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@lawclerk is correct. Witchcraft and Magic is a practice. What you are doing is giving a concert without having practiced to play the piano.
But the best that likely can happen is nothing.
Magic does not equal immediate gratification unless you have practiced many years.


Thanks for the recommendations, I’m always looking to read more stuff.


I’m aware of that, I’m definitely not looking for instant gratification. I’m just following the book and the advice in the book by the authors. Thanks for the input.


I do agree, everyone’s level and their relationship to magick is different, some need less work and some require more practice. And true, there’s always more knowledge to gain.


I did 2 Rituals and Bankruped my business which was doing fine the cashbook failed miserably and I think it made matters worse I did th 3 angels ritual that could have almost ruined me I know now. It brought Bad Luck guys we need the truth in this forum not white wash.


and I think that angels are more dangerous than demons just my oppinion I only like the archangels


To be honest with you, I’m not a big fan of GoM, but the worst thing you can do is to use spirits to make trading decisions. Not that they can’t, but it’s also about your ability to “Receive”.

Learn and practice, then use magick to give what you’re doing positive energy.

Follow a proven strategy, practice it on demo or small account, then invest larger amounts. I trade part time - with harmonic patterns - and money management is the key to success in trading. Without it, you’ll eventually lose no matter how skilled you are. So choose a system, practice and baby steps with money management.


thanks on that topic I hit the reply on you by mistake ^-^


Hey Princex, just curious - how do you ‘filter’ out messages from spirits/angels e.g. how do you tell the difference that it’s actually the spirit talking rather than your own subconscious/inner voice ?

p.s. other than years of practice :wink:


Guess without practice, you’ll have to figure it out. Nobody else’s experience will be exactly as yours. :thinking:


I ask for a physical confirmation to make it clear that what I understood was correct. For example, see, or hear a specific name or number or similar “signs” that I decide for the spirit.

Another way is to use different methods of communication that would confirm each other. For example, audio recorders and the spirit box.



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Hello, I agree with you on several points, but there are some I’d like to dispute. I’m liking this discussion, very diverse and civilized, so I thought I’d jump in. (apologies for the length!)

Ok, emotional transmutation. I agree with you that focusing exclusively on the end result can work well, and that doing so will often bring about the transmutation subconsciously, but I do think performing the emotional shift from negative to positive in ritual is quite beneficial. I feel the emotions as a very tangible energy within my body, and in the moment of transmutation it feels like the negative emotions squeeze up through a filter of sorts within me. I then feel Light surge up and around me, and I attain a strong sense of joy, peace, gratitude, and ease.

I’ve found that when I bring forth negative emotions first, I am able to produce a much stronger effect. I believe this is the case because either way the emotions would be transmuted, but when brought forth intentionally it allows for a greater degree of control over the energy. I also believe that doing so allows you to transform more of the unwanted emotions into desirable ones in one performance, rather than through repetition, meaning that the microcosm will contain less negative emotional energy that is reflected into the macrocosm. This is also why it seems that their methods often contain repetition when this technique is employed, and their books hint at this as well. I could dig around for an exact quote on that one, I think a couple of the books discuss it, one being Wealth Magick I believe.

I observed the same thing about DoM as well, that only the end result is focused on. I think this has more to do with the author encouraging personal study and experimentation than an attempt to sell more books. This is not the only secret concerning the evocation method that has been revealed to me by the demons, which is partially why I am confident in my answer (things tend to be better in 3s). Though the technique itself feels rather different, I’ve found that a similar process of alchemy may be practiced with demonic magick. The difference lies in the emotions that you work with and transmute.

With angelic magick, I’ve found that feelings such as anxiety, despair, and wrath are more readily worked with, while with demonic magick, feelings such as rage, lust, and primal fear are more readily accessed. This is also why I believe that it is important to practice both sorts of magick, but that’s for another conversation.

