Free Services: Look Before You Leap! (Applies to buying as well)

May I role the dice here for just a minute? There have been several times people have posted on the forum about “free tarot readings”. I remember signing up to have a free tarot reading done and I was ignored as I wondered about going through with AF (haha, AI not AF, sorry) treatments.

There was a moment I allowed a banned member to pull cards for me when I was angry at a situation and all shit broke loose. So, yes, it’s very important to be careful who you allow in your space. The only one who hasn’t taken advantage of my energy levels will remain anonymous at this time, as I’m still trying to figure out my reading. Everytime I go ask questions, I get a heart only and a very basic answer to put me in the right direction. Because I have a tendency to go a little mechanical in the research phase with everything, including symbolism. :joy: I think she understands that!

Secondly, I’ve had a few people PM privately asking me to help them personally with an issue and I have never put on the forum I would do readings or rituals I refer them back to the forum or I try to point them in the direction they might need, as it’s generally a good idea to let people work through their own pathworking.

Third, I’ve only helped one person and that was to invoke Goddess Aset to answer a question. While my energies were drained, I was very clear in letting the person know it was not me who needed to be thanked - but Goddess Aset needed the entire credit. I was just the mouth piece. While I was happy to do this, it drained my energy.

Now, with this being said - I know my resources on the forum I can trust and I’ll go directly to their posts in order for clarification. With me starting my work with Ahriman, I’ve read through Lady_Eva’s thread, I’ve read through Kurtis Joseph’s stuff (including the interviews with EA). I’ve read carefully the posts from Conner Kendall and I’ve read other sources online. I’ve messaged Velnoes a thousand times with questions to get clarification on things. And usually, if I don’t get something, I’ll go research it myself.

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I agree with most of what you wrote, except there are cases where people are genuinely trying to help others. I believe this is true, because many people try to become mediums and practice on others for “free”.

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Even these great sources can get things wrong. I have had extremely great results with spirits by just using my own common sense and things I’ve learned from them. For instance, I have had many gut feelings about things and have went with them (gut feelings) to see if they work or not.


:clap: :clap: :clap:

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I’m gonna engrave this post on a baseball bat and name it Lucille. Well done.


Well, I have been pointed out as a Larp before. :joy: So, I was gonna go through the process of doing it exactly right!

If I told anyone some of the things that go through my head, you’d be shocked. I get a lot of my answers through music or really odd sources.

Like the whole spinning wheel aspect, my answer came from Sleeping Beauty and that was my favorite movie growing up. A day or so later, a thread is started on weird circles on church sites.

Thank you for the advice though. In the words of my Santa Cruz surfer dudes: I love you, man! :surfing_man::call_me_hand:

(General Contractor statement: We must play by the rules. Booooorrrriinnnngggggg! :slightly_smiling_face: I follow my Gut with Aset most of the time!!!)

The OP does have a point though on what she is saying though!


I take most occult stuff I read in general with a grain of salt, this includes forums, books, videos, readers etc… I’ve always been this way…

The messages I take to heart are those that I get word for word from channeling, a possessed person and a reader. But that is just me.

I do encourage people to try and practice because I think the self doubt holds them back.

I don’t really write much about my experiences because some sound crazy and are just for me, many are rather dull, some is insulting (because that is how Enki likes to help people grow, even though they don’t listen).


Imo, that may cause u to fall in a trap. Maybe you’re just saying this to be respectful on this forum.

U have made me yearn to know what’s going on in your head.


You would be surprised what has gone through my head. I may have gone off the deep end before or something, but every single time I would watch a music video, a new symbolic story (relating to my current circumstances in life) would be created in my head.

Yes. Some rules you can bend, twist, and manipulate for your own benefit. You can even create some of your own rules. Ofc, they are confined to having to be within reason. In the astral you can do anything though.

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You have to. Imo, the best knowledge is learned from oneself within oneself. I was once sucked into looking at people’s specific beliefs. One source that isn’t related to the occult really helped me though. That source teaches people how to think and is a self-help book.

How paranoid am I to not even want to share such said source even though it’s public information? Am I weak from doing so? Strong? Who knows.


No one would probably care anyway, because it doesn’t line up with what they want at moment. That might be my depression that is creeping in talking.

My old mentor in the occult was really toxic, and went to levels he shouldn’t have and was one the most intense experiences of my life.

But as Enki told that opened the door to what is here and now.


I agree, yet part of me doesn’t. I know this is kind of pathetic, but who cares?

