INCANTATION to open the 3rd eye (Dao Mysticism)

Incantation #1

"The Heavens are boundless!

The Earth is boundless!

All of the immortals and saints,

help me to radiate

the small illuminating light!

This small bright light

Illuminates the 5 Directions !

It shines on my voice

helping me to command

all my magic tools!

In every step I take,

it helps me,

leads me,

and assists me!

Heavenly Soldiers and Generals

do it Quickly as a Law!"

Incantation #2

To the left and

To the Right,

All Heaven and Earth Rejoices!

I turn to the Right

And the Sun and Moon

Shine brightly!

Great changes move across the Earth!

Revealing the appearance of

ghosts and spirits!

When the auspicious clouds appear,

The Evil Star shall retreat.

Incantation #3

I am the Heavenly Eye!

I am in mutual contact with Heaven!

Shining brightly,

I resemble Thunder and Lightning!

My radiance shines outwards

To light the Eight Directions

I penetrate and inspect

What is outside and inside!

All creatures yield to my power!

Cruel and evil forces,

Demons and divinities,

All crumble beneath my step

On the Kui Gang Star!

Quickly, Quickly follow this order

As an official decree of the

Superior Emperor of the Five Thunders

And the Thunder Ancestor!

So I found this good bit of info and I have been using this for a day now. The thing is…I am feeling some tingly sensation on my third eye. But to be honest, I think it’s placebo. Lol.

Like there is a chance I have hit a jackpot here, but again idk.

So I don’t want to get too excited just yet.

Is there anyone professionals here who can truly sense whether this incantation is powerful? Gracias


You may want to remove the image due to copyright infringement :slight_smile:

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my appologies!

It’s the same ans any magik, it will be as powerful as the will and intention of the person that uses it. Placebo is real magik happening too, so that’s fine.


Would this end up working against demons though? Because i couldnt help but notice how the wordings are a bit against them. If so these incantations would probably work well for a practitioner within the RHP

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I personally don’t think it matters. The wording are against demons but I think they are more referring to “evil spirits”. And if you are already working with demons, then it could be a problem, I’am thinking

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Hello Rpont340

Regarding your statement,
‘Like there is a chance I have hit a jackpot here, but again idk.
So I don’t want to get too excited just yet’

The key here is that the true power is not in the words spoken,it’s the power of the one speaking those words into assistance.
The words carry a vibration, a frequency.
The text can be keep the same or used as a template making alterations where one feels it’s needed.
It’s important to feel comfortable with the words you are speaking as this effects the resulting vibration.

If something is repeated frequently such as an incantation.The energy current is strengthened.

This applies not only to incantations but any action that is done repeatedly.So that also applies to symbols, incantations, rituals, Beings that have had energy strengthen them throughout time from multiple people.

This does not mean that new incantations, symbols or rituals are not as powerful, it is a way of understanding how energy works & applying the actions that work to achieve your manifeststion.
You are the God stating a certainty that will be manafested into existence.
It is not a case of will it work, is this incantation powerful or not.
With anything you can keep that which is useful to you & discard that which is not.
By altering an incantation to be more personal, more power can be generated.
The incantation would have been written by a person in the first place.
It’s understanding the theory behind the use of certain words in incantations, meditations & rituals.
Adapt something if you want to test, learn & see what is the most effective.
It’s you who is the determining factor of weather this will open your third eye or not.
Everything you need is already inside you.
These methods, theories are ways of knowing your self,learning how to use abilities that you already have & becoming your God like self.

I hope this comes across in a respectful way.
I respect that we all have our own individual views.
I can only do my best to articulate my experiences & understanding.So in sharing information this may be helpful to others