One potential alternative explanation would be that desire alone is enough to fuel magick, which would mean that emotions are not an essential component to the process. My problem with this idea, however, is that desire seems to be fundamentally tied to emotion. Even rather base needs, such as an adequate supply of food and a safe place to find shelter, seem to be tied directly to emotion.

The idea of the macrocosm reflecting the microcosm, and vice versa, further supports this. If one is filled with feelings of fear, the macrocosm will then reflect this fear and manifest negative things. If one is filled with joy, then one’s life should reflect this. This isn’t too impressive of an idea when viewed purely through a mundane lens, but this is where magick makes things interesting. I believe that magick necessarily works on both aspects of reality, the internal and the external, when it is performed, but that the focus can be directed to one or the other as the situation dictates.

It seems, then, that emotions are a fundamental driving force behind magick, regardless of whether they are consciously transmuted or not. I would argue that doing so consciously is more effective, but I suppose we would need to do some experiments to verify that. I assume the Gallery already has, I just wish I could see their data.

Bit of a long ramble, but this is a cool topic and I don’t get this theoretical too often, fun stuff to ponder :thinking:


Hi @shinri Thanks so much for your wonderful explanation. I love the way you understand it.

You think your reply was long? Hold my beer :grin:

I’ll be back in few minutes to explain my point of view :metal:


Hi again @shinri Allow me to explain my point but from a different angle.

When GoM started publishing books, their method was mainly based on NAP - New Avatar Power - book. The author had no clue what he or she was talking about except that they had to copy the same structure of ritual, from NAP, hoping to provide practical and popular magick book that would sell. When they first started, there was no emotional aspect in the rituals at all.

Next stage in their writing, obviously after some research, was using the most common classic magick. Focus on the end result and the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

Later on, they added the "emotional transmutation’ technique. At this point, they already separated their style completely from NAP ritual structure. And formed all their rituals around the "emotional transmutation’ method. And published more books under many different names.

In my view, all authors of the “practical magick” books found now, are the same person who started it all and used the name “Damon Brand”. All of them. Including Hargrove, Archer, Winterfield, 'The Order" etc But that’s just a side note.

What I want to say is that the idea of a group of occultists practicing magick for decades and knowing all secrets is wonderful. People love that. And the author used to write FICTION as he stated in his early books. So it’s easy for him to come up with a back story to satisfy readers. But if you’ll examine the books and the content over the years, you’ll find that he started by simple copy-paste of NAP then step by step to came up with those secrets as he goes :slight_smile:

Regarding the technique itself. Magick can be done in many different ways. But the most popular and probably the most effective. Is to attach a powerful emotion to a thought/intention in a trance state then release it. Simple as that. Nothing more. However, emotions are also a language. Each emotion means something different to the subconscious. The feeling of joy and pleasure doesn’t mean the same thing, like anger and rage or hate, for example. When you feel each emotion, you’re not only generating energy, you’re also sending a message to the subconscious. This message is then transferred to the spirit you work with or the divine or “the all”, whatever you work with or believe in.

The meaning of each emotion is decided based on the experience of the collective consciousness of humans as species. And also based on the experience of the individual. But in most cases, they have the same meaning for everyone.

The main theory behind the emotional transmutation, as a technique used in magick, not by the GoM, but in magick in general, because they do it wrong. Is that first, you - banish/curse - the undesired situation. Then you attract the desired end result. That’s how this is done correctly. You can even see it symbolically in almost each and every ritual that a witch or sorcerer performs since ages ago.

Why the way GoM are using it is wrong, in my opinion? Because they do it in one ritual. Meaning, you would be generating negative emotions while focusing on the undesired situation. BUT in your mind, your desired end result is there. That’s why you’re doing the ritual in the first place. So instead of banishing the undesired situation, you end up generating negative emotions about what you want, because it’s in the back of your mind the whole time. When that happens, you make things worse.

When does that happen? It happens when what you want is very important to you. Something that you can’t just take out of your mind, not even for a minute. As I explained before, for example, urgent financial problems or difficult breakups etc If it’s something under your mental control, you will perform the banishing/cursing of the undesired situation correctly because you will only have that in mind. Then later on in the ritual, you’ll bring the end desire to mind with the corresponding feeling and all goes ok.

