Gallery Of Magick books not working for me


More often that not a practitioner has a force field constructed by their Psychic Sensor to keep the wealth away. The Psychic Sensor is a valuable mechanism - just not in Magick. Reprogramme yourself using bank deposit slips to yourself filled with huge sums. Stick 'em on your bathroom mirror so you see 'em. Eventually you’ll see but not recognise and that’s when the reprogramming starts. Get comfortable defining yourself as wealthy in your head. Chant “I am wealthy!” also project it to the four quarters. Repetition alters the morphic field.



Myra I started with GoM’s books back in 2014 and at first I tried everything, literally over 25 rituals from every one of their books, Magickal cashbook, magickal seduction, Magickal Angels and Greater Magickal Angels( which were combined and re-named 72 angels of magick) you name it I did it and for a year and a half nothing worked as a matter of fact i too lost everything My girlfriend, my house, 3 jobs got into an accident and totalled my car so i went to GoM’s website because their facebook group had gone away for awhile and i basically asked wtf ive tried your books and nothing I see all the other people getting results and i got nothing I wasnt trying to be rude but I wanted answers and Damon himself commented back and gave me links to articles that they had at their website that could help but the most important thing he told me that maybe it was the fact the the spirits were getting rid of all the junk that was holding me back so i could make room for the new things in my life. and you know what he was right that same night I started another working from magickal cashbook using one of the little tweaks that he wrote about and literally within hours i recieved the exact amount from the most unlikely source, i did a woyking with Sitael from 72 AoM and a company that I had sent my resume to 8 months before called me for an interview I was hired on the spot with a very nice benifits package, 401k and the works and I still work for them to this day but the best part is every ritual that Ive done from all of GoM books have worked almost instantly. so dont give up keep working the rituals and go to their website and read all of their articles, the Q and A’s also there is alot of good stuff there and it does work. I hope that this helps cause their books have seriously changed my life I have been in the occult for close to 15 years now, I was a member of many occult organiztions and read almost all the books from regardie to lavey and it was all theory no practical magick just theory GoM was the first books that actually got down to the practical magick and when I finnally started getting results it totally changed the dynamic of my life my old teachers and mentors were now coming to me for help. also look into a book called New avatar power, a lot of the spirits that GoM use are in that book Nitika, Elubatel, etc…


Wow that’s such an awesome answer , loved reading it ! I also had 70% failure after 10 years of following the spiritual path , used to read others success stories and feel worthless, so I gave up and started Magick not realising it’s connected to what I had learnt earlier and now slowly I’ve started to see results!


The books don’t work for me either. But I know they don’t work for me because most of them require you mention Yahweh. That doesn’t work for me. Probably some leftover catholic conditioning.

  1. I think you meant “Nitika” and not “Nikita”.

  2. Isn’t invoking Nitika directly ,as you have suggested (and without invoking Nitika through Raziel first), dangerous ?


Two people and a book are better than one person and two hundred books


So i think your answer is a combination of what @lestat and @shinri said. Its likely a combination of…’‘this would’ve happened anyways’’ and "the spirits are clearly out the crap in your life for the new wealth to come in’’ I noticed that you said that you haven’t actually finished the ritual through to the end. I think it would be more fair to wait until you’ve actually finished it through to the end before making a judgement on it, but personally…i always prefer the path of least resistance/effort. I wouldn’t have went with doing a 4 to 6 month long ritual for more money, when you honestly could’ve done just one ritual with a demon like bune from the Demons of Magick book and gotten the same result. You see what im saying? Its not like the longer the ritual process, the more bang for the buck you’ll get. From what ive seen, magick isn’t so linear. Just look at some of the success stories on here involving money, and you’ll notice that hardly any of them required more than one or two 30 minute rituals. Mind you, im not anti-work…but i am pro-value. If two rituals will get me the same result, but one will take 1 month, and the other will take 1 day…the value proposition of the 1 day ritual is much better (30x better actually), so that is what i would go with


I tried for almost a year using GOM books and got nothing. I tried Angels of Wrath, Demons of Magick, Magical Attack, one other and I got very little if anything to work. I could never figure out why? After failing with all of those, that’s when a friend recommended New Avatar Power to me and I have to say, that is when things started happening for me. I’ve had success with Corwin Hargrove’s books. I’ve had good results with the books from power of magick such as Angelic Sigils, Keys, and Calls and Lucifer and the Hidden Demons. But for some reason I could never get the GOM stuff to work for me. I have no idea why. I just quit trying to figure it out and have went with what works.


