How I Create Servitors That Last in Six Easy Steps (A Tutorial and Update from the Previous Version)

When I began creating servitors, it seemed like every resource I came across dealt only with creating servitors that were meant to last for a short time. I had a problem that met the criteria for a servitor in every way- I wanted it to run constantly in the background, on its own, doing what I told it to like a good little pet, or something.

I tried and looked, surely one more search would tell me exactly how to do what I wanted to do.

Not really. I managed to piece together a process that actually worked damned well for myself. Later on, I found author Taylor Ellwood uses pretty much the exact same process, so it was a really nice confirmation to me that I was on a similar track.

I understand everything a lot better than I did way back then, so hopefully this update will help you make servitors designed to outlive you, rather than just be throwaways.

Note: Steps 1 and 2 can be interchangeable. I sometimes select the media, then decide the purpose based on the materials properties. Either way works as well as the other.

  1. Decide what you want your servitor to do. Be realistic but realize that if it can be done with magic or energy, a servitor can do it.

  2. Pick the material, object, or type of artwork that you will use to represent your servitor. It doesn’t matter if you pick an item that is already completed, a figurine, a ring, or if your arts and craftsy- anything you can create can be used to make a servitor, be it physical, digital, or energetic- creation is creation, the act of creation gives a very special kind of energy to the energetic body of your servitor and makes them much stronger from day one.

  3. Pick your energy source, name your servitor and design your rules. I like to keep it really simple. The simpler it is, the less likely you are to have trouble with your servitor in the long run. Your creation needs to know what it is supposed to do, not how it needs to do it. It will learn and grow and develop and figure out the right path to take, all on its own.

  4. Create your servitor. Take your time, think about the things your servitor is going to help you with, think about the future, think about the servitors’ rules- let all ramble in your mind while you create your servitor. Think about how their help will make your magic easier and your results faster- think about all the good things that will happen. Imagine energy going from you to them, or from the source to them or whatever you chose to empower the servitor with.

Focus on doing the best job you can do for the level you are currently at for the project. You can be brand new and still make this work right the very first time, no matter how your project physically looks, if you follow these principles.

  1. Empower the servitor with an outside deity/entity (Optional) To do this you merely need to contact the entity and broker a deal. Yeah, that sounds hard and isn’t really wise for beginners. What you can do however is make a petition requesting the entity empower the servitor, you can also open their sigil and request the same regardless of whether or not you can hear them, they can hear you.

  2. Use your servitor. Servitors don’t really need an awakening ceremony or visualization of any kind if they are made this way- they usually are pretty much sentient and may already know things you don’t know or details they couldn’t have by the time you are done. Whatever magical skills you have, they get an energetic piece of through the creation process. This means if your clairsentience is outstanding, so is theirs.

Use simple tasks to start with, try to use things you can verify. Task your servitor and then let it do its job. When you get results send it again. Don’t worry about how it will happen, that’s the servitors’ job to figure out.

This is an update from my 2020 servitor tutorial and has been refined as my practice has evolved. You can find the original thread here: Servitor Creation Tutorial-How I dos it, in Ten Easy Steps


Excellent information,
some say that you can write everything: sigil, name, image, characteristics and functions on a card.

should that card be burned later ???


It depends on what you are doing with it. :blush: Our intentions pretty much matter most here, so what we plan for the action of burning the signal/etc to cause. Burning it tends to be a method used to release the energy and sends it to do its job.

If you are using that to release an intention or feed your servitor, yes that would work quite alright.

Otherwise no, you would want to either display it so servitors energy comes more actively in your life, put it away unless summoning so the energy doesn’t passively move through your life or some similar.

If you are using the card, like a character sheet, I would find a safe place to put/store it, in case you want to make changes later.


Got it… thanks

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No problem, hope that helps ya figure out what you should do :blush:

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Is it like in thoughtforms we create it in our mind and shoot it to void and in the case of servitor we create thoughtforms but project it into the housing material for the servitor?

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Sort of, but no it’s taking it much further than a thought form and giving it sentience, the ability to learn and develop and to exist without you and your mind.

It’s a thought form when it needs you to exist, when you give it a way to sustain itself it becomes a servitor.

When you give it a soul, idk. Mine introduce themselves as egregores despite being created by single person, so I’m not sure what the term is at that point.

The physical vessel is only for you and you to connect to their energies with after completion really.

It’s a distraction to your physical mind so that your almost in a trance like state during creation, which leads to a better servitor because you were more in tune with your spiritual bodies, abilities and energy.

So basically the art or physical vessel is the same as if you are doing folk magic and making a poppet, it’s just something physical to represent what you are doing and so that your subconscious knows how to direct the energies you are raising and generating through the process of creation.

After creation they make fine idols or items dedicated to your servitor because the servitor will essentially continue imbue their energy into it and into your life through it, because you often use them to summon your servitor- even when you don’t have to.

Unless of course you put those things away, cover them up etc.

Then they become something that makes it easier to notice the energy of your servitor because you don’t interact with it often and their energy is imbued in it.

But in all cases, the physical vessel is really for the human and to create a focal point for the servitors energies.

It’s not necessary in anyway shape or form for the servitor to have a vessel to be sentient and summoned by others.


So for creation can we go to alpha state and program it by visualizing the end results.

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You absolutely could yes. The deep state helps, but I find taking it deeper and into the realm of perfect possession of your own body and spirit makes it an even stronger process.

I can’t visualize, or certainly I would do that as well.

I can imagine in all of the other senses, and in energetic shape- so I work with that :slight_smile:

The only big difference is your using all mental/spiritual energy or drawing it from something else, rather than generating physical energy to facilitate the process.


Thanks for replies. Can you advise how to program servitors for baneful activities like for example to make a target not able to sleep or make them sick. And is there any precautions to be followed.

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Yes, don’t make your targets the food source.

Make sure you absolutely use something else, otherwise they have to be continually tasked and can become downright nasty when they aren’t getting fed enough.

Have them convert and filter all energies they absorb. You don’t want them to absorb negative energy and filtering it alone will make a difference in your space, (a positive one) but if your sending them to cause nightmares and such you don’t want them to filter the energy for the target and it’s cumbersome to always ensure your requests include weird shit like that.

So use an outside food source, whether it’s ambient energy of some sort or the cosmos’s or whatever.

Then have them convert all negative energies they do take up into energies that are lighter, easier to carry and easier to use.

If they operate on negative energy, eventually they seem to starve themselves and need more and more to fuel up, sorta like the negative Nancy’s and Karen’s.

They absolutely can use positive types of energy like love and gratitude to carry out negative tasks. They won’t need to be told to change the energy, if they are able to convert it they’ll understand this without direction.

Having them learn to convert energies means they will know how to instill emotional responses such as fear and not be limited to only what you think of for them to use.

Like you might think you want them to have nightmares, but they have nightmares all the time anyway and don’t tell anyone.

This wouldn’t be an effective attack and you would probably struggle to figure it out on your own but the servitor who was tasked to freak them out or make them wet the bed or whatever- could figure out something they could do instead of nightmares.

So word your requests in a way where you can get results, even when you can’t perceive all the factors rather than being very specific.

Like I would specify in this case to cause insomnia, or the inability to sleep and let the servitor roll, rather than ask for nightmares specifically.

That’s the bulk of what I’ve learned about baneful applications. I can’t think of much else off the top of my head.


Ah, interesting. My baneful servitors all have multiple feeding sources, but all are also programmed to feed on energies that are beneficial to the target, excluding energies that are not beneficial to the target.
Given this specificity, do you still advise against this as a food source? If so I have a small army to re-program


Eh. It’s up to you. I don’t care for how they energetically feel if they simply absorb the energy. I’ve noticed many times it doesn’t seem to be a sufficient food source on its own, (people ask me to check servitors all the time) and it seems to me like most servitors don’t know how to properly vamprise a target or negate a targets defenses to begin with, or may not have enough starting energy to do it, so it seems like they are needier and more likely to be annoying trying to get the magician to pay attention to them.

Then the magician doesn’t understand why their servitor has gone rogue, when usually the damned thing has been practically starved the entire time.


I’m going to segment my new servitor’s powers. I wanted purple but I recently realized that giving the spirit the ability to manifest either red, blue, or both is better.

Where is a better place to post this rambling?

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Hi @anon97554939 ,I don’t understand this part,i mean if I imagine energy rising from my palm and creating my servitor above my palm, is that what you call energy creation?

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I would call anything you do that doesn’t include physical actions energetic. That could visualization or working simply with the feeling of massing energy and feeling the shape and qualities of it.

I’m sure there are other applications than the two as we have several senses and all of them can be used without physical aid, but I’m not sure about practical application for something like conjuring smell or taste for servitor creation.


I didn’t need to lol

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Tnx @anon97554939 ,One more question, how many minutes of energizing is enough? My claires is not open and I can’t see or hear anything.
If I recall you said earlier that you have anphantasia, can you see and hear spirits with anphantasia? I ask this because I think I have some degree of anphantasia too.

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Honestly no matter how long I sit on this question, I can’t form good answer for consistent results. Trusting your intuition and claircognianze would be the best answer, but if you haven’t developed a good sense for how this feels it can be difficult.

It’s truly going to vary by project and practitioner. Some of my projects take days, a few weeks even- but most take much less.

The most telling sign is when they essentially come alive, but if you’re using one of the methods that awakens it at a specific spot instead of allowing it to happen whenever it happens- idk. I’d go for more rather than less.

Yes but you can’t manipulate what you see when you do something as it comes from outside of you instead of inside of you. At least that’s how it works for me, though I can sometimes zoom in and out and to other details like you might with remote viewing.


Can I create a servitor to protect me spirtually and on a mundane world?

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