I hope I’m making sense to you.

By using the ritual this way, with this emotional transmutation method, you can see how things could backfire. What occultist and magicians do to avoid that, is doing two rituals instead of one. We have rituals to banish and curse, and rituals to attract and create.

The emotional transmutation technique will generate all kinds of mental/emotional fireworks, all the wonderful effects you want. Feeling good, energy is amazing etc However, subconsciously, things could be in complete chaos! And you would only know when you see things starting to get worse or if you’re lucky, nothing happening at all.

Does it work? Yes. Is it the best way to do magick? That’s up to you and each practitioner. In my opinion, it is not. But it sure generates wonderful feeling, enough for people to defend it. We all love feeling good and we believe what we feel. That’s the strength and weakness of this method. If it works, it will work very well. If it doesn’t, shit will hit the fan !

Instead of that, I personally prefer traditional magick. A ritual to banish and a ritual to attract. Simple, clear and it works perfectly. :slight_smile:


Hmm, interesting points. I’m a little short on time now, but I’ll come back to you with a more involved reply. I actually agree with many of your points, particularly that first banishing an unwanted situation prior to attracting a new one is a good way to work.

I think the issue people often have when they are struggling to manifest something is that they do not realize they are trying to fill a hole that already contains something else, whether that be an internal or an external thing (likely both, in many cases). E.A.'s gatekeeper working demonstrates this well I think - he first worked with Abaddon, who is known as the destroyer, before now moving on to Lucifuge Rofocale, who to my understanding is good with finances. You’d have to ask him, but I would assume that many “blockages” were cleared away that Lucifuge will now work to fill for him.

I’ll give my other thoughts in a bit, good conversation :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, hope your day has been good. I’ll give my thoughts on a few of your points now.

It seems that our primary area of disagreement with emotional transmutation is whether or not negative emotions should be involved in the process. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but you believe that by involving negative emotions in a ritual that is intended to attract a positive outcome, the emotions could become “mixed-up” and lead to subconscious chaos, presumably leading to a “backlash” of some sort.

I disagree because the negative emotions are transformed via the process of transmutation. In this way, what is being communicated to the spirit/subconscious/Divine/what-have-you is the desire for change from one state to another. Rather than just sending it the desired end result with emotional energy attached to it, you communicate the entire range of the change you desire. This does not lead to subconscious chaos in my experience, likely because the negative emotions, the ones that would be causing this confusion, are no longer present at the end of the ritual, as they have been brought forth and transformed.

I should clarify as well that I do not base this reasoning entirely off of the experience I have in ritual. Much more important is the quality of results that I experience by working the magick. I have never had “shit hit the fan” when using this method, and I believe that to be nothing more than scaremongering. I have found the Gallery’s methods to be safe and effective.

I should also clarify that I do not believe this emotional transmutation to be the one and only way to work magick effectively. The technique has worked wonders for me, and that is why I share my knowledge of it, but by no means do I think that everyone has to use the methods that I do.

While I obviously do not know for certain if the Gallery author(s) are being truthful about their identity, I am of the opinion that they are sharing very genuine, powerful magick that has been developed and practice by more than a single individual, and that is based on many more source texts than NAP, as is mentioned in the books. The writing is of high quality, but more than anything, the magick is highly effective, and that is what matters more to me than anything else. The results I have obtained have been in-line with the powers of the various spirits as described, and the guidelines for magickal practice provided in the books and on the website have proven to be useful and quite practical.

I have not read NAP myself, but I find it hard to believe that the entirety of their works were created solely by copying the book. I believe Brand states in an interview that NAP was one of the first books that they found and worked magick from, and it makes sense then that it inspired their later developments, but I doubt that it contains the extensive Kabbalistic theory that is behind many of their other workings, or the descriptions of the powers of many angels, demons, and other spirits featured in their work. I have also not read the Hebrew source texts which they cite so I do not know for certain if the various Divine and angelic names they use are actually legitimate, but again I base my judgement on the quality of results the magick produces.

