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I’m a noob to Futhark runes, so I’ll start a thread about the basics as I learn them. Come teach me stuff or learn along. Also post your cool Futhark writing or crafting or whatever.


The name ‘Futhark’ comes from the sounds of the first six letters in the set. There are several sets that descend from the Elder Futhark.

There is a Younger Futhark, an English Futhorc (the sounds are a little different so the Roman spelling is different), and several futharks that fit their corresponding language.


Scholars aren’t sure about the names of several runes in the Elder Futhark set. Most old Norse writing is in Younger Futhark or Roman Alphabet.

Elder Futhark isn’t only Norse. It is the master set that most European letter sets came from. Elder Futhark was around before Old Norse evolved from its roots. Wizards of old thought of these as the old runes.


I guess my axe fits :thinking: camp%20axe
There’s the rune poem of Naudhiz written in Norwegian and elder futhark
“Nauðr gerer næppa koste; nøktan kælr í froste.”
“Constraint gives scant choice; a naked man is chilled by the frost.”


The Norse resisted the intelectual influence of Rome longer than other European cultures, sometimes converting six-hundred years later than their neighbors. The Icelandic people took interest in their Norse roots around the twelve-hundreds, and smuggled a few shreds of European mythos past the inquisition.


I LOVE this.


Very nice!
The rune poem is great. I’m just getting in to that.


Okay, I purposefully looked for scholarly as opposed to spiritual sources. I took the runes as letters. To me, the intellectual effort makes magic, not just the names and shapes of things.

The Runes speak though. Lots of ideas about how this can be are going through my head. However it works, learning a rune is a bit like a tarot or sigil. This modern alphabet used to be all sorts of runes too, but we’ve learned to use them super fast. Modern letters are like Japanese sports cars, while Elder Futhark are off-road tractors fuled with whisky.

I started on Thurisaz and had a funny resentment toward modern German because of what went down with English letter Thorn. I know the rune Thurisaz. I’ll always know a few things to tell about it and how it marks English as way more Norse than they taught us in school.

Then I saw this video and totally neverminded the anti-German feelings. Listen to how she says Fehu. (Fay-Hoo) As if both syllables are accented. I feel like I saw a little flash of light.

Language is for people to talk with. Don’t learn the runes just to curse. I’ll probably always know Fehu and Sowilo. I’m not sure how Sowilo got in there, but I see three larpers named Thurisaz, Fehu, Sowilo. They like to make stories.


Okay @Yberion, here’s the first pronouncable word I’ve written in futhark.


I’ll use that as an apprentice name until the runes reveal more👌

P.S.- My Roman handwriting is also terrible


Bookmarking Keep up the good work

What kind of resources are you feeling you are lacking in? Maybe I can help I’ve been working with the runes for a little while now

Seems like you’ve found a lot on your own already

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Right on.
I thought for a second about what I might need, and I’m actually hanging out in my garage next to a bunch of pressure treated wood and a burning iron and loads of random tools. I’m set up fairly well come to think of it.

I’m new so go ahead with anything that comes to mind. It’ll probably be news to me.

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When I first learned the Futhark, I had a dream in which I saw a 5:letter Word in runes on a black wall. I assigned the letters in that order to the points of the pentagram and established it through their meanings as a formula. That Word has been my Magickal Name a long time.


My dad is a Scandinavian patchwork quilt (no Icelandic, but lots of Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish, with a little Finnish).

He saw absolutely no conflict between forcing me to go to church and teaching me about the Norse gods…sometimes on the same day. :face_with_monocle:


That rune name is pronounced Fee-thoos.

I can see that one must work out a certian style. I think I will learn to spell English phonetically as opposed to matching letters.

I’ll probably use the Roman looking fehu and sowilo and the English thurisaz to start with:

That will help me learn to sight-read but I’m taking note of the alternate versions of each one. Those might be better for when I want to make them extra futharky.

That had totally occured to me. I started with three consonants, so I picked two vowels to make it pronouncable. Pentagrams are good and I’ll probably use golden ratios in any crafting I do.

Feethoos, Phithas, Fifth-ass
That might end up being the name of my guide, but I think this pentagram will be my first rune craft. I’ll totally post it even if it’s noobish.

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You know the uþark?
Fehu stands least in this rune order.
I use runes this way.
Thomas Karlsson published a book about that.
Highly recommanded and about fuþark Gardenstone.


I made a Runic money box. :man_shrugging:



Nice! So you’re making your own rune set then? Post pics! I found making my set was a lot of work but it is good to do

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I had seen that. Maybe that’s where I picked up Sowilo. Letter ‘S’ is like that. It shows up everywhere and modifies words in all sorts of different ways.

Sowilo is a powerful rune that likes all the other runes. It’s no wonder we use $ for money. Sowilo gets around.


So I picked out the equivalent of A,B,C and noticed that they all have an N sound in their name. I got N and I for another set of five with two vowels.

I think I’ll try to write the names of the runes in runic. That seems like a good way to decide which one to learn next.