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I finished about three of my futhark books and i was wondering. can you command the bind runes or rune script to do different things. Like a bind rune ment for warding the house how do you let it know who is a friendly spirit and who isent.

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Typically when you create protection bindrunes, you’re creating something that will block out uninvited guests. Galdrstafir like the Helm of Awe, on the other hand, are designed more as a full block as it draws the energy directed at you in, charges it, and returns to sender.

Formally a member of TOS which is rather interesting.

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So does anyone have any experience with runs popping up randomly? Sowilo has appeared twice today any meditation that i can use to find out?

I actually had a rune stave/bindrune appear to me randomly some time ago, although I don’t have much knowledge on how to use runes or rune staves, so I can’t help you there, but Edred Thorsson/Stephen Flowers is a great source to look into.

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besides fehu are they any runes that deal with psychic abilitys? Im crafting a bind rune and i cant decide weather i should just use fehu or some other rune.

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Lol. Fehu is about wealth and abundance. Those most concerned with magical ability are laguz, elhaz, and pera.


ty, man i cant even remember where i read that.

Bookmarking for use at a later date. Keep up the discussion. It is very informative!


So has anyone used another rune besides Algiz to ward and protect their house I want to use Thurisaz but im afraid its too aggressive any suggestions?

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Algiz can be bound with Thurisaz. It’s one of the bind-runes I’ve had a good time with. So have others that I know of.

The aggression of Thurisaz can be civilized. Sometimes a polite person needs help saying NO.
I’m like that. Thurisaz is helping me become a better leader.

Thurs-Algiz? Is there another name for that?

ah I see thank you. So do you meditate on runes daily?

Yes, but I usually do so at night. I should start a morning meditation routine. I usually hit snooze until the last moment and wind up rushing to work.

Morning Meditation with Mannaz

I just got the impression that Mannaz makes a marvelous mantra for manifesting myself.

I’ll try it. Maybe it’ll help me beat the snooze.

Uruz, Tiwaz, Isaz, Eihwaz, Berkanan, and Othala, and Dagaz are all potent defensive runes, as is the bindrune for the ancient protective incantation “Alu”, comprised of ansuz laguz and Uruz.

Thurisaz is a much more offensive rune, to the point where you’re essentially channeling baneful energy through it. If explicitly directed at those who mean you harm, perhaps through combination with hagalaz and/or kenaz, you’ve got some good defense by offense potential there.


ty. its was the offensive nature of Thurisaz that i was concerned with when i think of frost giant and thorns i dont think plesent thoughts.

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So I had this thought that occurred to me that if lets say there was a spirit you wanted to bind seal a spirit in an object you would use fehu, and other energy runes to stop it and its energy from escaping. Correct me if im wrong

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I don’t see fehu as a particularly good rune for imprisonment, no. Most of the protection runes I mentioned above funnily enough should make good rune prison material, as should any bindrune in which any of the ill-portending runes (e.g. hagalaz, thurisaz, naudiz etc.) are coupled with Raidho.


Right. Someone showed some pics of a cool wooden box with futhark and some other probably Sumarian runes. The futhark were all very baneful.

As far as a purpose for that item, either keeping a terrible thing inside or putting something inside to curse it.

You could write “The Song that Never Ends” or “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” in futhark runes in a spiral around a vessel of some sort. If you continuously sing the song while crafting you might have a serious artifact. Try not to go crazy and fall in though…

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Wow Sumerian Runes you said ? Really ? Do you have the pictures ? Honestly i think runes are way older than WE think and what you said might prove it.

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That’s the thread. I think the box was crafted in modern times rather than being ancient, but still cool.

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