I used to be very paranoid to even react with other humans in our world, because I would see things other didn’t. It isn’t just physical things, but ideas/situations that line up. I’ve overcome that paranoia and realize that others do not notice these things at all.

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It has nothing to do with being respectful, it has everything to do with the amount of work Kurtis Joseph did with his research and provided his experiences in the form of a book. Is it the absolute best book on Ahriman out there, in my opinion, no. However, I respect the man and his work!

However, Kurtis Joseph was one of the first practioners I started learning from about the Kundalini and the Dragon current. I was watching his stuff LONG before I started watching videos by EA.

As of right now, my head is under lock and key. I have zero desire to discuss back and forth about the ideas going on in my head, due to a recent negative experiences with another male member of the forum. If you are female, then I apologize for making an assumption

I have read through some of your posts and it automatically makes me think of someone I should not be thinking about. So, right now, my mental health is of the upmost importance and I’m sticking close to the female who I see as my mentor right now on the forum. Maybe at a later time when I’m a little stronger mentally. I’m also facing some life changes and my energy gets drained pretty easily still.

As of right now, I have a hard time staying in astral and just allow myself to do what I need to do things on the earthly plane.



Giving someone a free reading to practice is not giving them a free reading for nothing… the person is doing it to sharpen their own skills. Everything is reciprocal. Some people like to do things to help others because it makes them feel good… that’s still getting something out of it.

I’m not saying there’s always a malicious intention… but every time someone does something they do it because they get something out of it. Personally I like to know what they’re getting out of it before I just take free stuff…that’s all

There just isn’t a situation where someone gets something for absolutely nothing. Even if you ask doctors at free clinics or counselors or social workers why they do it… they generally have a reason. I’m an addiction counselor and every single one of my co-workers has a reason. For a good majority of us, it’s just to pay it forward and make sure there are resources out there for people like us. But it isn’t technically free help. When I go to work it makes me feel good inside because I’ve been there and I know what they’re going through. I probably wouldn’t work at a nursing home for free because that isn’t my calling and it doesn’t feel good inside my soul… hopefully you understand what I mean. I just don’t want you to think I’m suspicious of everyone…and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with free mediumship readings (as I give them out all the time - to sharpen my skills). I just mean that things are reciprocal in nature. That’s all.


I see you deleted that, but it was well said imop. I’m glad you guys are continuing the discussion while I am away, but I do have to say the reason I help others, is because it helps me. It helps me grow stronger and learn and it feels damned good too, and seems to be something that resonates with my soul- my innate desire is always to help and defend the weak.

Sorry, don’t mean to interrupt, it looks like you guys are having a great discussion on the topic and I’m glad to see it :slight_smile: Busy in my own little world today but good job everyone.


Just wanted to bump this before I head out for the night and link to you guys an experience, that can happen, even to the experienced:

@Angelb1083 took a hit for us, because she was helping others, and then the parasite/shadow creature was attracted to her, through scanning another member.

Side note: If anyone is unaware, it’s against our forum rules to pm you about paid services, anything in relation to that needs to be taken off site, so please report anytime someone pms you and offers you a paid service, particularly if you were not asking them where they can be contacted for that, to @Lady_Eva Anyone reaching out to you about it without your inquiry, is without a doubt actively breaking the rules.


That’s correct.


  • links, images, even a description of your services, IN your forum Profile
  • offering free readings after 3 month’s reasonably active posting
  • responding if someone contacts you first enquiring about paid services from you

NOT permitted:

  • offering free readings (or other services) before 3 months
  • spontaneously contacting people to OFFER paid work, or actively trying to convert any free readings into a paid-for service (“upselling”)
  • any other activity which is plainly intended to convert your time on the forum into a sales pitch, or create a funnel for clients.

For people who do want to get involved with BALG in a professional and commercial way, the business have a contact page - I am only a volunteer mod and not connected with the business side of this forum at all, if anyone wants to approach BALG with a business pitch please do it via this page:


Thank you @Lady_Eva for elucidating on that so well :slight_smile:

Greatly appreciated!

Good. This is inspiring.

I’m glad to hear this and confident you’ll get there. Do I know that we’ll still be on this forum? Ofc, not as the universe and/or entities use their great resources and ideas to lead us, which obviously can include one leaving the forum.

I think everyone can relate; it’s important to ground and balance oneself. Good luck.

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I completely agree. It would be an interesting challenge for one to try to do something good w/o receiving benefit.

This is a great tip to promote

What if the reason is to fight drug abuse?

I understand; it’s wise to be careful, i.e., to “look” before you “leap” as the OP would say.



Thank You!

Good luck to you as well.