I do not believe the conspiracy theories that say that some secret order controls the whole world, or other such nonsense. I do find it reasonable to assume that people of a magickal bent like to get together to talk about magick, however, as that is literally what this forum is for. We didn’t always have the internet though, so people gathered in-person. Sometimes they give their groups names, like BALG, or the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, or the Gallery of Magick. I’m guessing the reasons range from egregore creation to ego-inflation, and everything in-between.

To add to my point in my previous brief post, I agree that blockages, if they are present, should first be cleared before attempting to manifest something new. However, I have found emotional transmutation to be effective in either sort of ritual - ones aimed at creation, and ones aimed at destruction. This seems to work because the emotions that have solidified blockages, in my experience, are distinct from the emotions that attract a new situation.

Feelings of grief around a breakup, for instance, are best to first transmute into peace prior to transmuting a feeling brought about by not having partner into one that would be caused by having a partner. If only the latter step is performed, the feelings of grief would still be present, blocking manifestation.

I’ll state again that this is simply my way of doing things, and that there are many valid ways of approaching magick. I’m not saying that you must practice how I do or believe what I believe, but I think that my reasoning is quite sound.


Hi hope you’re doing great :slight_smile:

We agree to disagree regarding the emotional transmutation. I understand your point that the results follow the change that happens in the entire process. Which I disagree with. In my opinion, what follows this emotional change, is an illusion of change caused by the change in your emotions in the ritual. What causes results to manifest, again in my opinion, is the emotions you generate in the ritual. If the negative emotions are stronger, yes shit will hit the fan - big time! - even if you think this is scaremongering, and if the positive emotions were stronger you’ll see positive results. If you don’t produce enough emotions more than the other, both negative and positive emotions will cancel each other and nothing will happen. This is the very basic theory of how it works. The more elements you add to the ritual, the more variables you add to the formula and that affects your final results.

As I said before, this method could make wonders and clearly this is what you experienced. Happy for you. But unfortunately, this is not what all people are experiencing as far as I know from stories in forums and personal contact with practitioners who tried GoM books. For you, you can only believe your experience. But I think it’s not fair to ignore the reality of other people’s experiences just because you experienced something different.

In my previous posts I explained the reasons behind those mixed results. To the best of my knowledge and based on my own tests and experiments with it for a long time.

GoM has many fans that it’s almost a cult now. Their fans just can’t stand any negative word about them, it’s like you curse Jesus in a discussion with a Christian lol I understand the psychological motives behind such reaction and I mentioned it briefly in my previous posts People love to feel good, and the method used by gallery of magick have the effect of drugs on the mind. Extremely difficult to question or doubt and very difficult to criticize the ones who sell it.

You say that all that you mentioned is based on one single thing. That the rituals worked for you. And that doesn’t mean anything at all except that the rituals are well structured and you’re experienced enough to know what you’re doing to make it work. Yet, you go through their writings, their identity and defend everything about them without anything to support your claims. you repeat that you don’t know about this and you don’t know about that.
But all you know, all that you WANT to know, is that anything negative about GoM is wrong, very unlikely, conspiracy theories, scaremongering, nonsense… etc Without providing anything to support that. In your opinion, it’s just NOT. And that’s the way it is in your head.

Believe what you need to believe or want to believe. That’s your business.

For me, I have a different approach. I know why their rituals work and why they do not work. I know how their books are written and the sources of their material. I know because I researched all that for a long time while others just taking whatever is given to them and praise it or curse it. It’s a bad habit that I have since childhood. I need to understand it, examine it, test it, know how and why… before I can trust it and use it. Very exhausting and painful habit but very rewarding as well.

