Gallery Of Magick books not working for me

Hi, ok so, this might be a bit long. I got into magic i want to say around November last year when I stumbled upon Demons of Magic by GOM. I haven’t used that book yet, in fact I haven’t yet worked with demons at all. November is also when I was about to start a business. I bought Wealth Magick by GOM and I began my business journey, I started the first working from the book and I religiously followed it without missing a day, ready everything properly and following all instructions. During the 2nd working, I also did 33 days of Master Protection ritual from Magickal Protection by GOM.

Currently I’m in the midst of the 5th working from Wealth Magick and I have to say I’m at a complete loss. My business not only failed but failed miserably, and my other source of income also stopped due to unexpected circumstances, all of this happened while I was performing Wealth Magick. It is disheartening to say the least, I’m angry and frankly today is the only day I missed doing the daily ritual because I am so angry and sad. Not only finacially things have not gotten better, things are worse than ever!

I talked to someone on another forum and what they say blew my mind in not a good way, they said “You just have to keep doing even though can’t see it working.” I mean, I’m sorry but that is the same religious bullshit I’ve heard all my life. “Keep praying, God is always listening even if you can’t feel it or see it and things are worse than ever.” I’m not here for this at all!

Maybe angels don’t work for me, I don’t know? I haven’t tried working with demons yet but maybe that’s the answer.

Sorry for the essay, I fee so lost. I really like GOM books, the way they are written and all the amazing reviews they have. What’s wrong with me?


Wow your thinking is exactly like mine I was in to hard core law of attraction stuff and I failed bad just like you ! Then I got in to Magick , I have had success with magical cashbook but I started asking for a low amount and then higher and higher . Do you think you have what they call “lust for result”? I struggle with that a lot , I’ve noticed not giving a shit about result is much easier for me than feeling positive that it’s coming both are ways of letting go of the final result ! Also some say before you succeed sometimes you fail miserably and loose it all .


I don’t have lust for result at all. I was actually not expecting to get much money. Financially my life has gone in a downward spiral at light speed since that past 2 or 3 months and that is something I was not at all expecting. I have already had my fair share of horrible failures hence me stumbling onto magick when I was searching for something, anything.

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This really is a matter of to each their own. Everyone seems to swear by the magical cashbook however I’ve used it twice, exactly to the t and it didn’t work for me.

Damon Brand/GOM also has a book for angels and I fortunately was able to use one of them for an ideal place to live which worked for me literally the next day after I used the ritual. I had three days left on my lease and desperately needed a place to live.

I’d second that keep trying thing, there’s confidence in a ritual, trying it again with even more confidence and then there’s just giving up which won’t work out for anyone.


Perhaps @shinri has some insight. He has worked extensively with the GoM methods.


Wealth Magick is a ritual over 5 or 6 months and this is my fourth month, I haven’t missed a day except today and always give it my all sincerely so it’s not lack of trying. I didn’t expect to get much money, I didn’t expect to lose all that I have financially either.

Is it a challenge of will and commitment?

It’s not a challenge, it’s a ritual. Even if it was, I’ve been super committed. And their books usually warn if any warnings are applicable like watch out, you might completely fail and lose all sources of income to the point where where you might have a nervous breakdown. But no such warning is in the book.
If it was something like, you will be put through hell and shit and only if you keep believing a 100% in this no matter what horrible things happen, only then you will be able to get the reward, if it was like that I would not have even touched it cuz it sounds like religious propaganda which their books are not like.

I’ve kept my expectations low with magical cashbook I add up all extra money coming in for example $10 coupon from uber , few extra hours at work , finding money on street , selling something on eBay and it always ends up being the amount I asked for ! I now believe that if you fail with a method try another thing it’s probably not for you , I think trying again and again and failing will get you in the mindset that you are a failure which isn’t good for any Magick

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It doesn’t have to work for everyone. I don’t know if you should keep doing the rituals or not, that’s up to you to decide. Personally, I would stop and find something more effective. They have other books about money, maybe you could try them.

Here’s something that may help. You will need basic visualization skills.

In a quiet room, no annoying noises. Close your eyes. Empty your mind and relax your body until you feel pleasure just by relaxing. After a minute or so…
Repeat this name : Nikita. Over and over.

Visualize that you’re in an ocean made of money. Sky is just a peaceful and beautiful bright white light. Swim in that ocean. Stop while you’re swimming and hold some money in your hands. Feel the joy and happiness. Even think how unbelievable that is, it’s amazing! Feel that. Put the money back and keep swimming in that ocean.

Keep repeating the name : Nikita.

Then imagine it started to rain… the rain is made of money. It’s all over you. Stop and catch some, hold them and feel happiness, wonder, and joy while you can touch the money and feel the texture - smell them if you can. Then back swimming in that ocean of money. While repeating the name.

Do that for 3 - 5 minutes.

Then change your vision. Imagine yourself going out, feeling extremely rich. And buying stuff without worry. Shopping for very expensive stuff. With each item you buy, feel the power and joy of having money and not worrying about anything at all. You’re still chanting the name!

Do that for about 3 minutes, then end the ritual by opening your eyes and say the name : Nikita 3 times with deep gratitude, joy and happiness.

No need to believe anything. Don’t believe it “worked” but also don’t believe it didn’t ! Experience it then forget it. Whatever it was, you enjoyed it and it’s done. Get busy with your normal life.

