Gifts for a djinn with incubus similarities

What is a best welcoming gift for a djinn?
What do djinns like?

they like your company more than gifts.

Ask the Djinn, you’re not shopping for a dog or cat, you’re shopping for an individual person.


I’m more for a welcoming gift ( surprise gift)
Ik they like lavendar so ik I’ll get a lavendar candle
Also a charging Crystal plate to put the vessel on over night
A clear Crystal bc it says online it’s a good Crystal for spirits and to hold on energy
I was thinking of a incense backflow fountain with certain incense

Invoke him and share a meal with him, maybe a drink to. Perhaps a rare steak? I hear they like blood. A few drops on his sigil or on an offering plate.

So I wouldn’t have a alter or summoning area for him bc he is bound to a ring that I’ll be wearing all the time besides the night. But how would I get him to eat or drink with me? Also do they like spicy foods​:thinking::drooling_face:?

Use the search bar and look up invocation.
Here’s a link for you

Invoking them is also allowing them to taste and feel what you do.

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Djinn don’t really need to eat, but some will eat for the pleasure of it. Based on who it is some will like spicy, some will like sweet &salty, etc.

  1. Djinn are not Incubi and hold little similarities. Whoever told you this is not familiar with these class of spirits.

  2. DO NOT invoke a djinn, especially if you have little to no relationship with them because they will take advantage and will be more inclined to do more harm then good (especially if they were entrapped in a object under not so good circumstances).

  3. If you want a solid relationship with the djinn in the ring I would unbind him from the object. If the binding was consented it would have been a mutual agreement between those two parties. Due to the fact that the djinn was bound to the item from a different individual, it wouldn’t be right for them to stay bound because it isn’t something that is taken lightly with these class of spirits and it takes complete trust for most of them to agree to it. However, if you do want to get to the point where you would like to consensually rebind the djinn in the future I would highly encourage it and I think that you doing it on your own terms with the djinn is more personal and meaningful.

  4. If you decide to take this course of action you will probably gain a lot of respect and they will probably stick around. However, under the circumstance that they were forcefully bound I would take protective measures just in case because they might have a lot of pent up aggression due to their view of being used and not having any sense of control over their life.

  5. If you do end up freeing the djinn from the ring and want to establish a strong relationship with them, there are many things that they do enjoy when it comes to offerings. They love wine, red meat, tobacco, hot spices, and blood. They also tend to have a soft spot for music but you would have to ask them for their preferences (from my experience, a lot of them love various forms of folk music). They also love dancing but they tend to like to convey that in dreams.

  6. You can communicate with your djinn in a few different ways. You can perform etheric or astral projection allowing you to interact with them just as vividly as you would if they had a human vessel on the physical plane (if you are fairly new to projection you will have to work on your senses to get to that point). You also have lucid dreaming where they can appear to you in your dreams and can interact with you that way. You can also interact with them through opening your chakras (especially the third eye). This method isn’t as vivid from a visual standpoint but touch and audio can be reached with practice.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. I hope it was insightful.

Note: You can offer food and they can consume the energy from it! While it visibly might not look eaten there are usually minor changes within the food or beverage. There have been times with drinks where it became completely flat when it had much more time to get to that point normally.


So he was bond to a ring by a witch (7th gen in a coven) and from what it says is this

Also I wouldn’t do anything to make him upset. I’m hoping to buy gifts for him that may hopefully show my intensions.
Ik djinn love lavender from what I heard and I’m gonna try to go by a spiritual positive point of view and get him a charging Crystal to help him over night.
I’m planning to get to know him before asking for anything.
So with unbinding how is that done?
Also it seemed the witch I talked to was saying he wanted a new master which I wouldn’t say I would be a master but a care giver or a loving companion.

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Ofc I’m not wanting it to be a master/ servant relationship
Tbh I kinda want it to be a romantic relationship but we help each other out when we can.
And with the gifts I asked in my post I’m a spoiler when it comes to being in a relationship

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I’m sure that you weren’t intending that by what you were saying but I wanted to cover my bases just in case. I truly wish you luck and the best with your relationship with this spirit and I’m sure he will enjoy the things you plan on giving him! (:


Thank you for your help and you seem very knowledgeable :slight_smile:

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@Gillian_Perdue I actually removed 2 of the screenies, if sellers see stuff like that it creates temptation to spam us by posting as a customer. :thinking:

I know that may seem weird but we have to be very careful, spammers look for any weak spot or advantage to get their stuff foisted upon us all. :wink:


Ok my bad

You need to ask the seller what he likes etc. Did she not give you any info about him?

She told me he has no likes and no dislikes

Sometimes you’ll find that if the being is legitimate, a lot of what the seller says is inaccurate, either because the being didn’t reveal such to them for personal reasons or because the seller strictly follows that DA, WA, GA mumbo that murks things up.

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Da, was , ga???