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Hi, a few weeks ago I made a topic about Gallery Of Magic book Wealth Magick Gallery Of Magick books not working for me - #59 by myra
Basically I said that I was doing that specific ritual in that book which is spread over 5 months and I felt things had gotten really bad, worse and I’m about to almost complete the ritual.

After that thread and the replies, I continued doing a lot of meditation to clear my head and it worked as I continued with the ritual, I was feeling good, optimistic and thankful to magick!

Now this whole ritual ends on the last day of April, I would have completed it entirely by that time. For the past week things financially have taken a turn for the worst, I’ve tried to keep a positive outlook but really the past 3 days are indicating a looming financial disaster and I’m on the verge of collapse.
I feel so incredibly scared because this disaster if it were to pass, would cripple me financially. Before anyone says that sometimes old things have to clear to make way for new, this is not an old thing but one of the opportunities that I grabbed while doing the ritual. Other opportunities I also grabbed because I wanted to not miss anything but they have also faltered and failed massively but this one is hitting me so hard since I was so sure and hopeful, as well after failing at everything I don’t have the positive energy that I had at the beginning.

I’m not even talking about incredible wealth, I’m literally talking about being robbed of financial freedom and not being independent anymore. I hate to share it publicly but I this has me contemplating ending my life.

Please advice what I can do? Constructive, helpful answers only please.

As long as you can fight dont give up you can win been down and out a few times
Need talk about always pm me

Something is very off about it.
Like, the spell is clearly having the exact opposite effect of what it should be doing.

Could you tell us as much as possible about this cause, so that we can analyze what might be going on?

Something occured to me, depending on how you executed the ritual, it might be so that your enterprise and the other financial income might have been holding you back, and the spell actually killed these things off so that you could have a chance to prosper.
It hit me, when you wrote that the spell helps you build a long term wealth, and thus, provided that you do not end it all, it might actually be making way for your future.

This happens to me a lot, and the forces I work with are all about the long term, so it would make sense that a spell that is strongly designed to care for the bigger scale would punch you into the “right” direction.

What are your thoughts about this?

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It’s hard to explain, basically the whole ritual consists of 7 working which vary in length from anywhere from 17 days to 33 days. The working employ various angels, and the 2nd working employs angels of omnipotence and the last 7th working which I am currently on, only employs a demon Clauneck. In these workings basically you say words in the book and in some workings you also say your desire in your own words. There is also emotional transmutation techniques, which Gallery of Magick is big on. Visualizations and such as well.

it already killed my financial income in the first couple of months, everything else, all other opportunities were new that came to me during the ritual.

That supports the hypothesis, it would be an obvious move to kill and burn the old stuff.

What happened with the new opportunities?

this post is about the new opportunities, they failed and the most recent one which is looming right now is headed towards a massive fail which will cripple me financially if it were to happen, it could always not happen but the direction its headed seems not promising.

Two questions.

  1. Are all the opportunities within the same field?
  2. What field?

they were not within the same field, very different from each other. I rather not say field, I don’t know I’m weird about sharing such things, since there is still rituals attached to it.

I understand, and I am fairly confident that the spell is working, it is just not working the way you’d expected.
Powerful spells of transformation tend to not care about the distress of the subject, remember that the distress you feel is temporal, and just as you did not feel that distress before you started the spell, the distress will pass with time.
If I understand the spell right, it is meant to cause a fundamental change to your economy, as I said earlier, quite likely, whatever you were working with earlier would not have lead to that outcome, so the spell did what spells do and just killed it off.

I have also been on the brink of suicide several times in my life because the torment that can come with transformation, the forces of higher beings don’t really care about the strain or distress put on us, as we will either get over it or break along the way.

As such, try to make a spell that helps you with guidance, and another spell to anchor yourself into this struggle.
Do what you need to do to get through this, but be confident in this, because this is what magick does.


Hi Myra, something does seem a little off. I would suggest you do an evocation to Clauneck and ask him to sustain enough income to maintain your independence until the new opportunities arise.

Whenever I’m doing any major operations that has the capacity to dramatically change my life, I always ask for them to bring in the new fold, without harming my present financial status quo.


I am not going to say “that which does not kill you makes you stronger”.
I am just going to ask you to finish what you started, because that is quite likely the best advice I could give you.

If you need help doing it, this entire forum, including me, may offer help and advice along the way.

Adding to it, cast some spells for inspiration as well, because that might open the road you are looking for.


Yes I will finish it for sure, only few days left anyway so doesn’t make sense to abandon it when I’m so close to the end. Thank you, there is still hope that this current disaster doesn’t happen so I am still hopeful and haven’t completely given up on life yet.

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Yes it strange, I will do that, thank you.

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When you ask for financial help, sometimes the demon will disrupt your life so whatever thing you were doing doesn’t hold you back (like a crappy job, for instance), so yes, at first it might feel like it reversed, but that might not be the case. After the turmoil, new, better financial oportunities might arise, so don’t give up!


Thanks. The ritual already disrupted my crappy job, this is only about the new opportunities that arose during the 5 month ritual.

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Pretty sure most beings would do that.
The entities I work with are not demons, and they also do this all the time.


Not all of the opportunities presented, if not even one of the first wave of opportunities, may be the one you are supposed to get.

Success is often about about being at the right place at the right time, by denying you these opportunities, the spell is priming you to get into contact with the right one.


Yes, Linuriel_Starborn beat me to it, but I will say it anyway. Opportunities did appear, but maybe they were not going to improve your life the way you need. Stay optimistic, and as Linuriel said, finish the ritual and see what happens.


My poor dude. Look up Think and Grow Rich. Way better book by far. There are free copies about.

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