You only need to do this once. But if your situation is urgent you can do it once per day until you see results. You will :slight_smile:


”Maybe angels don’t work for me.”

GOM was my entry point and had minimal results. This was the conclusion I came to as well.
Angels judge more I found. If what you’re trying to achieve is the ‘right thing’, if not they won’t do what is requested.

I Started working with demons and they helped profoundly.
They don’t judge. Free will is their modus operandi.
No offence to anyone who works well with angels. I just came to the conclusion that the LHP is more suited to me.


Thank you, I will try this.

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You know, you might be on to something. I didn’t think like this before, only past couple of days that maybe just maybe.

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Allow me to disagree. The main reason for failing with Angels is that most rituals are structured based on wrong assumptions, like the ones you mentioned. Angels and Demons or any other spirits, follow the energy you give them in the ritual. If the ritual is powerful enough, you’ll see powerful results. Perform a weak ritual and no matter which spirit you work with, you’ll see weak results or no results at all.

Most GoM books, especially the ones by Damon Brand, are structured in a specific way that may or may not work. Depends on the situation and desire. The reason for that is the “emotional transmutation” technique. If your negative emotions are stronger - the situation is really bad or you have a strong desire - then the situation will become worse or at least, nothing will happen. There’s a reason why occultists and magician only concentrate on the end result. This “transmutation” thing is gambling and playing with fire.

Unfortunately, because almost all their books are attached to Angels, people get the impression that Angels are just difficult to work with. They don’t care, you need pure heart, must be religious etc etc all are superstitions and got nothing to do with how Angels work.

Angels are soldiers, especially Archangels. Give them weak, all love and light, ritual and you’ll be lucky if they do anything at all. Forget that they’re “Angels” and act as if you’re working with a Demon… and see what happens. :slight_smile:


I agree with this. I’m really good at emotional transmutation and also visualization. When I perform a ritual, I am sure of my emotions and never, never bring in negativity because I’ve read extensively on this and as you have written, it has somewhat of an opposite effect to what you want. I also don’t suffer from lust for results but generally just happy that I’m performing magick.

I skipped today because I knew my state of mind is not positive.


Hi Myra, I’m in the midst of the Wealth Operation myself, and I’ll try to give some insight if I can. I obviously don’t know all the details of your situation, but maybe I can spark something for you.

First off, the spirits are not punishing you. They are not testing you or making you suffer for the sake of learning or “balance.” If I were to guess, I would say that many of these negative things would have come into your life whether or not you ever did any magick. Good and bad things have always happened before magick came into your life, and life will continue to be textured in this way even while practicing magick.

Without magick, you are forced to endure through negative situations and hope that things will turn out ok. With the power of magick under your control, there is no longer a need to hope. Reality is a swirling vortex of chaos, with no real balance in the world. With magick, you are taking control. No matter what the world presents to you, no matter what circumstances were prescribed to you, you can have what you want by taking control of the chaos with magick.

You are performing very, very powerful magick, and I would encourage you to reflect for a moment on your journey thus far. I would be quite surprised if you or your circumstances have not changed since you began. It may not seem like it at first glance, but much of the change Wealth Magick brings is internal.

That is not to say that nothing in the external world is changing, but that often you must change first to allow these opportunities to come into your life, or to notice opportunities that have already been offered to you, but that you were unable to see.

I know it sounds like utter bullshit to say that things are working when your life seems to be in shambles, and nothing seems to be going your way. I won’t tell you to have faith or believe that God is moving mountains in the background. It feels like vague hoping, and that is not helpful.

I know it can be difficult, but you have to trust in yourself. Trust in the spirits too if you can, but remember that although they can perform great, wondrous acts, you are in charge of your life, no-one else. You have decided to build a life for yourself that includes great wealth. Magick can help give you the opportunities you need, but you have to make it happen.

You got this mate. Keep moving forward, and I know things will work out for you.


I know what you’re saying and believe me that I know that change is internal, I am aware I am in charge and I respect your knowledge but there aren’t any opportunities that I have missed or was unable to see. I am very aware of myself and my surroundings, that is something I owe to magick as well so I get what you’re saying, I do and I don’t believe anyone is punishing me at all, that’s not what the post is about. This is basically just expressing my sadness and anger at the situation not at angels or magick itself.

I have not lost belief in magick and never in myself.

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Very good points and interesting perspective :slight_smile:

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The book doesn’t only work with angels, there’s a working with Clauneck I think. I have successfully worked with many other workings from GOM. If you read the reviews on Amazon and groups that work exclusively with GOM you’ll see that almost everyone who worked with this book has experienced disruption, some people say that they’ve experienced situations similar to what you’re describing. But in the end many of them got the results, apparently the disruption they experienced was necessary for what came later. I would finish the work, specially if you’ve invested so much time on this. Perhaps once the work is done something better will come along, financially of course. But as said by other members maybe this type of magick isn’t your cup of tea. Even so, I would definitely work my way through it, if I was so advanced in the workings I would finish it, not lust for results and see how it plays out. Hope everything will get better for you.


Yes, I’m definitely going to finish it. I want to see it through. Today was a bad day, with the another things falling through yesterday, it was just too much for me so I skipped today, better to skip a day than do it in a negative frame of mind.

Thanks everyone for the input, I really needed it!