shoulders while you’re just sitting there waiting and giving them stuff.

Don’t get me wrong… traditional witchcraft is not only a valid method of doing magick, it’s the original way of practicing magick that goes way back before any other. Nothing wrong with it if that’s your preferred choice for any reason. What I’m talking about is from the stand point of Hermetic magick, not magick in general.

With Hermetic magick, the goal is not only to get things done or establish a personal relationship with a beloved spiritual entity. But to improve one’s skills and abilities as a spiritual being experiencing life in a human form. That’s the ultimate goal of Hermetic magick. And working with spirits should only get the magician closer to that goal, not push it further away.

Hermetic magick, as I see it and practice it, allows a special kind of relationship between the mage and any spirit. This relationship is one that benefits both sides equally. We are both spirits with spiritual powers. And both of us work to create the same desire in a ritual. Once the ritual is done, the spirit deserves respect and praise. Maybe even offerings as a thank-you gift. But not as a payment in a business deal or as an expression of religious worship or personal love/passion. And most important, you’re not calling the spirit out of need but only to make things easier for yourself.

The mage alone should be able to bring his-her desired result into existence with or without any assistance from any other source, spiritual or not. This is my opinion regarding working with spirits, in Hermetic magick.

Hermetic magick is not only about using your own skills and powers directly in nature to cause your desired change, but you can always have a spiritual partner and expand your experience to reach unimaginable dimensions.

Even if you choose not to work with any spirit or deity. “The All” is a spirit. The universe, in Hermetic magick is viewed and understood as a living impersonal conscious being. Therefore, technically the Hermetic mage is always working with a spiritual partner!

Working with spirits could be one of the most amazing things experienced in magick. Unfortunately, working with spirits in magick became a sad joke. Especially with so many “books and courses” published for no reason other than collecting slaves to serve and worship spirits, and of course, serve and worship their beloved chosen one, usually a scammer acting like a dark-clown selling his or her services to ignorant and desperate masses.

The occult at the moment is just another market, open for frauds and people looking for a quick fix for their problems or a cool adventure in fantasy land, without paying any price other than $9,99 for a book or $99.99 for a video course or $499 for a spell performed by a salesman. Evocation of spirits," for a very affordable price if you act now", is as easy as visualizing a Demon or an Angel. Today, you need to give away your intelligence and dignity to be a magician or occultist and join the public circus or hide in the shadows with few others who refuse and reject this madness, and willing to work and study to earn their knowledge and power.

If you think about it, this is nothing new, actually. This was always the case in all human history. And if we know anything from studying history, it would be the fact that history repeats itself.

Let’s assume you need help and can’t or not willing to learn magick at all. Nothing wrong in seeking help from someone else. How to know if the person you’re seeking help from, is a scammer or not? …

1 - A scammer will always give no promises and no guarantees. You’re basically gambling. Their deal will always be : give me your money, I will perform the ritual or spell, and you wait… then what you want may or may not happen. Do not accept such “deal”. If a magician or spell caster accepts helping you, then they should be confident enough in their ability to deliver results and guarantee that they you will see results or you get your money back. And never - ever - pay all they ask upfront.

2 - Scammers will always provide no real proof except self-promotion and stories to support their claims without any solid evidence that they can do anything. Anyone can record a video, post in a forum or fill a website with stories of their miracles! That doesn’t mean any of it is true… or false. If you’re paying your hard earned money, then you have the right to demand evidence and solid proof of someone’s ability to cause your desired change. “Reviews” and praise in comments on videos and forums mean nothing. People can easily pay for fake reviews, get their friends and affiliates and secret partners to say positive stories about them… it’s the internet and this is their business. Ask for proof that - you - can verify. If they can’t provide any proof or evidence to you, ignore all the hype.

3 - Do not approach a spell caster or magician or witch, out of desperation. Even if you are desperate… do not show it to them or express it in any way or form. Scammers are like sharks, they can smell your blood miles away, and once they do… you’re dinner! Talk to them and explain the problem clearly without expressing your emotional needs. A good spell caster only needs specific information, not to hear the story of your life or understand how much you want what you want and why. By exposing yourself that way, you’re basically opening the doors wide open for scammers to manipulate you emotionally, because they know which buttons to press to get you to do what they want, and pay whatever they ask for.

To conclude this long post… I would say “Do as thou welt, shall be the whole of the law”. But if you asked me, power can not be sold or rented. Whoever is selling you power will always keep selling you power, you will never have it. Unless they are a lousy salesmen and wish to ruin their own business. You have the power within yourself to make true and real miracles happen. You don’t need a deity, a Demon or an Angel or a super duper secret magickal incantation full of nonsense that once you say it, heaven and hell will be at your service.

Seek the power that can not be taken away from you. One that no spirit, god or salesman can give or keep. That’s the purpose and goal of learning magick and the occult, and that’s why this knowledge is not for everyone.

This is my personal opinion, hope you find it helpful.

