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I was wondering has anyone used Gebo to attract something in their life? I know you can use it for giving and receviong

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Many swear that Gebo bound with Ansuz brings good luck.

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website i forgot to post

ok some of the wording is a little confusing when the attributes for the runes are described. what the hell does increase of active and passive magickal and divinatory skills mean? I know what divinatory
skills are but active and passive magickal power cant mean physic power right?

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Haha, occult vocabulary is a huge challenge. Every now and then a few of us get together and try to work out a common set of terms and concepts. That usually becomes a religion for crazy muggles with anger problems.

I think I understand what is meant by Active/Passive/Divination.
Active magic is spell-casting and ritual. Active magic is done on purpose as a specific event. Passive magic is more like magical health and status. A person’s aura is a passive act of magic. Divination fits into a special spot between the other two. Divination is active and passive at the same time. Imagine how sonar pulse is reflected back to a submarine. Noise and silence are both used to gather information.

thank you. I’m creating tat bind rune for physic powers.

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Fehu sowilo Mannaz laguz ansuz these are the runes i was planning on using after i ask for some help with divination.

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so does anyone encode their runes with special purpose? You know when Edred Thorsson suggests you stand before the talisman in the algiz stadha and tell it the requirements, restrictions,
and purposes.

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Divination’s an inherently passive or receptive form of magic, so I’d parse any delineation of active from passive WITHIN the divinatory arts as referring to divinatory spellwork and praxis (cartomancy, scrying, etc) as opposed to gnosis received from one of the latent divinatory senses (clairvoyance etc.)


So bookmarking this and going to go back thru with a fine tooth comb and multiple dictionaries for my ignorant butt. Also well done @Zapdubious!

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Wanted to share this video of chanting with the elder futhark with you! Aka galdur


Damn! I did a better job at this than I remembered. I was already talking about Odin and identifying magic objects. I’m so glad I made this thread. It’s a grimoire.

Good job yesterday self👍

Can fehu also mean “reaching high heights?”

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This song is about Odin.
Interpret these lyrics and tell me what you think.

The Viking and Japanese rune for Strength is the same rune.
They call it Li, and pronounce it “Lee”.

Awesome thread @Timothy
Music lovers? Is this thing on?

Here’s a little magic spell for Vi.

Victory Vengance Valhalla Vision Vu

That’s a cool thing to say five times fast.

I got a bit tied up in my close range personal situation, but I feel amazing and things are looking good. I found a perfect staff. Someone had chopped up some trees and there was a pile of waste wood waiting for inspection.

I picked a nice straight and stout staff, got it back to the garage and it’s fifty inches on the dot. I’ll make a FIThAS staff. I feel very comfortable taking that as a Druid name.

It’s a tough balance even for me, trying to be a normal every day great magician. Nobody likes a narcissist, but I love being me right now. My difficulties in life are like apples to be picked and eaten at my leisure. This is exactly what every human life should feel like.

“It’s so natural it’s a joke!” -Trevor Ilesley
(Anybody know that guy? He’s pretty damn good in my opinion.)

I’m trying not to rush things. Boy scouts taught me a lot of good things, patience and woodworking were two of the most important.

This is Crepe Myrtle. It’s not the best for durability, but this is a ceremonial object. I’ve sanded it down and am using linseed oil. It feels really really nice in my hands. I’m thinking about painting or staining the runes instead of cutting or burning the wood.

Any suggestions are welcome. I’m a novice in all things :wink:

People shouldn’t litter. Some druid might come by and use it to destroy the civilized world as we know it :metal:

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Oh shit-


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