Gloves are off - I'm destroying this bitch


I don’t want her dead (people don’t suffer when they are dead), but to lose everything and have her life utterly destroyed.

This person has been horrible for years and done me and my son wrong. I have cursed her in many ways but to date (it worked, but it’s still not making her rethink her life choices), but clearly I am not doing enough to make her stop. Her mother has taught her to be this way and it’s clear she doesn’t want to be a decent human being. This morning was the last straw (she kicked my son when he was down several times AGAIN). Here are my goals:

  • Destroy her tainted relationship
  • Take her car (she drives her mother’s)
  • Take her job (she can’t keep one but I guess she has to be unemployable at all)
  • Have her thrown out of where she lives (with her mother)
  • Take every last cent she has

I wouldn’t mind if she gets thrown in jail… Anything for her life to be in absolute tatters that you can think of.


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You could call on Andras, he will absolutely destroy a person you name.

I believe there are some Daemons under Azazel who could help too.
The Book of Azazel is fully read here by the author and he has a chapter on Azazel’s legion.


Just be specific if you do Send Andras, I hear he’s like a bomb going off and might cause collateral damage.


Thank you. Andras seems like exactly who I need for this.

From what I have read so far, I might have to do the ritual closer to their house than mine.


Never suggested turning the other cheek. Try suhgurim and zahgurim from the necronomicon spellbook.


2 important requests please:

  • people, please keep responses to strictly what magick, of any kind may aid the OP, not other recommendations, and

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Andras is a straght up beast.

His entire service is to cause Discord. That’s all he does. From what I can tell, he’s just there to fuck shit up.


Thank you! I’m reading about him right now. He seems to be messy and I don’t need anymore mess so I am going to tread carefully.

One question since you and @Alita have been so kind to introduce me to him is: is the collateral damage to me or to those around the person named?


Andres does not care, as long as he gets the fuck shit up, cause pain, devastation, and Discord, he’s in It to Win It, and cause as much trouble as he can. That’s why he is one of the few Spirits I would recommend utilizing a triangle of manifestation for.


He is not a good guy…


Any suggestions for the triangle of manifestation? I have some paint and large pieces of paper to make it.


Oh and @Siconyte, she’s not a good person. She has had plenty of chance to stop or change and she didn’t.


Oh, no. You misuderstand, i care less what you do, i was just giving you a heads up.

Have fun.


i can put in a good word to my fiance furfur if yo like he fucks with ppl minds cause harm and desroyes and fucks ppl lives up


I have my Grinch smiling fave on right now. :slight_smile:

@bunny4cam I need her life FUBAR since the stuff that has happened to her so far isn’t cutting it. Many thanks!


i got you he dont get much up til recently since ppl think he isnt friendly or anything but he is a delight i think he will enjoy destroying her life he is quick to you should be fine to call on him


Hey, who you called to curse ur ex ?
and how bout ur ex now ?


I summoned Furfur and Andras last night. I don’t check up on my husband (or her); I only hear about what happens to them through a third party or when he decides he wants to stalk me like he has been doing. LOL

I’ve decided they both need their asses kicked. I also stumbled across a ritual EA posted here involving chicken feet that I am going to do on her once I can get to the store. That will keep her from messing up anyones life once it’s done.

ETA: Sorry, I thought you were talking to me. Lmao. Bunny is who referred me to Furfur, so you have the right person there.


it wasnt suppose to go the way it did and both furfur and sabknock my daughter had cellulitis on her but hich turned into something worse i asked for her to be healed by taking her pain n making it his and some one elses two separate things happened to my ex

1 as i stated he has 2 years to live due to his kidney problems


2 he fell in love with a girl who didnt want him she kept him around for personal gain and had some one else she was with the pain he made me feel was now his on a max level

a i said i feel bad for his life span being cut short cause of me but n i way i dont makes me feel like a bad person really and the second thing will keep happening with every girl he is with he can only break that one