Gallery Of Magick books not working for me

Hi Myra from this post where you say “I was not actually expecting to get much money” with that phrase you are already hobbling the magick and it gave you exactly what you were expecting. Try and do some work on your self to make yourself more open to receiving wealth you should really be going in to the ritual with an attitude of devine right to have what it is you are asking for someone once told me when you do magick as a human although you are asking for what you want and you want them to help you get it, you should still look at the ritual as if you are the creator and they are there to help you attain your goals so in that respect you are the most important part of the ritual therefor treat your self as Eric says as" a living God" because you are in the proccess of creating your new life of wealth and prosperity you are god at that point and they will help because YOU are the creator . Best of luck don’t give up regards Herbie

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What kind of “tweaks”?
Thanks in advance

Its on the Gallery of Magick Blog under Five Ways To Get Magick Working: Part and also The Art of Indirect Magick but actually all of their post have helped me over the years.


Thanks a lot!


Thank you for posting this, as I am sure it will be invaluable to many who may struggle with achieving success using emotional transmutation.
For me, it didn’t work. I understand others had success, but I gave it my all over and over again, and nothing.
I had and continue to have success with DOM. The straightforward approach of placing all intent, focus, visualization on the desired outcome ONLY, works for me.
One spirit clearly said " Don’t care how you feel know, tell me what you desire in the outcome". Since then I stuck with traditional method.
You clearly explain, a banish ritual may be needed, and that is brilliant.
The method has to vibe with the magician, if it doesn’t make sense in the mind, it won’t succeed in the magick.


Thank you so much,

Yes I agree with you. The straight forward approach works perfectly well and much more effective in my opinion.

I believe the spirit you communicated with puts it beautifully …

GoM still get credit for trying to introduce something different and relatively easy, and works for some people. Transmutation technique aside, their books have lots of valuable information and explanation of many important elements.

Personally I enjoy reading their books but I’m not using their systems.

That is absolutely true :+1:

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How do I get basic visualization skills?
Do I meditate? Is there a book I should read?

I am pretty good at daydreaming but I cannot seem to focus it at all. Even trying just seems to make it all fall to crap.
Is there some way to learn this?


Visualization is basically daydreaming, the difference is concentration on specific targeted scene, instead of allowing your mind to move freely from one subject to another. Plus, using your spiritual senses while you daydream… hearing, touch, smell, etc

The only way to get better at it, is by practice. Start with simple things, an object you’re familiar with, an event from your memory, then take it a step further… add more objects, try to re-structure the scene from memory instead of remembering it exactly as it happened. If the image is lost, get it back without using too much will power or force. Allow your imagination to take over and lose conscious control as much as possible.

It’s like playing a musical instrument… the more you do it almost unconsciously, the better. That’s your goal. And that won’t happen without practice.

I suggest you read books and listen to lectures by Neville Goddard. If you follow his teachings and techniques you will master visualization.


You need to control your emotions.

You need to expect the outcome to occur, if you read the book clearly it states your dwelling on the magick, expecting to fail, is not part of the ritual and will demish it, you are to thank that it is already done and it is already in place, your disbelief is the reason you are failing anf then fail to perform.

Maybe you need to clear the space again as something is discouring you, or you need to first work on self improvement to have better belief and clear those blockages over religion. The results ar einstant, they have already happened back in time, you see the future.

Without this vital step i dont see how you can achieve anything… its like ordering on amazon then not opening the door to complete delivery. It’s not amazons fault…

Money magick of any sort can be very tricky if you haven’t/aren’t fostering a healthy mindset about it. Did you examine and change your current beliefs and attitudes towards money? Do the inner work first. :wink:

I’ve posted a link to a very good book that will help you get a really solid start on the inner work around manifesting money/wealth.It might seem a bit woo-woo because it’s LoA, but give it a chance.

This is something that had bothered me - I’m a novice and rarely have results, but working with Demons of Magick was followed by actively bad happenings (months-long family trouble) twice. The third time the same trouble brewed (hadn’t done anything from the book) I binned it, things passed quickly and we haven’t had severe issues for over a year now.

