God/Demons/spirit --> clairaudience/clairvoyance

I was wondering, which spirit can grant clairaudience/clairvoyance? Anyone known to have done that? Cause this while clairvoyance/clairaudience thing is tedious. It’s annoying.

I do realise a simple search can pull up a wealth of information on which spirit can grant these things, but my question is which spirit is known to grant these things? Because I do believe that entities are quite cautious and do not like to give away something so valuable.

Mepsitahl. Look up her sigil.


It’s less about being granted it and more about developing the skill.
Entities can help work your energy and clear blocks but you still need to do your work. Meditate and cultivate energy daily, and in a sense, you as a spirit will grant it to yourself.


No spirit is going to grant you abilities. There’s no getting around the work required.


You work out what you already have. No entity can grant this it’s already part of you. You just have to have the discipline to practice.


If there was such a thing, do you really think the magicians of the past would have spent their time learning about altered states of consciousness and meditation if they could just call up a spirit and say “Yo! How 'bout you give me these abilities to make my life so much easier cause I’m too lazy to devote the time required to do it the slow way?”


Thank you everyone for the suggestions and the words of wisdom.

I was wondering if you can recommend me some books that give good excercises on working with cliaraudience/clairvoyance?


Thank you so much Rungr!

I post this link a lot because this is one of the only really good ones I’ve seen so far lol.

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lol. Do you think I can scan the power of the incantation i listed in my other thread by the tutorial you provided? Is it possible?


An incantation can be scanned yes, it’ll usually aim to see the energy that’s behind the incantation and/or entities involved in such based on the incantation.

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Ah thank you so much :slight_smile: