Get an entity out of another person


Most of us know protection, banishing. But say someone has something attached to him/her. Or someone is posessed by a lower level entities or more. And he or she cannot get it out. How can we help as a magician? We all know the Roman Rite. But is there a Magician Rite or spell we can use to get it out?


The Bornless Rite. It’s original purpose is as an exorcism.


Thank you as always dear friend @DarkestKnight

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I once knew someone who was deeply troubled and vulnerable (read: complete and utter train wreck).

One night, something took over her body. She was not herself. She dropped like a marionette with its strings cut (cliché, I know), only in slow motion. And she began to twitch (she wasn’t having a seizure).

While everyone else watched in horror (and most of the people in that room were experienced occultists or witches), I used every ounce of my energy to mentally force the entity (or whatever it was) out of her body. Another friend pushed the presence out of the nearby window, then sealed it with a pentagram.

The victim woke up, with no idea what had happened. She was still a total mess, but to my knowledge the entity never bothered her again.


If you do workings with angels at all you can ask one for etheric weaponry. Most of them will equip you with a personal weapon if you have the capability to wield one. Ephrimvael gave me a sword and incantation to summon it. It’s quite useful when going on astral explorations. Great for a situation like this as well as most lower beings will flee at the sight of one.


try this demon of king paimon called Yeesch.


Thank you guys and girls sharing your view on this

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So after my vacation I was looking into this. And this goes right into Greek/Egyptian mythology.
I have the older and the newer version of the rite. The older version containing the Exorcism.

Thank you, it’s a nice reading @DarkestKnight

Does anybody know who Akephalos ‘Headless one’ represents?
His head is refered to as the Sun and an aspect of Osiris.

But on this forum I saw the name as an aspect of the ‘Morning Star’ and/or Satan in a prayer.

More interesting is that before Christianity came this was seen as a divine invocation. After Christianity this was labelled as Demonology and once again we discover dogma here.

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@DarkestKnight and what if there is no energy left to do any ritual?
btw, help!

Just some options, tell me if you done it.

  1. Just tell her, your will is sort of banishing.
    A) Ask her first what she wants and that you need her to go because of your health
    B) Then bring it up a notch. I want you to leave you are no longer invited

  2. Did you try the banishing of KOF?

  3. Did you try the LBPR?

  4. How about propper grounding?

  5. House cleansing?

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my energy being damaged causes me to have difficulty in my rituals, and even if do something, its temporary for some reason, and I see myself within my body as a miniature size of me sometimes,

Generally speaking, this is one of those things I don’t touch with a ten foot pole. If a spirit is in someone, it’s there for a reason. If they can’t do it themselves, all you’re doing is wasting time and effort, because spirits take up residence with people through invitation. If a spirit is in someone, it’s because it was invited. If you kick it out, it’s just going to come right back, all the while laughing at you. You accomplish more by teaching people competent healthy habits than fixing their temporary problems for them. Teach a man to fish, and all that.

Here are many of the methods that I use. But you need to repeat if you think it’s not gone. If you do it right. The solar banishing and house cleansing should be enough. It’s all in my journal:

yes, but there are ways to fix it, anything is possible, I am in my situation for a reason too, I know, even though I never called anything, but I also didnt say no when she came, and now well…

It’s your energy to, with the exercises you get a higher vibration. It will make you less interesting for low level entities.

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i can will try this as well, what worries me is that i will get trapped in a bad hell area with my consciousness for…well…but lucifer had helped me, as well as Michael, I dont believe I am damned, just extremely damaged

Pazuzu will exorcise you whilst you’re sleeping. He’s exorcised me multiple times successfully in this way.

The only thing is, these entities will return, or others like them will be attracted to you if you don’t do any inner work to address what attracted them to you in the first place, and close the backdoor they entered through.

But yeah. There’s several spirits who can exorcise you.

Suhn’tal’ock is one. Pazuzu is another. Sante Muerte can also do it. But Pazuzu is the only one that I’m aware of who can do it while you sleep.


thats precisely my problem, I need an energy source to hold on to after getting the succubus away, because my energy is so messed up that i dont even feel that connected to my body

to the source ,or any legit trustworthy spirit

yea like what happened with yeesch, but me not being familiar with him was a little frightened and he understood