If you’re just starting in magick, here’s a simple and easy ritual that you can perform and I highly recommend :

To make this ritual effective, I suggest the following :

1 - In the beginning of the ritual, while you’re drawing the sigil… write your desired result as a petition around the sigil once or 3 times. When you’re drawing the sigil and writing your intent around it… think or what you want and express all your burning desire and will power to make it happen. Imagine the more desire and will power you project, you make the spirit or demon more excited to help you! At this point of the ritual you need to exhaust all emotions you have for your desire.

2 - While you’re gazing at the sigil and calling the name of the Demon, this is the time you need to enter TGS ( Theta - Gamma - Sync ) state. Pull your vision backwards while looking at the sigil. You don’t need to see sparkles of light or anything extraordinary, when your vision of the sigil becomes blurry… that’s your sign that you’re in the right state. At this moment, with your eyes open or closed, visualize the end result, see it in your mind’s eye as clear as you can. And hold that image for as long as possible.

The rest of the ritual is already explained in the video.

Good luck :+1:


Very wise post mate, Can you give some Tips, Suggestions or advice on How to Get into Hermetic Magic? :slight_smile:

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That is why magic is only for a very few. Because only very few people are willing to work on it on a daily basis even when there is nothing to ask to the spirits.
Low and high magic need to be one in order to progress.
Magic is a long hard path, not an escape goat to all of our problems.


Thank you, I suggest reading the Kybalion, Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon, Books by Ophiel if you could find them.

From modern book, almost all Gallery of Magick books are based on Hermetics but provided in a simple practical way, so those as well, you can use them as they are at first. But later on, I suggest to add your own elements to make their rituals more effective.


Exactly ! I totally agree with you and couldn’t say it better myself. When both parts of magick work together, amazing results can be achieved, much better than using or depending on one approach. But as you said, that requires daily work and constant improvement in skills that doesn’t end with learning one ritual or a specific technique. :+1:


Oh thank you, Very very much! BTW what’s TGS ( Theta - Gamma - Sync ) state like? This is something if you have never meditated before can leave you to self delusion thinking mere sleepy state is TGS state or something of similar Quality. :slight_smile:

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Actually you don’t need theta-gamma sync in this ritual but if you can, then perfect. You can achieve the same results by entering Alpha-Gamma Sync. When you relax and gaze at the sigil, then pull your vision back to yourself until the sigil becomes blurry… that’s when you enter Alpha. When you start visualizing the end result, Gamma will kick in naturally :slight_smile:


What you mean by “pull your vision back to yourself”
I don’t know what’s any state is like, I just started to meditate and the state I mostly get is Sleepy state where it’s gets really difficult to even know what you thinking and other would be that of frustration for not being able to understand meditation at all. Is your Blog Noob friendly? If one start to read it from beginning? It seems interesting :slight_smile:


It’s difficult to explain… but it’s basically you 're making the drawings on the sigil become “out of focus”… you know, like a background to something else you’re looking at. This happens a lot when we look at something then start daydreaming… whatever we look at, it becomes blurry and not clear as it should if we’re “looking” with normal concentration on it.

I try to make it beginner friendly to the best of my ability. If something seems unclear please contact me anytime and I will do my best to explain it and update the post with more details. Thank you


Ooh thanks for that offer! Can we Pm? I won’t annoy you more then once a month (Hardly) with conversations No longer than 20 mins :slight_smile:

Just want to understand all this from a practitioner

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Sure you don’t need to ask just PM me anytime and I’ll do my best :slight_smile:

This is awkward but how you pm? :smile:

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It’s ok :grinning: Click on my Avatar icon and you should see a blue message box, click on that and you can send a PM. You can also visit someone’s profile page and send a PM from there. :+1:

If you can’t see that button then you probably don’t have enough replies or posts in the forum to activate this option yet.

What a wonderful post! This answers quite a few questions I had about magick.

Ever since I started seeking the truth, I was wondering why the heck I should worship, or depend on a particular “God” or deity, when at the same time so called gurus tell you that you are everything and the power you seek already is within you. To me this was a contradiction and confused me a lot.

Nowadays I feel like the spirits I talk to or evoke, are actually more like fragments of myself, which I have to “excavate” from the depths with and incorporate into my being.

Different spirits = different aspects/traits of my higher consciousness. Learning to access & utilize them whenever I feel like = ascension & evolution into what I truly am.

Don’t know, maybe I’m totally wrong or missed the point of your post, but this is what was triggered as I read this post.


You hit the jackpot.


That’s the point you’re absolutely right. My experience with spirits confirm the same understanding as they said it clearly themselves.

As part of our own consciousness, that doesn’t deny their external existence at all. It only explains or adds another aspect to it, their spiritual connection to us and our own spiritual connection with them and with everything else.

Thank you so much,


Oh did I? Interesting. When does it hit my bank account? :thinking::wink:


When you will be awakened.


How do they say? “AMEN” to that. Anyway, that’s exactly what I was trying to say. (is there a spirit that helps with becoming fluent in a different language :thinking:? :sweat_smile:)

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:grinning: Yeah probably