I get what you’re saying but I started Wealth Magick because I agree with a lot of things written in that book and it’s about building long term wealth instead of having a spurt of a lot of money (I’m not saying that’s what you mean) though I see what you’re saying as well and to each their own, it’s good to know different options/rituals/workings available for what suits which person.
I am going to finish the whole ritual as I previously stated. I still really enjoy the whole ritual and working and don’t intend to stop when I’ve come this far.
Thanks for all the input!


Yes you are right, I meant “Nitika” not “Nikita” sorry for the typo :slight_smile:

I always invoke spirits directly, never had a problem with anyone of them. But you can use the method you believe is best for you. I use it that way, and it works eveytime for me.

I would only invoke another spirit, an Angel for example, or higher ranked Demon, if the spirit I’m invoking is unknown. I don’t even know its name. To watch everything and make sure the spirit doesn’t use any dirty tricks. If you know the name of the spirit or you have its sigil, you are in control and can handle it if anything went wrong, there’s no need to have another spirit. Plus, it shows trust and respect. That’s how I understand it.


Are you serious? You sound very new, you can’t start your magical path with instant success. You start with basics you have to add and subtract before you can do calculus or algebra.

Many of the books involve invoking powerful deitys from the Goetia which is not the place to start, you do not have the experience as it takes years to develop. All major Deitys from basic Wiccan practice to high ceremonial magic will not accede to instant fame or fortune but with knowledge and divination, once you have a patron spirit you know you can depend on then you can move on to higher requests but only if the deity will accede and a pact is made between you.


I am serious and if you read my first post, I am new as I already stated, I started in November. And this is about Wealth Magick which is a ritual spread over 5 or 6 months and involves only angels and 1 demon Clauneck (in a later working/ritual which I have not reached yet). Please read all my posts if you want, I already stated I’m not looking for instant success. I followed GOM advice and books and nowhere do they say that you need to be experienced to use their book Wealth Magick, actually say the opposite. My post specifically only refers to THAT book. What you are saying does not apply to me in this situation, even if you disagree please agree to disagree as I don’t want to debate or argue. We all have our opinions. Regardless, I have already said a few times, I am carrying on with the ritual and will finish it. Thanks.


If what your saying is correct about the book, then Wealth of Magic book is mistaken, you can’t just break out the candles and become an instant success except of course in the movies. If you think otherwise without applying some common sence and logic with lots of hard work, experience and knowledge regarding the Craft or Magic than you are in for some very hard lessons.

But it does very seriously apply to you. I am not debating either. Better gain some basics first before attempting unknown rituals and castings that you have no experience with. If you post you should be prepared for varied opinions with some who do have experience. If you arent interested in gaining advice on a public forum than dont post, just because it is something you do not want to hear or agree with. You asked why are my castings unsuccessful i am rendering my opinion.


Hi @PrinceX, interesting…! This is the first time I hear someone say that GoM’s emotional transmutation is gambling/playing with fire. So is it rather ineffective then?

From my understanding, the emotional transmutation technique is comprised of 2 stages:

Stage 1: one visualizes their current situation, sorrow, etc
Stage 2: visualizing the situation/feeling that they wish to happen

do you suggest that we omit stage 1, and just go to stage 2 (i.e.: the desired end results) right away?


