Do any of you recognize these symbols?

OK so a friend of mine sent me these images, apparently they think the box is haunted. I do recognize some of the runes etc but they don’t make any sense to me, like the sequence of the symbols. Also the top symbol, the one that looks like a triangle iam sure I’ve stumbled upon it before, in a curse spell I think. Anyways, any insight will be much appreciated brothers and sisters.

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It looks like a mix of Theban script and Anglo-Saxon Futhorc runes. Maybe a few others as well. Look up a database of “magical alphabets” and you should be able to cross reference and a least get a translation if it says anything.


my thoughts exactly


I don’t think from observing it that the box is cursed. I think it’s protected rather than cursed


The runic symbols are all over the board, they use symbols from different runic sets, they are not very consistent.


Looks like someone crafted a cursed box. Several of the futhark runes are inverted which usually makes them negative.

Fehu, Hagalaz, -Laguz

Fehu is for food wealth and well being. Hagalaz is for hail and is usually an attack rune. Inverted Laguz is lack of water or bad water and is commonly a curse rune.

The one that looks like a triangle on a pole is inverted Wunjo or joy. Wunjo rune is for success and happiness, inverted is discord and misery.

Those could be wards to keep stuff out, but I’d bet on nefarious box of untold horror.


Those are rune symbles but I wouldn’t chance in messing with that box


Thank you for your input, thus far I have observed the same things, I am puzzled as to why there seem to be various scripts mixed with runes which magically speaking they would conflict with each other. In any case Thank you for your explanation.


Thank you all for your comments guys, I do really appreciate it. Keep it coming if you see anything else.

Are you planning on opening it to see whats inside?


There are definitely a few Futhark runes, both forward and inverted, but they seem pretty out of context with one another.
Berkana and an extra-wide Dagaz in the top left of the latch-side, with Wunjo right below them, though Wunjo is backward and has those extra little dots to the sides, and has a horizinotal bar at the bottom? Another Berkana near the middle in the bottom row on the hinge-side, and a backward Laguz in the top row, but with extra little curls or dots at the tips.
Not counting Those first two as Fehu or Hagalaz, they seem too deliberately curvy.

As for the rest, I couldn’t find a single Theban letter in the lot. Checked them against Enochian and a smattering of Rennaisance-era magickal alphabets, as well, but nothing. Lots of very similar shapes, but they don’t seem to translate.

A few of them could almost be homemade sigils off of one planetary square or another, particularly the center two on the top row, hinge-side. For that matter, MOST of them could be homebrewed Sigils from whomever did the box. The top triangle does seem familiar, but like most of everything else, I couldn’t find a match.

Lightning bolts (Lid, left side) are all sorts of symbolic, as are Hexagrams. The twisty loop (Lid, right side) could be an Icthus, or an inverted Cancer ribbon. The big lace-looking pentagram surrounding the mysterious triangle sigil is, if nothing else, a pentangular symbol itself? Lots of possibilities there.

Do you have any more information about this box? Is there anything inside it, and has anybody opened it up? The latch, at least, looks practically new, and it could be telling that it’s only a hook-closure, not a heavy padlock situation. That might indicate that whomever put the box together expected to access its contents regularly.

On the other hand, the top and front are quite dusty, while the back is clean. Seems like it’s sat on a shelf against a wall for a long while, or for a little while in a really dusty environment.

I’ll be interested to hear about any further developments.


Wow, thank you for your time and your observations. You really took your time to examine the pics and pitch in, thank you very much. We’ll I do not know what happened to it anymore, but 8 advised against opening it, just in case. Now some of the letters on the side are one of Tolkien’s languages. But in general I think it’s a just a box made to look “occult” and magickal.

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You’re most welcome. :slight_smile:

I asked about its origins mostly because I wondered if it might be a prop, as well. I could as easily see it being the product of an inexperienced practitioner, with limited access to quality occult references.

Regardless of the level of experience, someone with good instincts for the work could make any language work as a mnemonic.

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Anyone notice the Christian fish symbol?

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A Greek word for a Christian mystic symbol. I love seeing it on cars, and jewelery. I just chuckle to myself because they don’t seem to realize they’re dealing with a charm.


Truly it is, and just for informational purposes, the Greek word Ιχθύς (Eechthees) means Fish. It’s used by Xstians because Jesus multiplied the bread and fish, but yes, most don’t realize this is a charm.

I fail to see if the box has any power at all. It might have been decorated with randomly picked occult-looking symbols just to scare curious people away.

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how can you tell the runes are inverted?

Nope only one of them could be a Nordic Rune…the others for sure are not. The one that look like a B with triangles is a rune but that’s a really common symbol in many other systems too.

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They combined runes into a single symbol sometimes, but they didn’t add sqigglies and stuff to them and write them bakwards if they were using them…at least that’s Norse now a ambition might…idk

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