Gain true power like a Sith

(I miss the Sith Philosophy page)

I’m not talking about political, financial, or simply getting your live back together Power. I’ve researched on kinetic abilities and from what I’ve learned is that the only way to gain those abilities is to have a high enough level of chi.

Make no mistake I fully intend to take time and practice to raise my chi I’m already doing chi training and blending it with meditation, and I’m going to get get a Mantak Chia book the day after I make this.

I’ve heard of vampirism,emphasized text taking something or someone else’s energy and turning into your own.

I want to know if I could take my negative emotions and transmute them to raise my level of chi.

I want to know if I could be able to train like both a Jedi

And like a Sith

And someday become like the famous Star Wars Legends character



You do know they’re fiction, right? lol

Real chi does not give you Force abilities. If you’re lucky, you might be able to conjure up some neat party tricks though, like giving people static shocks or breaking bricks with your head.


I just chose to use Star Wars as an example

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If you want to develop unlimited amounts of chi, complete the Kundalini. Once that circuit is completed, you will have a self-sustaining supply.


By the way what happened to the Sith philosophy page anyway?

Even so, Sith follow the rule of two, don’t they?

My experience with telekinesis as a kundalini awakener is that you can affect your environment with your emotions. I called it physical manifestation. Positive emotions rubs off on your environment and positive stuff starts happening around you, vice versa.

This is telekinesis IMO, affecting your environment with your emotions. Of course you can also manifest the destruction of something physical like a building which is also telekinesis.


Fiction character are just as real as any other spirit, pop culture spirit are quite real, and quite powerful spirit, why i agree with Real chi dose not give you Force Abilities and that might not be possible, pop culture spirit them self are quite real and powerful and have a lot to teach as well, the art of evoking/invoking spirit at it core it able to ton your energy into anything and call out to it this include be able to draw a sigil and do ritual work, with them, like one would do any other spirit, the thing that limit the person in believing that these spirit are real is the person who evoke them, the mind is a powerful tool it hold the power of creation with in it, egregore spirit like these pop culture or Fiction Character are quite real, with these spirit, so many humans put energy into them the mind of the mass poor energy into these Fiction character so much so that they become full on Egergore and in some chase full on godforms spirit existing outside of pop culture all together

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I think the most direct starting point of what you’re talking about is first to understand and work on integrating the shadow. From the moment we’re old enough to understand the difference between good and bad, right and wrong, etc. our personality is split into the ego (conscious) and shadow (unconscious) parts which develop different agendas. From everything I’ve been learning what stops us from having true power is that so much of what our ego wants, our shadow does not.

Ego: Good / Angels / Jedi / Mercy / Light

Shadow: Bad / Demons / Sith / Severity / Dark

We all have both sides within us and the more a person identifies with their ego, the more resistance they experience resistance from their shadow, which is unconscious so the magick is blocked or they self sabotage. When someone learns to balance the two and give acceptance to their shadow and what it desires they gain the potential to access the power of using their unconscious mind, which is what all magick really is. Israel Regardie talks about this and C. Jung a lot in his books as well as the middle pillar ritual, which is a powerful chi building exercise. Check out Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliott, that is an excellent discourse on this too.


Jedi and Sith are fictional characters but the powers they use are not. Albeit, I don’t think you can level entire cities with them. Though some monks talk about initiates having to take vows to not do just that. They are known as Siddhis in the yoga tradition and can be cultivated by both mantra recitations into the millions where you become one with the vibration of mantra, and through cultivating the Tummo and raising the downward voiding wind through the central channel, dissolving all inner winds into it. It takes time and dedication that many don’t have such as months of retreat, sadhana, and puja. Vaishikaran mantra is an example of Siddhi/Force Ability because it can compel things to your will.


I was interested in telekinesis when I was teenager but I end up realising how useless of a power it is. What can it be used for? Intimidate or impress other? Why not learn scene magic instead? There was an illusionist who made a whole city disappear which is far more impressive. A male witch 20 years ago was right when he said that magick did not make the life easier but just more nuanced. The true power of magick comes from your own will and knowing what you want and doing, so if you don’t know yourself and are weak you have no power of magick.

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In YouTube on the Asher’s Goddess Channel a woman talks a lot about dark energy and dark matter.
Could this be what I’m looking for?

Probably not: those theories never bore fruit, and physicists keep finding large chucks of matter and energy they didn’t have the equipment to see before. It was a cute idea but after two decades and billions spent even trying to prove something unseen exists they cannot.

As Ingo Swann pointed out, modern science can only use a materialistic (physical matter based) approach by design, so that automatically excludes anything esoteric, like, trying to describe consciousness, which they can’t. There’s no science of consciousness. So I would not look to modern science to be helpful in this area at all, beyond basic energy working. we can measure energy moving, but they’ll not find the mechanism for why until they look beyond the material.

he (Ingo Swann) mentions this issue in this lecture (somewhere, sorry it’s long but also cool and pretty funny)

I’ve heard that practicing dark energy offered great results
Unfortunately I have no idea how to practice dark energy.

Anyone know how?

i feel this a useful video for this topic as person that have work with lot of pop culture spirit, one think that is key to remember when working with them, is that there personality from there pop culture media is different, so in this topic we talking star wars and the sith, well in working with them they would be different of there personality and what you can learn from them as a whole, it important to remember that they are real spirit, just like any other spirit, so working with them compare to there show/moive/book/game/anime, etc would be different then the character from there media, there not a carbon copy in fact they would have there own goals etc like any other soul would, for offering i find it best just to ask them but normally with these spirit they will let you know what they like and don’t like, these egergores spirit are quite powerful to work, and even have there own system of magic that can be quite powerful as well, really as i see it the mind is the only limiter of what spirit one can evoke/invoke to learn from

awesome thread. I used to play SWTOR as a Sith female and have always been interested in their philosophy.


In more interested in self teaching and I continued the dark energy topic on this page How to start dark Energy

I keep hearing hate on the upcoming Star Wars series Acolyte
For those you don’t know what that is I explain as best I can.

Acolyte is an upcoming Star Wars series about the Sith during the High Republic era which is the golden age of the Jedi order as well as the republic they serve. From what I’m understanding from the trailer it’s mostly about a sith apprentices journey to becoming the next dark lord.

I actually a very excited for this

This will show a whole to perspective in Star Wars and I believe just like The Mandalorian they’re going to show the ways of the sith that have never been seen before and perhaps the spirituality behind hit. Maybe there might even have stuff to add to my work.

What do you guys think?

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Not really it’s just a fan thing