Like I said, agree to disagree. I don’t agree it applies to me at all seriously. Forgive me I’m sure you have experience but I would trust GoM authors know what they are talking about over you. I welcome opinions and I can also disagree with them, like I do with yours in this specific case. Advice is fine, I don’t agree with it in this case. I do use common sense, thanks and like I said I am following the book and their advice in the book as I feel they know what they are talking about. Yesterday was a hard day and I am exploring all that’s happening with me, but as I’ve said I am enjoying performing the rituals and I will continue till it’s done.


Good luck with your rituals. There are no short cuts in life or magic but a learning process that takes years to achieve.


Thanks. I’m not taking shortcuts at all even if you think I am, I am following the book exactly.


Hi @tamatoa , it’s effective but in some cases, it could backfire. If that happens, it would be best to keep repeating the ritual until your positive emotions gain more power, and you see positive results.

For me, that’s a risk I’m not willing to take. I prefer “emotional concentration” not “emotional transmutation” in magick.

Yes exactly, skipping stage one. You’ll find that in “Demons of Magick” book, more clearly in the first ritual, petition for results. you focus on the end result and generate the corresponding emotion/feeling.

The main positive outcome from using the “emotional transmutation” method, is that you will instantly feel emotional change. That’s why in most GoM reviews you’ll find people getting the impression of success, and praising the books, just after doing the rituals and before they see any results at all.

Also keep in mind, that most Damon Brand’s angelic powers, are intenral change. Mental and emotional. “Have clarity of mind”, “forgivness”, “changing thought patterns from negative to positive” etc. And that’s easy to acheive instantly with the “emotional transmutation” method because it does exactly that. Making it very effective, in selling more books for Damon Brand and making cutomers happy. When they needed more physical change to happen, with the release of “Demons of Magick” because most people believe Demons aim for physical verifiable change in life, they didn’t use it. They went back to the original “Focus on end result” method.

Both methods work, eventually. And you won’t notice much difference if you’re using the “emotional transmutation” with things you don’t really care much about. Desire them but without powerful negative emotions attached to them. Such as money problems or difficult breakups etc

In my opinion, there’s no need for it. Simply go for the end result. That’s magick 101, it worked for centuries and will work forever. The emotional transmutation happens naturally, subconsciously. There is no need to do it intentionally in the ritual. You already have negative emotions about whatever problem you need to solve. And you felt that long enough before you start the ritual. Naturally, if the ritual is done right, you will feel change because you focused on the feeling of the end result in the ritual.

I can’t see a practical need for it, except creating the illusion of change fast enough to get those positive reviews faster to boost sales for GoM books :slight_smile:


For what it is worth, NAP didn’t work as well as Geof Grey Cobb’s other book(under a pseudonym),The Mystic Grimoire of Mighty Spells and Frater Malak for me. That book, if you can find it with the talisman pamphlet, kicks ass.

Don’t be put off by the testimonials and over the top writing. It was what Parker Publishing wanted in the book or it didn’t get published. All of the Parker Publishing books follow the same formula. If you can get past the copywriting,there is gold to be found.

Gallery of Magick? I use it for things that need to be changed in a few days. Have not ventured into the very long ritual in Wealth Magick


Keep in mind also that your energetic rapport also comes into play here. For example, your energetic rapport could be stronger with Demons, and thus Angelic magick will probably be weaker for you compared to Demon magick.

I’ve used the book Angelic Sigils, Keys and Calls by Ben Woodcroft, and the Angel(s) have thus far given results the next day after giving my petition. Some people are born on such a level of advancement where they can progress faster than others, and thus don’t need years of training just to sense a spirit. Others need an entire lifetime to develop themselves to such a level, it’s really all personal, and many, many factors come into play when it comes to how strong your abilities are.

Remember, that ultimately this journey, the occult, magick, and so forth, it’s not something you master in one lifetime, or even a few lifetimes, even if you become really great in a few years, you’ll still have more to learn in the years ahead of you. Don’t be too harsh on yourself if things don’t work out right away, because there is always something that will work. You just have to find it.