My personal experience in magick, which I’m grateful for and rarely mention, most people need several life times to have anything remotely close to it. What GoM are making public lately, I was practicing on a daily bases - alone or within private groups - for years and years long before the name “Gallery of Magick” existed. That’s really childs play for me. And most of the things I know, unfortunately, I can’t say in public. Including what I know about the source material behind GoM work. If I did, that would be a true disaster that their fans, such as yourself, would never forgive and it would destroy their whole business!!!

If anyone interested in, my recommended books from are “Archangels of Magick” - “Demons of Magick” - Magickal Attack. And maybe “Magickal Cashbook” for money magick. And you can use the “emotional transmutation” or not, that’s up to you. For me, never.

The only reason I even care to mention any of what I said here about this “emotional transmutation” B.S process, is because I understand exactly what it can do and what it can cause. The negative and positive effect, because I know exactly how it works and why it works. If people find this information useful, they’re welcome to use it and I’m glad to explain it in more detail if needed anytime.

For die-hard fans of GoM such as yourself who just want to hear praise and glory, I think you really should avoid discussing anything about GoM with me. I have enough religious zealots to deal with, I don’t need to add GoM fans to my plate at the moment.

That’s all I have to say about this subject. Wish you all the best. Goodbye :slight_smile:


Hi, I wanted to revisit this thread to update for anyone reading this ever.
I finished the ritual as scheduled on April 30th. And I have to say that I avoided the financial disaster that was looming over me at the time of writing this thread. Not only that but I have found amazing financial opportunities and my financial situation is surely on the up and up.

So I conclude that the ritual works and what majority of people said, disruptions to make way for something awesome (as much as we hate to hear/read this) is true. Also I agree that when working with powerful entities, demons, angels, they bring about the change you desire and ask for but they aren’t necessarily as concerned with the disruptions that are caused or occur in your life due to the change happening. So I would say please keep this in mind when performing this ritual.

Thanks to everyone who responded with encouragement and support, I truly appreciate it and this forum!


Damn cool!

As I was reading I kept thinking “Subjective Synthesis is a thing…” Clear intention is almost on par with a well performed ritual. The power of belief is ridiculous.

None of my rituals have “failed” because the ones that are yet to manifest are still bubbling away in the background. I choose to believe this, and so it is.

I also relate to seeing disruption and feeling dissapointment yet I choose to see it as a hidden blessing somehow. “Every disaster is a blessing in disguise” as Damon puts it. Powerful reframe.

My business has sat at an interesting plateau for the last year. Only a 15% increase despite having signed a contract worth $11.3M back in October 2017. I’m not sure why but I still choose to believe that it’s for the better and another route will be better for expressing my true will on an ongoing basis. I’ve had opportunity HURLED at me from all directions however, there’s abundance everywhere and that’s been the feeling of it all.

I’m still allowing a result I cast for around that same time to manifest involving a girl I’m still deeply in love with. Since then I’ve discovered polyamory and am in multiple open relationships with some women I’d be a fool to lose by going monagamous with just one. Everyone is happy and thriving emotionally and I choose to believe it’s setting the stage for something much better than what I had planned with her at the time. Had I gotten what I had asked for the relationship would have capsized. I understand the nature of women and modern relationships and it would have been an inevitable failure, until it isn’t…

Sallos delivers interesting results over a long period of time, I firmly believe he’s still working on what I’ve tasked him to do and he overdelivers in ways I would have never guessed at the time.

I’m a big fan of their current and I think there’s a lot more to the results than meets the eye. Some show up so rapidly it’s ridiculous yet others need to cook for a while and when they hit …they hit with miraculous power so long as you don’t shut them down by writing them off. I started out on my journey to get good with women back when I was 14, and now I’m to the point where people I’ve never met are asking me for advice, let alone my close friends… I could charge for the insight I’ve gained and it’s all come through spirits guiding me to the answers.

They work, though the biggest changes need to go through a sequence of events and that can take time. Resistance elongates it. Bit of a paradox really yet it is what it is. You are in the drivers seat however, always keep that in mind and as always: Be careful what you choose to believe.