Can’t tell if it was coincidence, but became disillusioned with magic for a while.

That’s exactly the problem.

When you do magick you WILL feel something and if you don’t then you’re probably doing something wrong.

The second problem here is that based on what you said you’re doing it exactly as instructed which is the biggest mistake newbies make.
You need to personalize your methods because it’s your magick not someone else’s.

Another tip would be start doing magick a few months before starting the business so it has time to get things in place.

It’s an interesting about “common sense and logic”: none of them suggest rituals and summoning demons/angels :).

Just be patient. Do the work appropriately and wait. It took me a year so that my results can manifest, and i ended up getting more than i had originally asked for. The spirits will do the right things at the right time and redirect your life experience via circumstances. This is why it may take longer, especially like in my case, where i asked for 200 dollars (this is a lot in my country, it can even feed a family of 5 for 2 months :joy:) but i got 260 dollars instead via a job i received. I was using magickal cashbook.
Here is the big secret though. Perform magick every day or every week for different things or reasons. Don’t just do one type of magick and sit your ass down. No, perform over 100 rituals in a year and watch them manifest in your daily life gradually. You will be shocked as you are bombarded with results every day later on. Once results come in you will be like ‘Oh, i forgot about that one, arrived pretty quickly’’ Thank the spirits and enjoy. Also remember that it will not necessarily be easy. Even though i got that job i ended up getting malaria which was affecting my work and i was almost fired. I persevered with the body pain, nausea, headaches, weakness…i was even had a really bad fever which left me shivering violently as i counted people. Working from 8:00am to 10:00pm in the night with only 2 breaks. I almost gave up while i was laying weak in a hospital bed and i was left at a cross road, where the doctor gave me the choice to endure the pain or just stay at the hospital. I was in a dilemma so i eventually opted out because i had given up. I only told a colleague of mine but funny enough he told me that if have the will i can make it through. So the next day i showed up to continue the work. After taking medication for 3 days i was better. I successfully ended up performing better than most and even one family that i interviewed (it was a census job) told me to always be coming to their house for lunch, which saved me on lunch bills. A Muslim man even bought me paracetamol for my headaches. Another lady bought me energy drinks when i was at my weakest, i didn’t even ask her to Actually the last person i counted gave me ten dollars because he had seen me working throughout with little to no rest. He even complained to the other neighbors for not tipping me. Later another one gave me 10 dollars. So it was technically 280 dollars. So even though you may get what you want you may have to work for it, because of the limitations of being of incarnate flesh. This is where Damon said that one should also do their end of the deal. Of course, people have different journeys, some will have it easy, others hard. It all depends with the will of your true self. It is all simply an experience is it not? This not only gave me money, but also made my spirit and willpower strong because after all…pain is all in the mind. This job may have lasted 2 weeks, but it felt like a decade as i worked like a donkey with disease trying to drag me down. Nitika good thing helped me along the way.

They may open the road for you, but you are the one to finish it off. It is not just merely going out to look for a job or something, but rather taking the opportunity that the spirit presents to you and working your way up to achieve your goal. As you rise, you may experience a lot of things that will try and steer you away because technically speaking you are changing your fate. But the spirits will still be there, helping you through people. As you see in my story, i was offered help and encouragement. So the journey is what is important, not necessarily the end goal. Because at the end of the day, these spirits are just helping you out. In spirituality nothing is for free, everything must be paid for. The money you used to buy the book goes to GOM, but the price you pay for working with spirits comes in either tears, sweat or pain. So remember, you are paying twice!


Which angel book did you use and which angel did you use?

What tweak did Damon recommend to you?

i would assume it’s the 72 angel magick book. the other one is archangels of magick. they don’t have much angel books from gallery of magick.

They actually have a lot of angel books lol

Archangels of Magick. 72 Angels of Magick. Angels of Alchemy. Angels of Love. Angels of Wrath…


Props on waiting for a year. That’s the deal most of the time

Even Words of Power, Greater Words of Power, Mystical Words of Power, and Magickal Protection to an extent lol

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