Great Duke Sallos or / and Prince Sitri, I have a question

I don’t know if spirits ever read this thing. And unfortunately I have no way of contacting either of you 2 myself at the moment. So I’ll go off of luck. For a good portion of my life, I have struggled with love and getting girls. I usually have to work a lot harder to get just the bare minimum when it comes to romance it seems. I ask that either of you 2 deliver to me your wisdom concerning me. I might not be able to reward you through sacrificing and evocation, but I’m more than happy to do a task or deliver somehow financially once I get my taxes. Thank you for potentially listening.

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Why not evoke them yourself? I usually do invocations instead of evocations. I do recommend invocations for beginners. I work with Asmodeus for attraction based stuff.

Here’s his sigil:

Print it out or draw it (I prefer to draw) and call upon him to build you up into a badass chick magnet. He’s top notch mate.


@krass wish I could lol., honestly. I don’t even know how to meditate. Let alone astral project. I’v tried figuring out how to and practicing meditation and absolutely nothing. I even recently bought a book that was supposed to help teach me the fundelmentals of witchcraft and it just didn’t stick.

So considering I’m a man who favors results. I just desire the help. So I’m waiting on my funds to come in so I can just pay someone to do it

I can share with you some basic and very important meditation if you interested in them. Send me a PM and you can start it practicing it/them today.

You need a lot of patience and totally free from expectation. It’s always like a sudden explosion.


Check out my recent thread for a simple newbie meditation. Or take @Nagash up on her offer. Results come from putting in the work mate. Dont skip it we are all eternal so what’s the rush?

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@krass is right. Skipping the meditation part while you wanna be successful magician is something like skipping daily running while you want to win on the Olimpy. :woman_shrugging:


I definitely would like to take both of you up on that offer. There’s so much false information on the internet, it’s hard to trust some of these sources lol.

 @Curtisology , @Nagash will give you good advice listen to the lady
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Hey how do I DM her? Lol. I’m using the phone version so that could be it but yeah the dm function isn’t coming up. Hmm…

And oh, I certainly believe it. I don’t necessarily know how long this learning meditation process will take though it could be weeks or even months to fully get down so I do still wonder in the meantime, if it’s not any trouble if anybody can ask one of those 2 spirits on my behalf

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May I also pm you for some meditation techniques? It’s been something I’ve been struggling with for a while.

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Of course! :slight_smile:
Feel free to PM me.

Lol sensei Nagash

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I don’t think you’re able to pm her yet, I think u need to get the member rank or something

Click to my name (for example here @Nagash [ Ahh first time I’ve tagged myself ] , or one of my comment above) and you’ll see a Message icon like this (then you can start typing):

( Yes @Meliodas, you are a star now! )

Another way:

Click to your profile image above - upper corner of the site -, then you’ll find a mini :email: icon. Click on it then you’ll find yourselfe in your Inbox. Start writeing a new message and tag my name (Add user > Nagash).

(I think, my direct link will lead you to the right page even on your phone. Dunno.)

you’ve stepped on the path of your evolution. :black_heart::wine_glass:

( Anyway, Sitri is a perfect Guy if you want to get a grill. I can advice to start working with Him. My latest - and first - experience with Him was fantastic. )

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What happened with you and sitri?? Lol tell me about it. It sounds fascinating

Check out my post there:

Oh and btw, yeeeah I don’t think I’m a high enough rank yet. Lol the message option isn’t popping up. I have a Snapchat and other social media though if that helps but yeah

Oh my… I just read it. I didn’t know that yall got down like that… lol. I thought the high ranking demons looked at us like we are too below for them to even think of something like that. Lol good to know

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@Nagash I’m just curious, how long did it take you to get the sudden explosion you were talking about. I know everyone is different but is it something that took you weeks, months or years? Thanks in advance

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