Free Services: Look Before You Leap! (Applies to buying as well)

Depends on the request of the person. The time I offered free rituals, and it’s only been once, I was looking for things that the magicians had already tried everything they knew, and still had not obtained their goals. I asked for the impossible things. I also offered servitors when I this did. I ended up taking nine individuals requests and all but two received either what they requested, or reported that their servitors made a notable appearance when they attempted to summon them.

Possibly, but quite simply, I think many are too pompous to believe that they could find themselves under attack by such things. Others think simply that a few replies or thanks you’s means the magician must know what they are doing. Sometimes drug use or mental illness and delusions are an issue. But most often, I think it just doesn’t seem like an interesting topic, I’m not offering anything but my own opinion here, and well that’s rather boring, is it not?

At least to the newbie, who just wants to get right to summoning demons and angels and all sorts of spirits, with no notion that things could go awry, because they haven’t put in the time and effort to comprehend that magic doesn’t just work at a snap of a finger. I see a lot of people that have be warned about possible consequences and they still don’t care, but they see so many posts about how someone summoned this amazing spirit on their first try and all their worries were just wiped away within a blink of their eyes. I find the newbies often have trouble distinguishing between larpers, role players, those that are just plain bat shit crazy and the real deal.

Personal conjecture based on what I see, and I imagine opinions will vary greatly on this one.


I agree. Imo, many people walking around us are being negatively influenced by energies they don’t understand. I understand it’s possible that it is just negative energy being created by them (one’s self), though.

Agreed. Many people just want to be thankful to the magician for trying to help them. That’s not to say they didn’t receive some positive benefit; perhaps its a placebo effect or the positive effect was obtained by working with another individual (since we are social creatures).

I was glad to follow JOS as a newbie. It promotes to mostly work on yourself first. I cannot give JOS my full support though, as bad things have happened when I went through “Satan”. On the other hand, I cannot blame “Satan” nor spirits. I could have been my own worst enemy.

I’ve had experienced people accuse me of larping when I’ve made initial claims about things in the past. They did let up when I clearly explained myself.

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Honestly, in my opinion, anyone whose actually walking a true path for real, has at least one thing they are not going to tell a damned soul, because it’s so unbelievable that they barely believe it themselves :slight_smile:


That’s still a reason…
And it still feels rewarding. Trust me I teach DUI classes part-time ( I did before the pandemic anyway) and it was so rewarding when the information finally clicked for a person and I felt they really would stop drinking and driving. I thought of all the families ripped apart by a drunk driver and I felt like the world was just a tiny bit better. So in essence… fighting drug abuse is rewarding. It doesn’t matter what the reason is - there is a reason.

I think the whole message was…people have a reason for doing things, so be cautious if it seems like someone helped you for no reason.

Some of my coworkers are trying to improve the community and that’s the reason. Others are actually trying to help the addict specifically because maybe they know what it’s like or something. Maybe they want to give help the way they received it. Pay it forward.

Some of my co-workers do it because someone they love is addicted. Some of them do it just to better understand addiction and their not really that invested. Everyone has their reason though serious there’s a million jobs you could have. There’s a reason why you do the one that you do…

I agree with everything else you said. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m one of those people that will offer free services from time to time and now that I think about it, I was once banned from a forum precisely for the reasons stated in this thread, because it was assumed that I have introduced a malevolent entity either inadvertently, or for my own ends.

I am satisfied, that I did no such thing, but people can get scared when real entities are involved and since I work with the Anunnaki, amongst others, paranoia and a literal witch-hunt can easily follow any attempt to help others.

Why do I offer my services for free, you may ask?

That is a good question and has a complex and varied answer.

The best I can give, is that there is a divine force inside me that wants to get out and express itself, mostly by helping others. It is like the compulsion for the artist to create, the inner compulsion and drive needs an outlet, otherwise the person who acts as a vessel for divine inspiration and a downflowing of creative wisdom and healing will risk going mad.

Just as it is necessary for the true artist to create, it is necessary for me to channel divine power into others, to lift them, heal them, or improve their lives in other ways.

I actually tried doing paid gigs online, but I did not like what the nature of the buyer-seller relationship did to the energy between us, it tainted the experience in unexpected and wholly unnecessary ways. I now think that the only way one can truly be a divine channel is to offer the blessings of heaven (and its Queen) freely and perhaps accept donations, freely given, in return.

Sorry if that last part was off-topic, but I had to give my own 2 cents’ worth on the subject.


I can relate to that for sure. When I first was learning to become a medium… a guy told me that he doesn’t believe in that stuff so I could practice on him because he wouldn’t be easily swayed into being amazed…

So I gave him a free reading just to practice…

At first he was truly amazed. Then that turned a little bit of paranoia. That turned into terror… and telling everyone in the world about it.

