I'm not getting results from the evocations

I am not able to get answers with the evocations, I did with sallos and then with marbas, I did not get answers, Just drew the sigil and concentrated on them, but I know that something is missing, and also I confess that I have a certain fear sometimes … because the last time I invoked sallos I started to see some strange things, I can not explain … but I did not get results and I really do not know what the spirits want me to do …

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You won’t see results straight away. You have to be patient and keep an open mind afterwards; they could be trying to tell you something or send signs. What is the fear about?


Are you getting into the required trance? You need to be in an altered state of mind to properly open a seal. You don’t have to get as deep as Theta, but you need to at least be relaxed enough for Alpha level.


afraid something bad happens to me hahaha

Thanks :black_heart:

Nothing bad will happen. Is it your first evocation of them? When i first did an evocation for Azazel, I swear i nearly cried haha. But not because of fear. Just try to put that to the back of your mind and do a meditation beforehand.




First, you have to give time to magick to manifest, even experienced magicians do so and that’s quite normal. When we wish sometimes yes there are times that it 's granted so fast and sometimes it may take time; do not let doubts to hinder the process and do not watch the magick just do it and believe that it will manifest, as it does so. However read more about success stories to calm your mind, and if you do something complex or if there 's a protection things may be different, so get more information about your intent and create a better formula if needed.

Also to fear is very human, and seeing strange things sometimes to a degree is also normal.

But the process are secure and so expect good things and good things will come.

Check the forum and read for more information and that post would be very useful for a beginner

I do not have any clear idea about the origins of your fear but I may assume that they are generally religion or Hollywood based, as they do for most people They poison our belief for their own profit. Why , simply because magick means to reclaim your lost and forgetten power and rejecting being a sheep via becoming a living god. Please read more about that via the forum, that will help your soul and your connections too.

Moreover, I may suggest you to try Demons of Magick of Gordon Winterfield, his method is different, read his book maybe you’ll like it. In his method, he employs many shem angels; so that your mind will be also inclined to the security of the process, which is already very secure indeed. And as for theta and alpha state which may be confusing for some people at least in the beginning phase; he offers some alternatives that work quite well.

One last thing, think positive; even in your life alongside to the magick whether you practice it or not; you will experience that such positive thinking will have a very positive impact and yield a better life for you.


@Patty_2000, In Magick universal laws ‘can be’ changed. The spirit decides to help or can decide not to help because it doesn’t benefit your path. But you must believe in it to work and then stop thinking about it. During the ritual please think positive. Know that the evocation was successful and imagine it already manifested in your mind. Oh and bring a notepad where you document the ritual it will strengthen the intend.

For example: October 13 Ritual to bring health

Stop my stomach from hurting. Evoke the spirit ……. and asked him to get healed…
The air was changing and the candle went up

If you learn to work with a Pendulum, you can even do the evocation and ask the spirit to answer question with the Pendulum, you then simply put the Pendulum over the charged Sigil and ask … Are you accepting my offering? YES/NO Can you help me with my request? YES/NO:

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Like I stated we try to influence universal laws. Example: For a relationship to get renewed this can take months, even a year. Try to work on more things in between. Better yourself with meditation practice etc… It will benefit you greatly at the end.

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