Get all your wishes fulfilled only today - Fast!

Hello everyone,

We all get into occult to take control over things that we otherwise could not. We deal with demons, spirits, angles, and similar beings to get results. But how about asking it directly from the God when he is in the mood?

Today is MahaShivaratri, a Hindu festival, and marked as the day of Lord Shiva. As per Hinduism, Lord Shiva is one of the three major Gods:

Lord Brahma - The Creator
Lord Vishnu - The Operator
Lord Shiva - The Destroyer

Lord Shiva is known to be very angry in nature and can put your life upside down in fraction of a second if you ever disrespect him. He is known to not take any shit from anyone. So, before moving ahead, let me warn you, when you are dealing with him, be at your best of behaviour.

But, he is one God who is very easy to impress. He is kind hearted and hence we call him ‘Bholebaba’ which means gullible. You can call on him, and tell your problems, fold your hands, and ask him to make some way to make your life easier. He listens, acts, and sometimes act very fast.

Today is MahaShivaratri (02-22-2020) which is his day. It’s a national holiday in India. Millions of people in India won’t take a single sip of water today, will fast throughout the day, as a mark of respect to him. It’s said that today is the day when Lord Shiva stays too happy, and more generous than any other day.

So if you have any wish, please open a picture of him on your phone or PC, look at him with love and respect, chant his mantra a couple of times (108 times is recommended, but you are free to do any number of times), and seek his blessings. He will surely act on your prayer.

Lord Shiva Mantra - OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA

You may search the above mantra on YouTube to hear how to pronounce it accurately.

Thanks and hope everyone stays happy.



Is it okay even if you’re not of the faith?

Thank you! I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Shiva Live Stream (same song on repeat) the last couple weeks. I found Lord Shiva through my studies of the elemental energies. The mantra Om Namah Shivaya as well as singing along with the Shiva Live Stream lifts me up & centers me. I was taken aback to see C.Kendall declare Shiva is a mask of Lucifer. I’ve heard of the masks of Lucifer before, but they were referred to differently in Rites of Lucifer.

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I am a Hindu, will that make Jesus or Allah not answer my prayers? Religions are made by humans. God is one and we just call him by different names. If your faith is true and heart is clear, he is bound to listen to you.

There is Lord Jagannath temple here in Odisha, India. Each time I’ve been to his temple, I have cried like a baby to see his diety. It feels like you are just seeing the God before you, what else you need? Tear comes down my eyes automatically. I can’t express that feeling, that’s the most satisfying emotion.

So just pray to any God, of any religion, with pure heart and clear intentions. Your prayers will be answered. :slight_smile:


Shiva is a God. Lucifer is a demon. Shiva is known to kill demons.

And go to or Google and search for experience with lord shiva. A very few fortunate ones have seen him in physical form as well. Obviously, he won’t come in his own avatar, but takes the physical form of a human, comes from nowhere to help his devotees in dire situations, and then immediately disappears before your eyes.

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Lucifer is a lot of things, there are many many layers to Lucifer. Youre free to do some more research if you’d like. Wishing you the best either way.

Thank you.


There are other religions that have been talking about that correspondence since I was young, along with the idea that Lucifer is Enki and who knows what other entities, from that I’ve learned not to take those things so seriously, as what is ultimately “true” is what works for the practitioner. I work Kali as a mask of Lilith, as so does the guy who wrote “Lilith: Goddess of the Sitra-Ahra” and other people, and it works, but I refrain from trying to convince people of such correspondence, as it only leads to pointless arguments, specially when faith and dogma are involved. Also, sometimes the entities talk with symbols, for example, Lilith told me that she is Naamah, what she said was that Gamaliel works in Lilith (the qlipha) as if they were one


Shiva & Kali far pre-date any recorded use of the names Lucifer & Lilith, however that’s for them to “police” so to speak, not me.

But I think in the west people have a natural scar from the cultural genocide Europeans endured, which saturates our culture and leads us to think the Bible is the first recorded religious script and also the final word, when in fact it’s a relative newcomer on the scene.


This is kind of unfair to say, and it would be clear why that is if one has read in lila from Puranas etc. Lord Shiva, if disrespected in such a way, then he becomes angry. When his own father in law constantly spoke ill of Lord Shiva, he didn’t mind it. It was only the damage that abuse caused Sati Devi that Lord Shiva chose to react that way.

However, an expansion on Lord Shiva - Durvasa Muni – he’s known to get angry at a whim, and one should be careful.

Lord Shiva is so merciful, tolerant and kind. The form of Lord Shiva ‘Rudra’ which is in charge of destruction, and who’s abode is inhabited by ghosts, ghouls etc. in the Tapas lokas is not also, by nature known to be angry.
How then, could he be a great devotee of Lord Vishnu…

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Thanks for this. Let’s see if it works.


It didn’t work for me. Did anyone got what they asked ?



Of course it’s not going to work. The post misunderstands what is the function of Lord Shiva, his Ontological nature, and what the significance of Shiva Ratri is all about, and then lastly supposes Lord Shiva is inclined to fulfill material desires because he’s gullible and very happy on the day of his appearance.

The thing Lord Shiva gives easily is devotional service. Either to himself or Lord Vishnu.
Lord Shiva in his form of Rudra doesn’t live any mansion, he covers his body with ash, is in deep samadhi all day, he does not give the highest order of Shaivites any material luxuries, he puts them on the path of liberation. Helps them get out of samsara, not further entagnled.


Thank you @Ancestor

isnt Rudra the form he took during the Cosmic Dance?

Lord Rudra is one expansion or Rupa of Lord Shiva. Nataraja is one name of Lord Shiva – which means Lord of dance. It is crudely translated as Cosmic Dancer by new age writers.

According to the scripture, one can become a Rudra if one serves perfectly as a Brahma 100x times.

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as a Brahmin you mean?

well i mean…that was a cosmic dance, was it not?

Actually Shiva is more than a god, in the yogic sciences Shiva is actually understood to be a whole dimension, the dimension then emanates outwards into our dimension taking on various forms. Such as Adiyogi and then taking on the form of the god known mostly as Shiva The Destroyer, yet he is so much more.

There is actually a lot that goes into Shiva and I too as well as other great occult and spiritual pioneers like Asenath Mason and Bill Duvendack also believe Shiva and Lucifer to be one in the same, the masks of the same force or forms of each other if you’d like.

While your right Shiva was known to battle demons this means nothing, as when we look at Baal for example he is an ancient god, who also was known to battle the Adversary entity Yamnahar. Yet Ba’al has also become Bael, a demon, a ancient devil and a wicked adversary too.

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I highly doubt that, nothing against Lucifer but Shiva is older imo

So because Shiva is older he can’t be Lucifer ?.

Ba’al is older than the appearance of Bael, yet they are one in the same, plus it isn’t about age.
You’re viewing it from a vantage point of physicality, understand the concept of what a spirit really is and how most of their “masks” or “forms” are merely emanations.

Why do you doubt that Lucifer & Shiva are one in the same ?

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