Green Demon?

Hello Everyone! I wanted to ask if anyone knows who this might be (if any demon at all):

After a meditation I closed my eyes and saw a small circle, emanating a green color. There was a symbol (possibly a sigil?) inside of it. I focused on enlarging this green circle to see if I could get more detail. The green then grew and took up the entire field of vision and there was a man on throne (ALL of this is green colored light). I could never make out what the symbol was. I was thinking Tree of Life or Tree of Death (Kabbalah/Qilphoth) but I don’t think that is it. I also saw a snake

Does anyone know what Demon this might be or might it be someone else altogether. (Note that I have not yet invoked/evoked any Demon what so ever, other than studying them.)The reason I am jumping to Demon first is because that is what I have been studying so much recently, but it may be something else.

The man never said anything nor moved. He just sat on his throne. His image just got bigger and bigger taking up the whole field of vision.

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A snake you say… Lucifer is commonly associated with a snake. And it makes sense for such a powerful being to sit on a throne.

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Thanks! Yeah, I was thinking that as a possibility as well. I was just researching and I saw someone say that He is also associated with the color green…so maybe it is him. And I have been thinking about invoking him so…it’s possible

Do you know…can a demon be invoked just by thinking about them…I didn’t use sigils or anything! Or…can a Demon come to you on their own accord? Without you contacting them?

Another thing that I just remembered also was that I saw a large eye shape…like the 3rd eye maybe…that then I think turned into lips.


I think that Lucifer has a lot in common with Ellegua, no one has really done any kind of research on that but they are both illuminators and road openers.

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Didn’t know that… Noted :slight_smile:

I invoked him this morning :slight_smile: I’d say go for it!

Well, I don’t know if it’s possible for a beginner in invocation , but those who have established a relationship with them can contact them without using their seal or enn. And yes, it is possible for demons to come to you by themselves, if they feel drawn to and wish to work with you.

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Very enlightening! Thanks!

I practice the tradition that has Ellegua as a part of it pantheon…so I know he’s everywhere!

That is an interesting association. I will definitely be doing research on that! It definitely makes sense…although their colors are very different! Lol

Thank you

yes I know, His colors are usually red and black but they are not lucifers traditional colors either :slight_smile:

You have an awesome mystery on your hands

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But then again, what is traditional anyway, It’s not like lucifer told someone his color and said I am yellow, I am air connect with me this way:) When we apply labels we impose restrictions an limit ourselves to discovering new things possible.

Maybe your discovering something new :slight_smile:

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Ya I actually agree with that. Besides, entities often shapeshift, appear in so many different ways and surround us with different kinds of energy.
@Aprentiz pleaaaase let me be THAT person just one time :pray::pray::pray::pray:

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As for green…that’s just what I saw! lol I haven’t confirmed it so don’t be mad at me if it’s not true. lol.

Did he give you any good enlightenment? lol I’m thinking I’m going to go with him.

And maybe he does want to work with me. That’ll be great!

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Well he gave me the answer I needed. I will get back and share results. I dunno for sure. But I have a feeling everything’s gonna be ok. :heart::black_heart:
Edit: Definitely! He is said to be a great teacher🙂


Indeed I do! Looks like they have some new Gnosis for me. haha. I’lll let you all know what I find!

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Yeah, that is so true! They take so many forms. We will never know them all!

It sure will! No doubt!

Just be careful with Lucifer, he lies about everything. Trust me I can totally testify to this. All I’m saying, is just don’t believe everything he says.

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Uhoh, you made a cursed claim, now all the pitchforks will rise from the gentle masses.


Or maybe he was just being heavily sarcastic to you because such a busy entity has no time to deal with evangalists. Lucifer as well as the other kings are almost always honest and truthful. I have only ever known them to blow people off when they’re being channelled for shits n’ giggles or for reasons that are less than serious. I.e. wasting their time.

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Total BS. Complete, total and utterly ignorant BS. Very reminiscent of your first post, btw: Incubus Made Contact - I'm Excited! - #2 by Amber_Ford and also - you need to make an intro here. Preaching damnation and claiming some unproven expertise on “evil demons” won’t suffice.

The honesty of an entity like Lucifer depends 100% on how you approach them, your own integrity and what you’re made of. They don’t lie unless you’re not being genuine. They will mess with you if your attitude and behavior warrants it in order to set you straight. From what you’ve described in your first post, you have made contact with parasites. Lying? That’s a low-level thing for low-level entities (who btw sometimes will pretend to be Lucifer if they find someone who is gullible enough or brainwashed enough by religious propaganda) and low-level humans, and Lucifer’s position lightyears above this level seems to be beyond your comprehension. I don’t think you have the faintest clue about who and what Lucifer is. If you did, you wouldn’t spew such nonsense.


I think you have to compare “Trust me I’m someone on the internet” to the experiences some people have working with him and getting useful advice etc… anyway please do an intro as requested, and then maybe share some of your experiences so people have more to go on? :+1: