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This is an actual Old English rune based spell. The “Fee, fie, foh, fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman,” that the giant chants is a wealth chant. Until very recently, the most desired form of wealth came in the form of food. Fehu (even though your study use the different rune, in Jack and the Beanstalk it’s the /f/ sound) means cattle, or movable wealth. But cattle are also eaten. You have a lot of cattle, you have a lot of meat. You have a lot of meat, your family is well fed.


You don’t have to charge a rune. So the answer to your question is yes.

Although if you’re doing rune magic to effect change you may want to consider burning the rune you make for it.


Ah thank you the book i was reading dident make that very clear. I though the rune would have to be re charged or something. I really just want some wealth bind runes among other’s

Ye they ain’t sigils; they’re more like calls or portals to divine forces. When they’re willfully carved, the call lasts. That’s a double-edged sword, so carve wisely :stuck_out_tongue:


Right on. Thurisaz is a rune that I am paying special attention to. It has a special relationship to Fehu. That relationship plays out on numerous levels.

Thanks for pointing this out. Fehu means cattle, but the rune suggests a plant stalk. That story was totally inspired by rune magic and I had no clue.
Rad man :cow2::herb:

Go on…

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Nicely done, Zapdubious!

Have you made any stained staves? If not, it’s a pretty cool way to communicate with ancestors landvetter, or gods, and “lock in” the divination/spellwork if you like what the runes show you in the ritual.

I’d highly recommend it.

I’ve become quite partial to the runes over the past…dear gods, decade. I’ve learned a ton about the runa, and I like your style with them.

Keep up the great work!

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It’s something I spotted with a bit of intuition and have found evidence of in several places. All the runes relate to one another, but there’s something about Fehu and Thurisaz that has drawn the attention of others before me.

They both have several symbolic meanings. Thurisaz is the Ice Giant who is aggressive toward outsiders. It is also the thorn that represents borders.
@Yazata suggested that Thurisaz represent water and I very much agree. In old Western Europe, the seas made borders between peoples and languages. Back then the Northern seas were a realm of chaos. Iceburgs and storms and freezing salt water made sailing an act of combat.

Fehu is livestock and crops and basic wealth. Fehu is very nice and soothing. Giants obviously love Fehu. They wouldn’t be giant without it. Although Fehu is very nice, it takes work. Wealth must be guarded. Cows wander off without fences.

There’s the linguistic properties of both runes as well. I was drawn into this information when I learned about old English letter Thorn, an evolution of Thurisaz. It’s very interesting in my opinion. Thorn was a very important letter in old English. It made ‘this, that, thou, thine, there, these, those’, and a whole ton of words used to “point” at things. (I’m not sure if those count as pronouns.)

There is a split between Norse and German, and English is caught in the middle. Fehu and Thurisaz are important characters in how this history plays out.

I learn a little something about it every day. The runes themselves tell some very interesting stories.


That is one of the many things that I love about the runes, you can really delve into them for a lifetime and still not discover everything. They do tell interesting stories, and for each person they have a different twist. They really are both universal and very personal.

I love hearing about people’s journey through rune working, if for no other reason than just to compare and contrast.


So, I’ve been interacting with these runes in a very magical way lately. They work. I’ve learned things that don’t fit my prior understanding. It’s great when that happens, particularly with magic.

I’ve preformed the experiment, and my observations match certian predictions that I originally doubted. Of course, there are no laboratories for this kind of thing. I see what I see with stunning clarity but my data is subjective. The operator and their relationship with the universe is irretrievable from magic. One must see for themselves.

Runes are real. You can get information, and you can hack reality. I should have learned this stuff a long time ago. I fully recommend Futhark runes.


Hey Zapdubious,

I’ve really enjoyed following this post and I enjoy the manner in which you work with the Runes. I’ve just recently started on my path/journey again after long time away, but years ago I became really fascinated with the Runes. I probably have every book that Stephen Flowers (Edred Thorsson) wrote about them. I would like to include the runes as part of my new journey and I’ve got just a couple of questions that you may be able to help me with …

  • I’m ready to make my own personal Runes and I think I’ve got the jist of how to do that. Now, there is a Huge Eastern Hemlock tree on my families remote farm. It must be over 140 ft tall! I’d like to fashion my runes from one of it’s branches but can’t seem to find the will to cut into it. You think it would be ok to take a branch or should I find a tree that’s already been downed. There’s another tree close by that was blown over in a storm.

-Once I’ve fashioned the runes and charged them with a ritual from one of my books (unless you have a better idea of how to do so) how do Iearn them and incorporate them into my daily practices. For some reason, and as much as I enjoy the various rune books I have, I’m really not connecting with them on how to learn the runes.

Thanks for any suggestions that you may have, its much appreciated!

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There’s a site called something like Norse mythology for smart people. Its rune section unlike the writings of ol Mr. Flowers is almost completely based on historical reconstruction and not UPG. The site’s dev details his sources and reecommends some really heavyweight reconstructionist texts on rune magic in his bibliographies as well.


Thanks for the info Dusk! I’ll check it out

*also, what does UPG stand for, if you don’t mind me asking?

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My guess: Other People’s Gnosis

Haha no, nevermind

Does not take long of working with them to learn this.

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Unverified Personal Gnosis

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Ah, I see. Thanks JezebelleMoon!

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Ah right, kinda close then

That’d be Unverified Personal Gnosis, which in the case of Thorssen and his proteges is very often synonymous with new age bullshit.


It is also what the content of this forum falls under. People sharing their personal experiences.