“She’s so accurate freaked me out. She must be a witch or something…”

I started to be worried it but luckily the universe abruptly removed him from my life…

I guess some people are just not really ready to handle it. I personally think the whole “feel good” aspect is a perfectly legitimate payment. As the receiver of such things, you still have to be cautious though because some people are only pretending to be that benevolent.

I personally don’t know how it could be harmful to be the giver. The only adverse reaction I’ve ever had from giving a free mediumship reading was feeling the emotions the person felt when they died which - in the case of suicide - is pretty intense. When the reading is over I cleanse my aura and all that dissipates.

I agree with you 100% in that respect. I have a hard time charging people. It’s strange because I have no issue charging people for academic classes but when it comes to a mediumship… the pressure of money makes me so nervous that I can’t do it. I’ve never actually been paid for a mediumship reading. I always feel like, if I can’t answer all their questions I’m going to have to pay them back or something.

Sorry for the mini diatribe… I just relate to your post, that’s all.


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Thank you for this, it’s excellent advice - especially for new people who don’t understand how easy and damaging it can be to your life to pick up parasites and sludge entities.


Bump! Children days upcoming so I won’t be around, being all annoying with please be safe… for a few!


If one is serious wanting magick spells cast, just put the time to learn it. Wanting others to do magick for you is lazy and irresponsible.

Especially if it’s free. Us folks that actually learn magick seriously knows how challenging it can be to learn magick and how easily it can be to mess things up. So casting magick by oneself is also considered personal protection. If your not willing to learn about magick yourself and the many troubles that can come with it, then don’t bother with others casting magick for you, it’s for your protection. Not everyone needs magick as a cure all fix for whatever present issues that is happening in one’s life.

For me , i would never let someone cast magick on me even if it’s free. Too many things can go wrong. magick takes long time to learn if one don’t have proper background. It can take yrs of dedication. IF people are asking to give free magick, think. They are not on par with magick so your just a guinea pig. No way would i want to be a guinea pig with magick. Magick takes time and yrs to learn. If they want to give free magick within a few months, then you are just getting a newbie running a muck. Very dangerous.

There’s so many layers to magick and not to be triffle with like a game. This is one of those things that can easily mess up your life. So think it through about letting others cast magick on you for you.

If the one that give free magick service wants practice. they can practice on themselves.

readings are safer but still one have to be careful as if one believe too much into readings, it can cause one to astray. No one knows how accurate another’s reading is. I like to emphasize, just learn the skills yourself if it’s important to you. don’t take shortcuts.


That’s like saying if one is serious about plastic surgery they should go and study it. Like all careers, and sorcery is a type of career, some people what the services not the practice and work that comes with trying to be successful at magick.


If you are saying, that some people prefer someone else to do the work for them, of course they do. Not everyone can or wants to learn any particular thing, let alone magic. :joy:

Thusly they should use good discernment, as all of us should with any service, about who they use to do the service for them and make informed decisions, which is the aim of this post.

I have no hat in game of learn it yourself or get others to do it for you-myself. I realize now that I’ve read @anon37593562 reply, that you probably meant him, and well. I disagree with his broad generalization. I don’t think it’s just lazy, to pay someone for a skill set you don’t have. I cannot personally fly a plane, and I don’t think it’s lazy to purchase a plane ticket to fly across the country.

I do agree you should really think it through however.

There is a lot of value to doing the magical work yourself, but it is not for a everyone.


magick is in a different category from everyday service of mundane route. It’s not to be triffle with. There is too many unknowns. There’s no regulation like a surgeon. you can’t tell if the magician is real or fake. Even if they are real, you don’t know their level of competency. Lots of magicians claim to be master but they aren’t. it is just in their heads. There are many ways to get what you want that dont’ need magick. People have live life without magick service for generations so it’s not a requirement. Magick is on field you have to do your research on. No being lazy about it or quick fix. those who want to pay for magick are usually desperate situation. they haven’t exhaust other possible solutions so that is sign of laziness. They ask for help without even researching the basics of magick. So it’s dangerous. No wise consumer will pay for a service they know nothing about. when you go for surgery, there are disclosure of possible dangers/risk.

It’s not hard to learn basics info or even basics of magick. there are good books on it. If one can’t even read one book on magick. than use another tool. I’ve seen people on here who won’t even read one book on background basics of magick. just searching or asking for spells they do. I call that being lazy. Or they jump at anything anyone offer free without realizing the harm that can be done on them.

Once one learn basics, then they can decide to use magick. that’s called being responsible for self.

Bump, cuz I am going back to bed, but see lots of questionables.

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Thank you!

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I’m a very cautious witch and am so scared to do anything that could cause harm to my family(I have 3 kids) but I want to Thank you for this. My senses aren’t open but ive been practicing.

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